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Newest arrivals

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New Release! G.L.O.S.S.- Trans Day Of Revenge - 7"+MP3 - SABOTAGE RECORDS

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Following their "Demo" EP, here's more furiously raging and totally thrashing tracks from these angry transoans (sorry, no insult whatsoever, just couldn't resist the pun)! 5 songs spit out in about 7 minutes, by one of the best Hardcore-Punk bands around these days.

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New Release! BUCK GOOTER- Stainless Steel Mirrors - LP - FEEDING TUBE RECORDS

click to enlarge Limited edition of 200 copies only, with download-code included! New album from the most bizarre duo in the world. The 10 new songs on this album may sound a bit less noise-soaked than on previous releases, stripped-down and slowed down, but highly rhythmic and higly intense, direct, very industrial sounding and very punk, even melodic (yes, really!)! Actually singer Billy is no more screaming, but singing... and maybe it's even their most accessible album. While listening to it, I felt more than once reminded of SAVAGE REPUBLIC.
Check it out here:
Or this fine video:

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New Release! MIDWIVES- s/t - LP

click to enlarge Released prior to their 7". Limited edition on purple vinyl, with silkscreened cover and insert, and download-code included! Blistering, rowdy rumbling and ragingly rocking Hardcore-Punk. Killer stuff, sometimes reminiscent of the very early BLACK FLAG or MINOR THREAT, at least with same kind of atmosphere, and with some Midwest Noise-Rock influences thrown in. Punk-as-fuck scorcher!

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New Release! MIDWIVES- Cowboy Songs - 7"

click to enlarge The latest 5Song-EPEP by this awesome Hardcore-band from Milwaukee/Wisconsin! Releasded on DUSTY MEDICAL RECORDS.

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New Release! NONES- XOXOXO Sue - LP

click to enlarge New 2nd full album (first one released on HOZAC RECORDS) by trio (2 girls on bass/drums, and a male singer/guitarist) from Chicago. 10 songs of psychic Noise-Punk with driving rhythms. It's like FLIPPER paired with HAWKWIND, and spiced up with a lot of Punk energy. Punishing, nihilistic, sarcastic. A thunderous sound and totally cool vocals! LP comes with download-code included.

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New Release! SPRAY PAINT- Feel The Clamps - LP - GONER RECORDS

click to enlarge The meanwhile 6th full album for this Avant-Punk threepiece from Austin/Texas. Contains 11 new tracks, recorded and mixed by Chris Woodhouse. Their sound owes a lot to bands like the early SWELL MAPS and WIRE, but it's like a modern re-interpretation, not unlike what the A FRAMES used to do. LP comes with fullcolor-print innersleeve and download-code!

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New Release! LUNGFISH- Sound In Time - LP - DISCHORD

click to enlarge Vinyl-reissue of the long out of print 4th full album, originally released in 1996. Remastered and with download-code included!

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New Release! MILEMARKER- Frigid Forms Sell - LP - LOVITT

click to enlarge Reissue of their best album, originally released in 2000. This LP represents the bands characteristic combination of Hardcore and Electronics at its best. Comes with download-code included, offering unreleased demo-versions of the album as well!

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New Release! TONE- Antares - CD - DISCHORD

click to enlarge The 7th full-length album for this Instrumental-/Post-Rock ensemble from Washignton DC, existing now for 25 years. Impressive and bombastic. 6 trtacks with a full playing-time of 56 minutes, recorded and mixed by J.Robbins and Kurt Ballou.

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click to enlarge Vinyl-reissue of their classic first album from 1977.

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