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click to enlarge Limited edition of 300 copies on green vinyl, incl. download-code! An epic album with 12 tracks. No songs, but sound-sculptures. Deep and rich sweeping drones and vibrant ambient melancholy, somehow comparable to his compatriot fellow FENNESZ...

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New Release! LO FAT ORCHESTRA- Neon Lights - LP

click to enlarge Latest album by swiss trio, having expanded their "Electro-Garage" style with elements of Cold Wave and pumping Post-Punk! An urban sound, catchy, dark, raw and danceable. And actually more vital and punchier than ever before! 180g-vinyl with download-code included.

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New Release! ZEA- Moarn Gean Ik Dea - LP - MAKKUM RECORDS

click to enlarge New full album (10 songs) from ZEA alias Arnold De Boer, who's also singer/guitarist for THE EX. Between singer/songwriter, alternative Folk and Punk, with a reduced equipment (guitar and electronics) in a minimalistic sound, lyrics sung in Frisian (with English translations provided on the enclosed lyric-sheet). Intimate, atmospheric, deeply emotional, diversified, at times even hymnic. Overall an exciting and beautiful album! Can't come up with any more original comparison, but it's meant honestly: "Like a Frisian Elliott Smith".

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New Release! STRETCH MARKS- Who & What - The Complete Studio Recordings - CD - SOUNDS ESCAPING

click to enlarge Classic early Canadian Hardcore legends! This CD contains the tracks from their first EP "Who's in Charge" (1983), the "What D'Ya See" LP (released in 1984 on B.Y.O.), plus compilation tracks, and one previously unreleased song! 22 tracks in full, complete with 24-page booklet, fullcolor print, featuring linernotes, band-history, photos, flyers, and more!

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click to enlarge The complete recordings from legendary early Canadian Hardcore/Punk band, existing from 1979 to 1984! 29 tracks in full, taken from their three demos (1981/1982), their "Creatures For Awhile" LP from 1983, and compilation-tracks. Comes complete with a 28-page booklet, fullcolor print, featuring linernotes, band-history, photos, flyers, and more!

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New Release! BLANK VEINS- A Guest/Taken Out - 7"

click to enlarge Few more copies in stock again! Limited hand-stamped edition of 137 copies. New single by this Noise-Punk band from Greece, who had recently released a split-cassette with the BRAINBOMBS side-project NO BALLS. Crazed out, wild bashing, and with a saxophone as an additional element to their skrionking sound! Like a crosstake of early HALF JAPANESE with the CRAVATS...

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click to enlarge LARDO from Chicago are back with their 2nd album, filled with 11 tracks that will absolutely and fully satisfy fans of SHELLAC, JESUS LIZARD, SIX FINGER SATELLITE and other greats of Noise-Rock! But the best thing about them is that they're actually adding something of their own to style. Not just imitators, but making it sound LARDO!
LP comes with download-code included.

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New Release! PERFORMING FERRETS- s/t 4Song-EP - 7" - INSOLITO

click to enlarge Originally released as a 3Song-7" back in 1980 on DEAD HIPPY RECORDS from the UK. Now with one track additionally re-issued in a limited edition of 300 copies. A long-lost Post-Punk underground pearl! There's a touch of The Fall and TV Personalities, hints of Gang Of 4/Delta 5, and after all a sound of their own. John Peel and Mark E. Smith were fans of this band, if that means anything to you... - and two songs to check out:

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New Release! KING AYISOBA- 1000 Can Die - LP - MAKKUM RECORDS

click to enlarge New full album from Ghanaian legend King Ayisoba and his band, fusing Ghana's traditional Kologo music with modern contemporary sounds to a fiery and uncompromising mix. Contains 9 tracks, mixed and produced by by Arnold de Boer (ZEA, THE EX), featuring guest-appearances from ZEA, Lee "Scratch" Perry, Afrobeat legend Orlando Julius, and more! LP comes in gatedfold-cover, with download-code included! Lots more info and songs to listen to here:

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New Release! NAKED IN ENGLISH CLASS- Othering - LP

click to enlarge The 2nd full album from swiss duo Taranja Wu and Olifr M. Guz, with 13 more songs of their super-cool Minimalist-Mashup-Electro-Punk! Compositions of their own using samples, or re-interpretations, like using the pop-/rock-history, putting into a whole new context, and making something new and an own thing out of it. Great Pop-Art or Art-Pop, reminiscent philosophically of the RESIDENTS or as well YELLO... The LP starts with "Baby I Feel Good", and the album's a feelgood all over. Also including their smash-hit "Whoa Now!" which you can check out here:
LP comes with download-code included!

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