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New Release! SLEAFORD MODS- Lone Shark/Slug Tub - 7"

click to enlarge NEW limited edition single, released on Felix Kubin's APOLKALYPSO singles-label! Silkscreened plastic-sleeve, black/white insert. Features two exclusive recordings: "Loan Shark" almost got something like a KRAFTWERK-appeal, while "Slug Tub" is more in the vein of the latest album!

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New Release! SHELLAC- Dude Incredible - CD / LP+CD - TOUCH&GO

click to enlarge New full album, 9 analog recordings, produced in the process of the last few years at Electrical Audio Studios in Chicago. Exquisitely styled packaging. LP pressed in heavy 180g-vinyl, with the CD-version of the album included. Also available as CD without the LP...

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New Release! AUDACITY- JuvaJive - 10"+MP3

click to enlarge The first recordings by AUDACITY from 2007, previously only released on cassettes. Now for the first time on vinyl! Full-color jacket, insert, download-code. 9 awesome raging songs, sounding like a juvenile thrashing version of the early REDD KROSS... Split-release from CUT-RATE and BURGER RECORDS.

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New Release! V/A- INFLUENCE: A Tribute To The BIG BOYS - LP

click to enlarge Compilation with 20 US-bands interpreting songs of the legendary BIG BOYS from Austin/Texas. Old contemporaries like DRUNK INJUNS and LOS OLVIDADOS, current acts like TOYS THAT KILL, NIGHTBIRDS, and MIND SPIDERS, newcomers like SUBTLE PILLS, GHOST KNIFE, etc.! Released on STIFF HOMBRE RECORDS, with insert and A4-sized booklet, featuring an introduction written by Gary Floyd, and notes from all bands involved.
Naturally none of the bands here can live up to the high standards set by the greatest band ever, but then again it's the best songs these bands have ever played and recorded...

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New Release! INTELLIGENCE- Boredom And Terror/Let's Toil - 2XLP - IN THE RED

click to enlarge Reissue of two early and rare albums as a double-LP set, packed in a gatefold-cover! "Boredom And Terror" was the first album (13 songs), released in 2004 on Narnack Records. "Let's Toil" (with 12 more tracks) was added back then as a bonus-CD, resp. released on vinyl as a limited edition on Polly Maggoo Records.

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New Release! CRIME- Murder By Guitar - LP - SUPERIOR VIADUCT

click to enlarge The complete studio-recordings of San Fanciscco's first and most controversial Punk-RockíníRoll band. 15 songs recorded from 1976 to 1980. This LP collects the tracks from their 3 singles, along with 9 previously on vinyl unreleased studio-recordings. LP comes with insert and download-card included.

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New Release! PREGNANCY SCARES- Mind Control - 7"+MP3 - DERANGED

click to enlarge The 2nd EP with 4 more pissed-off raging and highly aggressive Hardcore-Thrash blasts by this band from Ottawa/Canada. EP comes with download-code included!

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New Release! DOT DASH- Seasick/Slide - 7" - FETTKAKAO

click to enlarge New single by Post-Punk band from Vienna, released in a limited edition of 200 copies on thick heavy vinyl! Two rowdy rumbling, but really nice songs, with dual (male/female) vocals, that bring to mind comparisons with WIRE and THE FALL, as well as AU PAIRS or DELTA 5...

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New Release! LOOKS LIKE MIAOU- Handbrake - LP

click to enlarge Full album by twopiece from Brussels. Limited edition LP on TENDRESSE RECORDS with 9 tracks, cover silkscreened with 7(!) colors! Constant Pillot (guitar, drum-beats, trumpet, vocals) and Chloť De Moya (vocals & synth) produce "No Wave Post-Punk Noise" art, that reminds a lot of the early SONIC YOUTH-style noise. Kim Gordon-esque vocals, guitar squallings, a trumpet thrown in here and there, hollering rhythms, mixed with experimental sounds.

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New Release! PETER BLACK (BLACKIE/HARD-ONS) - Gambler! Gambler! - LP - WE EMPTY ROOMS

click to enlarge The 3rd album by Peter Black aka Blackie/HARD-ONS. Surprisingly enough, the music here (14 songs) has almost nothing in common with what the HARD-ons are doing. It's fully orchestrated singer/songwriter stuff in some sort of Indie-Folk-Pop vein. Great songs by the way, that will surely appeal fans of ELLIOTT SMITH and the likes... Limited edition of 300 copies, pressed on 180g-vinyl, full-color innersleeve, and with download-code included!

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