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click to enlarge First full album by this band from Hamburg/Germany. Following their debut EP from early 2017 (also a split-release from CHU CHU, IN A CAR and HARBINGER), this LP contains 7 new tracks from these funky Post-Punk No Wavers! Highly improved and a step forward! The minimalism and the musical approach of the NOSEHOLES reminds of bands such as BUSH TETRAS, CONTORTIONS, AU PAIRS, or LiLiPUT, resp. will surely appeal to fans of SHOPPING, NACHTHEXEN or THE WORLD.

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click to enlarge 7 years after "Heaven's Alright", a new full album by PARAMOUNT STYLES, featuring former GIRLS AGAINST BOYS members Scott McCloud and Alexis Fleisig, and continuing the GvsB legacy, along with Czech multi-instrumentalist Ondrey Jezek. The LP contains 11 new tracks, and comes with a download-code included!

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New Release! UT- UT & Confidential - 2X12"

click to enlarge UT originated from New Yorks No Wave Scene, formed by three women in 1978, sharing a similar approach to music with bands like ESG, LIQUID LIQUID, BUSH TETRAS or Y PANTS. In 1981 the trio migrated to London, becoming a favorite of John Peel with their non-conventional collision of radical Rock, Free Jazz and Avantgarde. Not much of a surprise that the 7 tracks here were recorded by and with the support of Charles Bullen (THIS HEAT) and Tim Hodgkinson (HENRY COW resp. THE WORK). Originally from 1984/85 as co-releases from their own label OUT RECORDS and ROUGH TRADE, now remastered and available as a double-12" package with download-code included.

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New Release! ROKKO'S ADVENTURES- #19 - ZINE(A4)

click to enlarge Neue Ausgabe des Wiener Magazins! Dieses Mal u.A. mit King Poet Flatis amerikanischer Ghettoblaster Poesie, ein Besuch bei Thomas Brezina, ein G20-Gipfel Erlebnisbericht, Geburtstagfeiern mit den Hells Angels, auf ein Getränk mit den Death Row Groupies, Interview mit Tom Hazelmyer (Amphetamine Reptile), Feature von Shannon Selberg (Cows), Slim Cessna's Auto Club, u.v.m.!
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New Release! GAD WHIP- In A Room - 12" - EVER/NEVER RECORDS

click to enlarge Limited edition of 200 copies only with silkscreened covers! On their vinyl-debut GAD WHIP from Yorkshire/UK deliver 4 intriguing tracks on one side, on the B-side graphics etched into the vinyl. Absolutely fascinating band that could be filed under "experimental Post-Punk", with their sound that is best decribed as taking the best moments of THE FALL mixed with the SLEAFORD MODS! Fuck yeah! And yes, I know, a lot of bands are getting compared to the SLEAFORD MODS these days, but here's one that really delivers!

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click to enlarge Their new third full album, subtitled on the frontcover as "The Nietzschean Supermen of Dustbin Rock", and that's exactly what you get! A totally cool and truly ingenious punk-as-fuck smasher! 13 tracks of pure fucking madness. And it should be mentioned that each of their three LPs stands on its own, each one being a masterpiece in its own standards! This new one no less than the other two before! Cover with golden print, and golden vinyl as well!

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New Release! PISSE- Kohlrübenwinter #1 - 7" - BEAU TRAVAIL / PHANTOM

click to enlarge Dritte Pressung! Die Erste von zwei 4Song-EPs. Nach dem Schinken in der Menopause, kommt nun der Kohlrübenwinter! PISSE liefern Nachschlag, quasi in Form einer "getrennten Doppel-7"EP"... und wie sie liefern! Man könnt glattweg fast sagen: Besser denn je. Neuer deutscher Punk - unverschämt frech, witzig und smart!

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New Release! PISSE- Kohlrübenwinter #2 - 7" - HARBINGER SOUND / IN A CAR

click to enlarge Dritte Pressung von Teil 2 der beiden neuen 4Song-EPs!

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