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click to enlarge New and 4th full album by this band from Butte/Montana. 10 songs of their cool Garage-Indie-Rock, in a similar vein as GUIDED BY VOICES or earlier bands like TELEVISION and ELECTRIC EELS. LP comes with download-code included.

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click to enlarge Following their fucking amazing first LP on KILLERTREE, here's the 2nd LP by these awesome guys from Montana! While their first LP reminded me of the URINALS, the new one is more like 100 FLOWERS... Ha! No, really, it's totally fuzzed out, noise-layered and incredibly cool Rock music. Makes me think of bands like the VELVET UNDERGROUND, ELECTRIC EELS, TELEVISION, HALF JAPANESE... Uhm, and yes, it's like the ROLLING STONES from the 60s/early 70s, but like a totally fucked up Garage-Punk version of them. Something the STONES never had really been... Or maybe as if Neil Young had been influenced by the FALL and SWELL MAPS, resp. vice versa?
12 songs, vinyl with download-code!

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click to enlarge Totally amazing and crazy album by these young guys from the mysterious town of Butte in Montana. Garage-Noise-Rock, that could be described as "SWELL MAPS meet FLIPPER meet STOOGES", or something like that. More references come to mind, like the early FALL or the URINALS and NO TREND. And hell yes, it's really that great! Also comparable to current bands like the PHEROMOANS and UV RACE, but with an additional touch of coolness and weird attitude. No hipster shit, but the real underground stuff! Limited edition of 300 copies with silkscreened covers!

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MORDECAI- Waste/Drag Down - 7" - WÄNTAGE USA

click to enlarge Following their totally amazing LP (check that one out, if you haven't done yet!), here's a limited edition single, packed into a silkscreened sleeve, by these young dudes from Butte/Montana. Breathing new life into the styles of the early FALL and SWELL MAPS, PRATS or URINALS, with a crunchy, noisy and tight, feedback-soaked LoFi-sound! It even sounds to me like a juvenile and non-pretentious version of the TELEVISION... Kinda similar to the highly-praised PHEROMOANS or UV RACE, but a dozen times better than those.

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