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click to enlarge "Dirge-Pop", or the "new art of Grunge" from Seattle. Shoegazer sound, feedback soaked, mixed with Post-Punk sensibilities. It's like psychedelic Kraut-Rock put into a thundering Punk context. LP comes packaged in an exquisite gatefold-cover, with download-code included.

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New Release! AUSMUTEANTS- Band Of The Future - LP - AARGHT! RECORDS

click to enlarge New 4th album by Synth-Punks from Melbourne/Australia. Ironically they really could have been "the band of the future" back in 1977, with their sound in between DEVO and the SCREAMERS... But actually this new LP is a lot tighter, more focussed, and energetically attacking than their previous album "Order Of Operation". 14 songs on vinyl, with download-code included.

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New Release! FUCKING- Intimacy Issues - 7"

click to enlarge Fucking awesome EP by this band from Minneapolis (friends of the URANIUM CLUB). Fucking fast, fucking loud, fucking raging! Imagine the DEAD KENNEDYS on adrenaline, and with dose of fucking chaos.

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New Release! FLASHER- Winnie/Burn Blue - 7"+MP3 - SISTER POLYGON RECORDS

click to enlarge Following their recently released debut-album, here#s two new songs from this Washington/DC trio. Sensitive Indie-Pop reminding of something like "BEAUTY PILL meets with BLONDE REDHEAD"... No surprise that this band is on the PRIESTS' label SISTER POLYGON, since they offer the same kind of qualities. Limited edition of 500 copies, silkscreened cover, hand-stamped and download-code included.

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New Release! PUFF PIECES- Born 2 Die/Born 2 Cry - 7"+MP3 - LOVITT

click to enlarge New single and third release from DC Art-Punk band, featuring ex-members of EL GUAPO, EDIE SEDGWICK, VERTEBRATES, ANTELOPE... Recorded and produced by Ian MacKaye and Don Zientara at legendary INNER EAR studio.

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New Release! XETAS- The Tower - LP - 12XU RECORDS

click to enlarge The 2nd full album from Austin's power-trio XETAS, full-force rocking thru' 10 hook-laden and energy-filled Punk smashers! As references the BUZZCOCKS, NAKED RAYGUN and SUPERCHUNK come to mind. Rousing! Red vinyl, with printed innersleeve, download-code included.

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New Release! SEIZURES- Party At Napalm Beach - LP

click to enlarge The SEIZURES from Nuremberg/Germany deliver a high-octane mixture Garage, Punk, Surf and all things that rock. This brings to mind bands like the CRAMPS and OBLIVIANS, blasting full-on loudly with total energy! A DIY self-released LP from the band, with download-code included.

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New Release! CAPAJE- Redox - LP

click to enlarge New album by power-trio from Valencia/Spain. This LP (11 songs) almost feels like a trip back into the early 90s when a term like "Emo-Hardcore" wasn't a totally lame fad, but sometimes meant to be overtly intense and emotionally raging Hardcore. CAPAJE are also influenced by Post- and Noise-Rock of that period, and with some songs even SUPERCONDUCTOR or KURT come to mind as fitting comparisons! Limited edition of 300 copies, with insert included, lyrics sung in Spanish.

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New Release! FAMILY 5- 50/50 - 2X7"

click to enlarge Exklusive Doppel-Single der legendären Band um Xao Seffcheque, Peter Hein (FEHLFARBEN) und ehemaligen KFC Mitgliedern. Erschienen in einer limitierten Auflage von 350 Stück auf FORMOSA PUNK RECORDS, im chicen Klappcover mit Artwork von Franz Bielmeier. Zwei eigene (grossartige!) Stücke, sowie zwei Covers: Zum Einen PROCOL HARUM's "Homburg" von 1967, zum Anderen der Surf-Klassiker "Miserlou", beide als mitreissend fetzige Knaller-Versionen!

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New Release! SICK HORSE- Good Body Feeling - LP - STATIC AGE

click to enlarge Debut-LP (8 songs) by another obscure band from Berlin. Includes at least one member of HEAVY METAL, as far as I'm told... But whoever it may be, it's a fucking awesome Punk-Rock smasher! Loud, fast, hard, groovy, catchy, tight. Just the way it's supposed to be.

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