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New Release! DISPLAY HOMES- Climate Change - 7" - TOUGH LOVE RECORDS

click to enlarge Debut from Australian trio with 3 songs. Traces of bands like the AU PAIRS, DELTA 5, PYLON and BUSH TETRAS can be heard in their slightly discordant Post-Punk pop songs.

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New Release! POSTMAN- Home - LP - CUT SURFACE

click to enlarge New full album (12 songs) by this Austrian band. Their quiet and soft Minimal-Pop sound is reminiscent of the YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS, and they're using texts from authors like Gertrude Stein, Milan Kundera, Harold Pinter, Walter Benjamin, G.K. Chesterton, and more.
Limited edition of 300 copies on 180g-vinyl, with printed innersleeve and download-code.

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New Release! THE TELLY- Why Not? - 12"+MP3 - CUT SURFACE

click to enlarge Limited edition 3Song-EP, 300 copies with download-code included. THE TELLY aka Martin Gupper from Vienna delivers top-sounding Dance-Pop, taking ingredients from Deep House, Dub, Psychedelia and 60s Pop. I'm far from being an expert when it comes to this kind of music, but sounds to me like a raving dancefloor-smasher and supersmart pop-songs! Great!

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New Release! CRUMBS- Mind Yr Manners - LP(COL.) - EVERYTHING SUCKS MUSIC

click to enlarge Debut album by Post-Punk Pop party pack (2 ladies and 2 gentlemen) from Leeds/York. 10 tracks in which they easily combine urgency with danceability. The band's funky Post-Punk is as unconventional as it's catchy, and certainly setting them apart from a lot of their contemporaries. Definitely suitable for fans of SHOPPING, NACHTHEXEN, MOLARS, PRIESTS, etc., but the CRUMBS have carved out a sound that is completely of their own. For the connoisseurs: Think of something like "Delta 5 meets Marine Research"... Limited edition pressing of 300 copies on clear-yellow splattered vinyl, including download-code.

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New Release! ACRYLICS- Structure/Gluttony - 7"+MP3 - DRUNKEN SAILOR RECORDS

click to enlarge Features two new discordant blasts of freaked out and totally frantic Hardcore-Punk. Could be something like "FLIPPER meets VOID"... or reminiscent of any other manic outsider stuff from the 80s. Awesome!

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New Release! CORNER BOYS- Just Don't Care - 7"+MP3 - DRUNKEN SAILOR RECORDS

click to enlarge These Corner Boys are totally into the late 70s Punk sound of their hometown Vancouver/Canada. Classic hook-laden Punk-Rock and gritty Power-Pop like the POINTED STICKS or DISHRAGS, and this 3Song-7"EP could have fit perfectly into early POSHBOY catalog.

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click to enlarge The first real and full vinyl-album by this band from Bloomington/Indiana. A lot better than anything they released before, actually really cool! 10 tracks making up for a fully exciting and furious Punk-Rock album with Garage-Pop sensibilities. It may be reminiscent of the Buzzcocks, Wild Billy Childish, Barracudas, and even some more... but overall total fun enjoyment listening to!

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click to enlarge Not the be confused with the Cowboys, this is a trio from Cleveland featuring 2/3 of the HOMOSTUPIDS and half of PLEASURE LEFTISTS. 12 tracks of crushing and grabbing Clevo-style Punk. Bashed out loud, nasty, raging and rocking. No frills, onto the point shit!

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click to enlarge Their explosive 4 song debut EP, originally released in 2014 on SISTER POLYGON RECORDS, repressed again in the UK!

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New Release! BUCK GOOTER- 100 Bells - LP

click to enlarge Another new album from the infamous duo known as BUCK GOOTER with 11 tracks of their apocalyptic Industrial-Noise-Blues-Punk! Just like HEAVY METAL or OBNOX, BUCK GOOTER manage as well to put out one album after the other, which are more or less the same, but then again being different, adding new effects and aspects to their sound! Those of you fortunate enough to have grabbed a copy of "Stainless Steel Mirrors" will know what I'm trying to tell here: BUCK GOOTER are building up on their own unique style, evolving and refining it which each album. Check it out, not making the mistake to think you know already what it's gonna be like... Released on NY-based label RAMP LOCAL, with download-code included.

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