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1/2- Earthquakes Usually Come Around Midnight - LP - TOTALLY WIRED RECORDS

click to enlarge 1/2 (or I/II) is one of the many pseudonyms of Ivan Antunovic, multimedia artist from Zagreb/Croatia, influenced in his works and publications by Minimalism, Avantgarde, Industrial, and modern arts from the Balkans. On this vinyl you'll get to hear 5 tracks of dark and sinister Minmal-Synth pop! Limited edition of 200 copies with silkscreened sleeve and two inserts included.

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click to enlarge LA Underground CLASSIC from 1983 reissued again!! The 100 FLOWERS were exactly the same band as the URINALS! The name-change came from including Surf-Pop and Paisley Underground elements into their sound. The 100 FLOWERS crafted a sound that rests between the inspired bursts of THE MINUTEMEN and the pastoral jangle of the DREAM SYNDICATE, with similarities to the GUN CLUB and TV PERSONALITIES! This LP was their only album, featuring 15 songs, originally released in 1983 on HAPPY SQUID, and now for the first time ever available on vinyl again!

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14:13- s/t - LP

click to enlarge French collective from Metz, comprised of members of AUSTRASIAN GOAT and STRONG AS TEN. Contains 6 extensively long tracks (with playing-times around 6 minutes) of tribal occult music. The 3 tracks on side A have a psychedelic and spacey Prog-Rock feeling (like HAWKWIND meets CAN) paired with an intense sound and heavy rhythms - while the 3 tracks on side B have more of tribal and industrial sounding appeal, in the vein of SAVAGE REPUBLIC, and with nods to sounds of SONIC YOUTH... LP including download-code, released on SPECIFIC RECORDS.

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200- Stockholmsyndrom - LP - JOHN STEAM RECORDS

click to enlarge 200 (say "tveyhundradt") is the only Punk band from the Faroe Islands! Alone being "exotic", doesn't mean it's something special... but it's definitely a good one. Strong rocking Punk, with nods to Noise-Rock, Garage and Grunge! Pretty versatile, ranging from fast and furious, to hard and heavy. 14 songs, with all lyrics sung in their home-language Faroese.

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