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New Release! SCHWUND- Neue Grütze - 2XMC

click to enlarge Doppel-Tape (zwei Cassetten mit insgesamt 25 Songs), limitierte Auflage von 100 Stück im handgemachten Kartonschuber, inklusive Download-Code! Zweieinhalb Stunden Minimal-Synth Wave-Punk der Berliner, oder wie sie es selbst nennen „German Xstatic Rave Goth Krypto Wave Punk”...

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New Release! ALLES- Culture - LP - ANTENA KRZYKU

click to enlarge New album by Minimal Electro Post-Punk duo from Poland, with a darker wavish, but modern sound with strong beats, and political yrics (sung in Polish, with English translations provided).

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New Release! EWA BRAUN- Sea Sea - LP - ANTENA KRZYKU

click to enlarge Remastered reissue of album originally released in 1998, for the first time available on (blue) vinyl! EWA BRAUN were an institution in the polish underground scene of the 90s. Their Post-Hardcore and Noise-Rock sound was influenced SONIC YOUTH, BIG BLACK and other Touch&Go related bands. "Sea Sea" was the first album to gain them international recognition, and it was recorded at Blubox studio in Germany, what may give an idea about their music as well...

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New Release! IT IT ANITA- Agaaiin - LP - ANTENA KRZYKU

click to enlarge Limited edition on RED 180g-vinyl, with download-code included! 2nd full album from Belgian Noise-Rock band with a surrealistic Industrial touch in their sound.

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New Release! MADE IN POLAND- Martwy Kabaret - LP - ANTENA KRZYKU

click to enlarge One of the first Cold/New Wave bands in Poland, founded in the early 80s. LP contains 10 tracks recorded live at the legendary Jarocin festival in 1985.

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New Release! DAMAGED GOODS- 150 Einträge in die Punk-Geschichte - BOOK - VENTIL VERLAG

click to enlarge Das etwas andere Buch zur Historisierung von Punk. Eben keine soziologisch, (pop-)kulturkritische Abhandlung, also keine Definition von Punk oder Manifestation. Sondern 150 (bzw. sogar mehr) ganz persönliche Sichtweisen auf Punk anhand der Wirkungsmacht von bestimmten LPs der letzten 40 Jahre. Also nicht nur im Titel eine Anlehnung an Gang Of Four, sondern auch ganz im Sinne ihres Songs "Not Great Men"...
392 Seiten, im A5-Format (Broschür mit Abbildungen).

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New Release! ANIMAL LOVER- Stay Alive - LP

click to enlarge Following various EPs, here's the first full album with 12 new songs by this band from Northwest USA! Tense and angular Post-Punk meets with crushing Noise-Rock. Aggressive as inventive, a really awesome over-the-top record, and big step forward for this already before great band! Released on FORWARD RECORDS.

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New Release! BLIND SHAKE- Celebrate Your Worth - LP - GONER RECORDS

click to enlarge New album (9 songs) by this unsinkable Rock-trio from Minneapolis. Garage-Punk meets Noise-Rock. Sounds a bit "old-fashioned", but delivered with dedication, punch und memorable tunes!

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click to enlarge Reissue of their first single, originally released in 1994 on FREEWILL RECORDS. An early Emo/Indie classic, remastered and re-released with new cover-artwork, on clear vinyl and download-code included!

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New Release! CUNTZ- Here Come The Real Boys - LP - CHUNKLET

click to enlarge Limited edition of 450 copies. Contains 12 songs recorded live in the USA at various locations (WMFU radio, Gonerfest, The Earl, and Death By Audio), mastered by Mikey Young. LP comes with download-code!

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