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Newest arrivals

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New Release! SURF CITY- Jekyll Island - LP - FIRE RECORDS

click to enlarge New 3rd full album from New Zealands Indie-Rockers. 11 songs of Psyche-Pop and Shoegazer-Rock in the tradition of the FLYING NUN classics. LP comes with download-code included! a href="http://surfcit

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click to enlarge New and 3rd full-length album by Luis Vazquez alias SOFT MOON. Contains 11 tracks of his Minmal-Pop songs incorporating elements of Post-Punk, Dark and Cold Wave, Industrial sounds. LP comes with download-code included.

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New Release! GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR- Asunder, Sweet And Other Distress - LP - CONSTELLATION

click to enlarge New full album on CONSTELLATION. Epic Post-Rock turning into Ambient and Noise-Drone soundscapes. Limited edition on 180g-vinyl, packed in a gatefold-cover, with poster and download-code included.

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New Release! TERRA FLOP- Split with THE UNDECIDED - 10"

click to enlarge Released in 2011 on ÜBERSCHALL RECORDS. Features 3 more Noise-Rock smashers from TERRA FLOP (ex-PARTY DIKTATOR). On the flipside 7 songs of hispeed Punk-Rock by THE UNDECIDED, from Bremen/Germany as well. Limited edition of 300 copies with handprinted silkscreened sleeves.

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New Release! TERRA FLOP- s/t 3Song-EP - 7"

click to enlarge Not exactly new, but we had missed out on it when it came out in 2011. TERRA FLOP from Bremen/Germany: A threepiece featuring Matthias Weishoff on guitar/vocals, former member of the brilliantly classic and legendary german Noise-Rock band PARTY DIKTATOR! And if you're familiar with the PARTY DIKTATOR sound, then you'll have an idea what TERRA FLOP sound alike: Spastically blasting No Wave Noise-Rock with full intensity!

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click to enlarge Debüt-Album der Münchner Sängerin & Multi-Instrumentalistin Leonie Felle. 12 Stücke, kein Solo-Album, sondern mit Band (Bass, Schlagzeug und Akkordeon). Obwohl es sich um eine Sängerin handelt, fallen mir stilistisch und atmosphärisch zuerst Tom Waits oder Nick Cave als Vergleiche ein... Vielleicht auch diverse französische Chanteusen, obwohl Frau Felle (meistenteils) auf Englisch singt. Eine Verortung zwischen den Label-Kollegen MAMA ROSIN und KOFELGSCHROA passt auch nicht schlecht. Sehr schöne und charmante Platte, auf 180g-Vinyl, im Klappcover, inklusive Download-Code.

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click to enlarge Neueste Veröffentlichung von GUTFEELING aus München. Auf 500 Stück limitierte 12" (inklusive Download-Code) mit überarbeiteten Versionen des CARIBOU Covers "Odessa" und des Cumbia-Hits "Chambacu". Auf der B-Seite ein Remix der LANDLERGSCHWISTER-Version des Hank Williams Klassikers "Rambling Man" von Acid Pauli alias Martin Gretschmann (NOTWIST, CONSOLE)!

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New Release! 1/2- Earthquakes Usually Come Around Midnight - LP - TOTALLY WIRED RECORDS

click to enlarge 1/2 (or I/II) is one of the many pseudonyms of Ivan Antunovic, multimedia artist from Zagreb/Croatia, influenced in his works and publications by Minimalism, Avantgarde, Industrial, and modern arts from the Balkans. On this vinyl you'll get to hear 5 tracks of dark and sinister Minmal-Synth pop! Limited edition of 200 copies with silkscreened sleeve and two inserts included.

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New Release! DAZED PILOTS- Drummers & Codies - LP - TOTALLY WIRED RECORDS

click to enlarge First full album by guitar-drums duo from Vienna. 12 tracks of primitive but blaring Garage-Rock. In the vein of bands like DEAD MOON, and the vocals make me think of David Bowie... or is it Iggy Pop?

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New Release! PLANKTON DADA WAVE- 2 EPs + Side Effects - MC

click to enlarge Happy joyous No Wave Dada Post-Punk from Varese/Italy! Cassette featuring the 4 tracks from the first EP "Banana Spleen" (2011), the 6 tracks from the "House Of Dada" EP (2014), plus 5 new and previously unreleased songs!

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