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click to enlarge Guitar-and-drums duo from Hamburg. Guitarist/singer Stefan Ivanov comes from Bulgaria, so the lyrics are sung in Bulgarian. It's raw and dissonant, but dynamic and tight Indie- resp. Noise-Rock. "Gently dissonant guitar music" (as they call it), in the vein of SONIC YOUTH. 10 songs, LP comes with download-code included.

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New Release! 2.LIGA- s/t - LP - WSDP

click to enlarge Limitierte Auflage von 150 Stück. Kid-Punk Band aus Mönchengladbach von 1980/81, damals mit einem Durchschnittsalter von 12 Jahren. Die LP enthält die 6 Songs, die sie 1981 bei Franz Bielmeier (MITTAGSPAUSE) für eine EP auf RONDO aufgenommen hatten, die dann doch nie erschien... bei den Aufnahmen mit Martin Kircher (aka Junge/EA80) am Bass. Sowie noch 10 Stücke die von der „Jungen + Technik“ Split-Cassette mit EA80 stammen.

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New Release! GULAG BEACH- Favela Blues - 12"

click to enlarge 2nd release by this Punk-Rock band from Berlin. On their first LP they were dealing with issues about North Korea, this time they're taking looks at Russia, USA, Brazil and other places as well in these 6 new songs. Musically they sound like an early 80s (Reagan-era) US-Hardcore-Punk band. Limited edition of 500 handnumbered oopies on multi-colored vinyls.

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New Release! AMIGO TROPICAL- Very - 10"

click to enlarge Following an LP and a 7", the third vinyl by this Berlin-based drums and bass duo! Not only because of the similar line-up, it reminds of LIGHTNING BOLT with their experimental and mostly instrumental Noise-Rock thunder. 4 tracks recorded, mixed and mastered by Christian Mevs, released in a limited edition of 300 handnumbered copies, insert and sticker included!

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New Release! SAVAGES- Adore Life - CD / LP - MATADOR

click to enlarge 2nd full album by these four ladies from London. In the same way as on their debut ("Silence Yourself"), this LP is accompanied with a manifesto, describing the context of their messages. Contains 10 songs of their unique style, mixing influences from Post-Punk, New Wave, Psyche- and Post-Rock, paired with Siouxsie-like vocals. Impressively perfect sounding, and bit more rocking than on their debut. LP packaged in deluxe gatefold-cover, and with download-code included!

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New Release! POP.1280- Paradise - LP - SACRED BONES RECORDS

click to enlarge Third full album by this band from NYC. Their darkest, deepest and most sinister album, with a direct punch and an uncomfortable atmosphere. Somewhere in between KILLING JOKE and COP SHOOT COP. LP comes with poster-insert (lyrics & photos) and download-code included.

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New Release! EASTIE ROIS- Scheisse Kalt Serviert - LP - VERBOTEN IN DEUTSCHLAND

click to enlarge Limitierte Pressung in verschiedenen(!) Vinylfarben! Die zweite LP des Berliner Trios. 17 räudige Punk-Rock Hits, gewürzt mit einer ordentlichen Portion Humor und Selbstironie. Ein grosser Spass, ohne dass man dafür den bescheuerten Begriff "Fun-Punk" verwenden müsste. Mitverantwortlich für diese Scheisse ist auch wieder Brezel Göring (Aufnahme & Label).

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New Release! MARK WYNN- The Singles - LP - HARBINGER SOUND

click to enlarge The DIY punk aesthetic is ALIVE, right here and now in 2016! And at its best, when comparisons fall short (here maybe to the FALL, Patrik Fitzgerald, Wreckles Eric, etc.) and turn out be irrelevant! A compilation of 18 tracks, awkward but smart lo-fi songs, with first-class british sense of humor. If you're into the SLEAFORD MODS or CONSUMER ELECTRONICS, not (only) for the music, but for what it means and is all about, then this one's for you as well! Limited edition of 500 copies, with 20-page A4-booklet featuring texts, flyer and artwork. Check out the links for more info:

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New Release! URANIUM CLUB- Human Exploration - LP - STATIC SHOCK RECORDS

click to enlarge Debut-album with 7 songs by this band from Minneapolis. Loud, obnoxious, minimalist and passionate Punk-Rock. Similar to the very early WIRE, but at faster speed, or like early Californian Punk bands such as the DILS and WEIRDOS, with a snotty raging attitude.

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New Release! SHOPPING- Why Choose - LP - FAT CAT

click to enlarge Limited edition on clear vinyl, in huge (91x61 cm) poster-sleeve, printed on both sides! The 2nd full album (12 songs) from this totally great London-based Post-Punk band! Angular and frenetic, catchy and infectious. Similar to bands like the AU PAIRS, DELTA 5 or the SLITS, but in a contemporary way, making it their own and superbly smart sound! Both musically and optically a grace to each record collection!

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