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Newest arrivals

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New Release! ACTION BEAT + G.W.SOK- A Remarkable Machine - 2X10"

click to enlarge Features 10 songs from ACTION BEAT recorded 2012 in New York with engineer Jason Lafarge (SWANS, etc.). Then the recordings were handed over to G.W. Sok, former singer of legendary dutch band THE EX, who added his vocals to it! An unexpected and remarkable release in the band's catalog. LIMITED edition as double-10”vinyl set on ERNEST JENNING RECORDS!

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New Release! PLANKTON DADA WAVE- Haus Of Dada - 10"

click to enlarge Really cool Post-Punk trio from Varese/Italy. Funky and fun-filled, spastic and catchy! Somehow I feel reminded of some of the bands on legendary early 80s Italian compilation "Great Complotto" like ANDY WARHOL BANANA TECHNICOLOR and the (early) SEXY ANGELS... and of course of DEVO, meeting with TRIO in a madhouse. Or in recent terms: A funkier and more vivid Italian counterpart to Australias TOTAL CONTROL. 6 songs on this 10", and the cheap price is NOT a typing-error...

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click to enlarge Nun endlich als reguläre (normale) Version erhältlich. Also ohne den bedruckten Leinensack... 10 Songs. Wobei Begriffe wie "Dada-Post-Punk" oder "manischer Neo-NDW", wie sie noch für die EPs gelten konnten, hier für mich nicht (mehr) greifen. Das geht hier schon eindeutig mehr in Richtung MUTTER oder krachigere GOLDENE ZITRONEN, oder wie eine Mischung aus TRIO und den EINSTÜRZENDEN NEUBAUTEN... WIRE kann man auch noch als Referenz nennen.

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New Release! TOTAL CONTROL- Typical System - LP - IRON LUNG RECORDS

click to enlarge 2nd full-length album from these Australians. 10 tracks on vinyl, with download-code included. Heavily influenced by the sounds of 80s Synth-Pop and Post-Punk/Wave, JOY DIVISION resp. NEW ORDER...

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New Release! SHOVELS- s/t (bounced cover) - LP - HOMELESS RECORDS

click to enlarge Some LP-covers got bounced and bent on corners (more or less) during transport. Just minor damages. But since there are no covers left over, we agreed with the label to sell these copies at a cheaper rate.

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click to enlarge Debut-album from Australian threepiece. Limited edition of 350 copies, with download-code included. 8 songs of Psychedelic-Post-Punk Rock, with way too many influences in their sound that could be cited, from early SONIC YOUTH, over LUBCRICATED GOAT to A FRAMES and MY DISCO, and back to SCRATCH ACID and SWANS again... But let's put it short: A tight and furious sound, delivered with a bursting energy.

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click to enlarge New full album by french savage cavemen Punks on the Australian label HOMELESS RECORDS! Limited edition of 350 copies, packed in a gatefold-cover and with download-code included. Think of the styles of early SWELL MAPS, the FALL or Pink Flag-era WIRE, combined with a primitive Garage-Rock sound à la DRUNKS WITH GUNS or BRAINBOMBS... or think of a funnier version of the PHEROMOANS.

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New Release! BITS OF SHIT- Cut Sleeves - LP - HOMELESS RECORDS

click to enlarge Back in print, fourth pressing (300 copies) of the debut-album from these Australian Überpunk smashers! 13 tracks of rowdy and snotty Kickass-Hardcore-Punk, like (the Australian) X colliding with WIRE, GERMS and the early BLACK FLAG, or something similar to this... the real shit! Comes with lyric-sheet and download-code included!

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New Release! SHITTY LISTENER- Area Women - 7"

click to enlarge New EP from the project of Jason Honea, former singer with bands like SOCIAL UNREST, HAPPY EVER AFTER, TEN BRIGHT SPIKES, THE KNIT SEPARATES, and currently TEENAGE PANZERKORPS. Contains 4 poetic songs in lo-fi aesthetics, sparsely instrumented around Jasons vocals, melancholic and intimate, partly experimental and psychedelic. Recorded with some other artists/musicians including Melanie Velarde and Glenn Donaldson (also in the KNIT SEPARATES resp. TPK), and released on Jasons own label 3 ACRE FLOOR.

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New Release! PRIESTS- Body And Control And Money And Power - 12"+MP3

click to enlarge Following the debut-single, here's 7 more songs from this "Riot-Surf" band from Washington DC, incl. singer Katie Alice Greer, who's also on CHAIN AND THE GANG. Limited pressing on red vinyl, with download-code included. High-energy Riot-Punk à la BIKINI KILL meets the No Wave style of bands like the BUSH TETRAS or PYLON!

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