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ZEA- Moarn Gean Ik Dea - LP - MAKKUM RECORDS

click to enlarge New full album (10 songs) from ZEA alias Arnold De Boer, who's also singer/guitarist for THE EX. Between singer/songwriter, alternative Folk and Punk, with a reduced equipment (guitar and electronics) in a minimalistic sound, lyrics sung in Frisian (with English translations provided on the enclosed lyric-sheet). Intimate, atmospheric, deeply emotional, diversified, at times even hymnic. Overall an exciting and beautiful album! Can't come up with any more original comparison, but it's meant honestly: "Like a Frisian Elliott Smith".

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click to enlarge Limited split-single featuring a joyfully swinging and bouncing ditty called "Exploding Head Syndrome" from ZEA. A catchy pop-tune with guitar, electronis, and vocals, and it's almost a Dancefloor smasher! On the B-side "Electric Clavichord" is an experminental noise-track recorded by Oscar Jan Hoogland with (as the title suggests) an electric clavichord.

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click to enlarge Full album by the solo-project of Arnold de Boer, now also a member of legendary dutch band THE EX! 15 tracks, where fancy and bouncing electro-vibes meet with Post-Punk and Afro-Pop influences. Helluva fun, filled with tons of ideas, being excellently smart and having a sense of humor.

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ZEA- The Swimming City - LP - MAKKUM RECORDS

click to enlarge New album recorded by ZEA alias Arnold de Boer (THE EX) with Mats Gustafsson, Xavier Charles, Oscar Jan Hoogland and more. Minimalistic and experimental, interesting and entertaining, vivid and fresh! Sounds like a "No Wave Electronica Jazz-Pop offspring" of THE EX. Really cool! Pressed on 180-vinyl, 12 songs, with lyric-sheet and poster included!

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ZEA- Today I Forgot To Complain - LP - TCWTGA

click to enlarge 2nd album by this duo from Amsterdam! Facts: Two dutch guys, playing guitar, singing, and using electronics.
References: AUTECHRE, NOTWIST, MR.BUNGLE, BELLE & SEBASTIAN, POLYSICS, SMOG, PIXIES, BUZZCOCKS... All of this, or maybe none of it at all.
Result: Absolutely original and pretty crazed-out Electro-Pop!

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