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Newest arrivals

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New Release! TOTAL VICTORY- English Martyrs - LP - SPECIFIC

click to enlarge ***Available on June 03***
New album (9 songs) by this outstandingly brilliant Post-Punk band from Manchester/UK. Their meanwhile 4th album, and their most sensitive and heartfelt to date. Generally with a more gentle and softer sound than on their previous album, but still as tense and exhilarating as before! Makes me always feel uncomfortable when trying to compare such an exceptional album with the music of others, but here's nonetheless: For fans of WIRE, THE EX, MEKONS, THE SOUND or PULP...

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click to enlarge New single with one song each from Geneva's female trio MASSICOT and the HOUSEWIVES from London, two of the most interesting and uniquely sounding and experimental Post-Punk bands in Europe these days!
Always wondered what the terms "Tropical Punk" or "Tropical Wave" could stand for... now MASSICOT's "Kokteilis" sounds like a perfexct example for these terms to me. HOUSEWIVES’ "Exc.2281016" sounds a bit more angular and scratchy, no less as exciting. A perfectly matching split-single!

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New Release! YOWIE- Synchromysticism - LP - SKIN GRAFT

click to enlarge New album by this instrumental threepiece from St.Louis. Progressive (Post-)Rock, with technically complex and virtuosically dissonant guitar duels and polyrhythmic drumming.

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New Release! FLYING LUTTENBACHERS- Revenge - Remastered - LP - SKIN GRAFT

click to enlarge Remastered reissue of their album, originally released in 1996. Contains 10 tracks of their ouststanding and exceptional hardcore mixture of "Free Jazz meets Death Metal".

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New Release! MAP 71- Gloriosa - MC - FOURTH DIMENSION RECORDS

click to enlarge Limited edition tape (60 copies) by this twopiece from Brighton. MAP 71 is a collaboration of poet and artist Lisa Jayne on vocals with drummer Andy Pyne. A minimalistic sound, but highly inventive! Truely great! The closest comparison to their music is definitely the legendary female duo NOH MERCY from San Francisco, but as well the CREATURES (Siouxsie & Budgie), or if you will, like a poetic Abstract-Industrial-Avantgarde version of the TING TINGS, eh!
7 tracks, 29 minutes playing-time.

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New Release! NERF- Bespensterung - MC+MP3

click to enlarge Cassette inklusive mp3-Download code
Heilige Scheisse, was geht hier ab??? Mega-scharfes, umwerfendes Geknüppel, aber kein bißchen stumpf, sondern enorm facettenreich – und das obwohl die 16 Stücke des Tapes Spielzeiten von (mehr oder weniger) nur einer Minute haben. Da fällt mir nix mehr ein, das sucht seines Gleichen. Die Band selbst nennt es selbstironisch Krach mit Orgel und Kunstdozentenhardcore. Dagegen wirken Bands wie HENRY FONDA (sorry, kamen mir jetzt halt als Erstes in den Sinn) wie lauwarmer Heavy-Metal...

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New Release! KLEENEX- T-Shirt - TS

click to enlarge WHITE or LIME-GREEN (as on the original single) shirt, with black print. Available in all sizes (from S to XXL). Click on picture to enlarge.
Please note COLOR and SIZE you want in bottomline ("message to X-Mist") when finalizing the order.

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New Release! YASS- T-Shirt - TS

click to enlarge WHITE or GREY shirt. Available in all sizes (from S to XXL). Please note that each shirt is uniquely handscreened, so printing colors may slightly vary from the picture here (click on pic to enlarge).
Note COLOR and SIZE you want in bottomline ("message to X-Mist") when finalizing the order.

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New Release! MARK WYNN- More Singles Vol.2 - LP - HARBINGER SOUND

click to enlarge The 2nd vinyl-album by the incredibly and exceptionally amazing Mark Wynn. As baffling as enjoyable! Utterly brilliant! Fact. 18 songs and lots more (LP comes with a 20 pages A4-size booklet) to enlighten your life! Or as the official info would say: York singer-songwriter, lo-fi acoustic punk, poetic nonsense, noisy-pop, humour, spoken word, etc... typically perfect for fans of The Fall, Patrik Fitzgerald, Jacques Dutronc, Iggy Pop, Donna Summer.
Go figure out yourself.

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New Release! MOLARS- Hypnic Jerk - MC

click to enlarge Brilliant Post-Punk from Leeds/UK. Driving and catchy, with an hypnotic Psyche-Pop appeal, soundwise somehow in between JOSEF K, The SOUND and JOY DIVISION. Limited edition of 50 cassettes on GRIP CHIMP TAPES, with fullcolor printed sleeves, 9 tracks with a full playing-time of over 30 minutes.

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