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Newest arrivals

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New Release! SLEAFORD MODS- Talk Bollocks/No Ones Bothered - 7" - IN A CAR / SALON ALTER HAMMER

click to enlarge Ooops! Already ALL GONE again! Restocks coming in late MAY - so please be patient, waiting for orders to be mailed!
Their 2105 tour single, containing two new and previously unreleased tracks! First edition of 1000 copies comes on thick vinyl, with a full-color cardboard-sleeve, and lyric-sheet included!

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New Release! PISSE- Mit Schinken Durch Die Menopause - LP - BEAU TRAVAIL / PHANTOM

click to enlarge Nach dem sensationellen Erfolg der Debut-EP, hier nun die erste Langspielplatte der sympathischen Ostzonen-Punks! 13 Stücke ihrer rotzfrech unverschämten Neo-Neo-Punk Musik, verpackt einer sehr schönen LP-Hülle, mit Textheft und Sticker als Beilagen!

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New Release! HENRY FONDA/GETS WORSE- Hardcore Is My Life, I'll Carry The Name - 12" - NERDCORE

click to enlarge Tour-Split release with 5 tracks each by Powerviolence maniacs HENRY FONDA from Berlin and GETS WORSE from Leeds/UK. Limited edition of 500 copies on colored vinyl with silkscreened sleeves. For more info, check out

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New Release! BLAXXX- For No Apparent Reason - LP - 12XU RECORDS

click to enlarge A threepiece featuring Lamont "Bim" Thomas (OBNOX) with OBN III members Orville Neeley and Tom Triplett. A collaboration that resulted in super-distorted Space-Rock jams, and blown-out Garage-Psyche stompers. These guys use an improvisational, jazz-influenced aesthetic to create raw, undiluted Rock, far from any any genre-boundaries. Limited edition with relief-print on front-cover, and with download-code included!

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New Release! BIG CRUX- Nature Cruising - 12"+MP3

click to enlarge Also in stock, some of the last remaining copies of the previous 122. Released in 2011 with only 300 copies made (and with download-code included). Instantly these 5 songs here sound like the MINUTEMEN and DICKS thrown into a blender and spit out again in a joyously bouncing Punk frenzy. The closest Punk band to the BIG BOYS, since the BIG BOYS, and that's meant to be a compliment!

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New Release! BIG CRUX- Ponchito - LP

click to enlarge Back in stock again! The PERFECT summer hit album!
Fuck yeah!!! How often do you get to hear a band these days that picks up the tradition of bands like the BIG BOYS, MINUTEMEN, the DICKS or MISSION OF BURMA, and does it REAL real good, with conviction, smartness, humor and heart, and generally totally cool? Rarely, almost never. But here you got it!
Self-released by the band, with download-code included!

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New Release! OBNOX- Bougaloo Reed - LP - 12XU RECORDS

click to enlarge The latest full-length album by the non-stoppable music machine that is OBNOX alias Lamont "Bim" Thomas and his friends! Full-on raging, totally blown- & spaced-out, soulful(!) Punk-Rock. 15 tracks, all killer, no filler. LP with download-code included.

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New Release! XETAS- The Redeemer - LP - 12XU RECORDS

click to enlarge First full album by this Punk-Rock trio from Austin/Texas. It's heavy rocking and catchy, filled with hooks, adrenaline-fired and blasting at you with a wall-of-sound. There's a certain affinity to SWAMI bands like RFTC and the HOT SNAKES here... 10 songs on vinyl, with download-code included.

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New Release! YOUNG TRYNAS- 5Song-EP - 7" - WHITE DENIM

click to enlarge Rowdy rioting and gnarly smashing Punk by this trio. Eva, Emma and Taylor (who's also in the PRIESTS) from Baltimore. Limited edition of 300 copies on Matt Kossloff's (PISSED JEANS) label.

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click to enlarge Collaboration of Ian Svenonius (MAKE-UP, CHAIN & THE GANG, etc.) with french musician Didier Balducci aka Memphis Electronic. 10 songs recorded in South-France, sounding like a more european and Electronica-infused version of CHAIN AND THE GANG. Limited edition of 300 copies!

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