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New Release! SUBTERFÜGE- A Beautiful Chaos 1981-2004 - LP

click to enlarge Retrospective compilation by early Punk/Hardcore pioneers from Las Vegas/USA. This LP contains tracks from their only EP ("Who's The Fool" released on MYSTIC in 1984), plus unreleased demos and live-recordings. Limited edition on red vinyl, with 15 tracks, and download-code with 6 bonus-tracks.

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click to enlarge A compilation with 19 tracks from the first wave of French Punk. Including METAL URBAIN, KAS PRODUCT, CHARLES DE GOAL, ASPHALT JUNGLE, MARIE ET LES GARCONS, LES OLIVENSTEINS, but also rare and obscure bands... As usual with these compilations from SOUL JAZZ, a lot of the stuff has been reissued (or bootlegged) quite a few times before. But here you'll get it as one fine archival piece. Double-LP in gatefold-cover, complete with linernotes, photos, original artwork and interviews. And with download-code included.

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New Release! DOOMSDAY STUDENT- A Self-Help Tragedy - LP - THREE ONE G

click to enlarge New and third full album by the follow-up band to ARAB ON RADAR, CHINESE STARS and ATHLETIC AUTOMATON. Knowing those bands, it won't be much of a surprise, that you get to hear an obnoxiously manic and aggressive, dissonantly depraved monster. 8 songs sounding like an anxiety-ridden exorcism of a nervous breakdown. Lyricsheet and download-code included!

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New Release! FLYING CALVITTOS- Goodbye You Spaghetti Punks - 7" - INSOLITO

click to enlarge Reissue in a limited edition of 300 copies of mega-rare and super-obscure true classic from the Australian underground, originally released in 1980. The 5 songs on this EP are ranging from sick and noisy Weirdo-Punk à la ELECTRIC EELS to RESIDENTS-like oddities. Super-chic packaging as well, in a fold-out cardboard-sleeve and with two fullcolor-print postcard inserts.

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New Release! TOTAL VICTORY- vs. Big Electric - LP - SPECIFIC

click to enlarge Absolutely great Post-Punk/Alternative Rock from Manchester/UK. Probably one of the best Post-Punk bands from England since WIRE... And yes, soundwise there are similarities to WIRE, but not just as copying their style, more like in their approach and what comes out of it. You may find as well references to bands like THE SOUND here, and for some obscure reasons I tend to feel as well affinities to bands like THE EX and the MEKONS... This LP is a compilation of tracks previously released as limited edition tour-CDEPs, plus 2 unreleased songs, all for the first time ever on vinyl. 10 tracks in full. TOTAL WINNER!

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New Release! FRED RASPAIL- Warngauer Strasse - LP - GUTFEELING

click to enlarge New full album from French street-musician, 13 songs recorded in Munich/Bavaria, with the support of his friends from the GUTFEELING family. Like a French version of Johnny Cash and Billy Childish, he's absorbing Blues, Folk, Country, Swing, and of course Chanson into his unique "French Rock'n'Roll". Lyrics sung in French, English, and even some in German. LP comes with download-code included!

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click to enlarge The 7th album from Munich's "Caribbean Trash Orchestra" with 8 new tracks of their original mixture of Cajun, Cumbia, Country and Caribbean sounds. Of course there's cover-versions on this album to be heard as well again, a.o. this time the group is adapting songs from CAPTAIN BEEFHEART, MOONDOG and SACCHARINE TRUST for their unique sound! LP comes with download-code included.

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New Release! MARK WYNN- 'A Tenner? - I'll Do It Myself' - 7" - BEAU TRAVAIL / IN A CAR

click to enlarge ***PRE-ORDER: In stock and available on NOVEMBER 18***
Contains 5 new songs as a follow-up to the fantastically great LP on HARBINGER SOUND! And this new EP is no less fantastically great!!! He's like the "Patrik Fitzgerald version of the SLEAFORD MODS". Like an English Jacques Dutronc, with the best british sense of humour and irony galore, or (as someone else has put it so aptly) the "King of Brit-Anti-Pop"!

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click to enlarge Features 14 tracks, recorded in Berlin, June 2015. Representing the Mods in all their greatness, perfectly captured in the best sound quality, and with an enthusiastic crowd response! Of course including all their hits, highlighting into the final anthemic "Tweet Tweet Tweet"!

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New Release! HAAN- Sing Praises - 12"+MP3 - KAOS KONTROL

click to enlarge A riff-heavy monster from New York City! Brutally excessive Hardcore meets with sludgy Noise-Rock/Metal. Right in between bands like early HELMET, UNSANE or DAUGHTERS on the one side, and 16 or DEADGUY on the other. Limited edition of 350 copies, 4 tracks with a full playing-time of 18:25 minutes, download-code included!

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