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New Release! PISSE- Mit Schinken Durch Die Menopause (b/w) - LP - BEAU TRAVAIL / PHANTOM

click to enlarge Inzwischen ist die Platte nun schon in der 7.Pressung angelangt. Weitere 500 Exemplare und geändert hat sich auch wieder was beim Cover: Das Original-Motiv als grobkörniger Schwarz-Weiss-Druck auf rauem Karton (Inside-Out Cover)!

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New Release! V/A- NO PUBERTY - LP

click to enlarge Compilation of "teen punk" artists/bands of the late 70s and early 80s, released on belgian label RUSH RECORDS. Comprised of children aged from 8 to 16 years, from countries around the world: The USA (UNIT 3 with VENUS, EARTH DIES BURNING, VAST MAJORITY, SHEER SMEGMA, SKULLBUSTERS, CHANDRA DIMENSION, MAD SOCIETY, THE COLORS), Sweden (ARSENIK , SHAS, NOISE), France (LES SPURTS, BLOODSUCKER, TOMMY ROCK JUNIOR), the UK (FATAL MICROBES and DARREN BURN), Germanys DIE EGOZENTRISCHEN ZWEI and HITLER SS from Italy.

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New Release! YASS- Finch/Zeroes - 7" - CHU CHU RECORDS

click to enlarge New single from the Black Forest Future Punk duo, released in a limited edition of 200 on black vinyl. "Finch" is an intensely pounding tune, remotely reminding of KURT classics like "Car Drive" or "Schesaplana", naturally YASS-styled... "Zeroes" has more of an electronic feel to it, an Electro-Punk smasher perfectly fitting for the underground disco. Final conclusion: A TWO HITS single!

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click to enlarge Split-album, strictly limited to 250 copies on 140g- black vinyl, with insert included. Two of UK's finest noise underground bands sharing this LP. Ferociously raging blend of Hardcore and heavy Noise-Rock, with a malevolant female singer from BRUXA MARIA. Brutally fierce and thunderous, maybe comparable to the LOWEST FORM (or YC-CY, eheh), but faster and wilder. CASUAL NUN contribute 4 tracks, equally as wild and raging, but more freaked out, psychotic and punked-up, rhythmically pounding and powered by two drummers! Check out their song "Easy Now, Cowboy", it's fucking awesome!

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New Release! LONESOME HOT DUDES - Obey/Books - 7" - CUT SURFACE

click to enlarge Beautiful single by this feminist AND fun band from Graz/Austria! Yes, these LONESOME HOT DUDES are five ladies, actually including Eva Ursprung and Reni Hofmüller, both already active in the pioneering avantgarde/impro group "rosi lebt" back in the early 1980s! And their passionate and political Post-Punk/No Wave music's not too far away from swiss legends LiLiPUT. Comes with an insert featuring the lyrics, and one handpicked photo of the band.

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click to enlarge Limited edition in silkscreened sleeves (bronze color on black cardboard), and with a printed innersleeve. Contains new tracks from Dresdens NO WAVES, who released already a remarkably good LP ("Immaculate Protection"), one of the most outstanding german Post-Punk/Wave records in 2017. Actually with a bit more punch in the sound than on their LP (which could be also due to the fact this vinyl here runs on 45). On the other side, DIE TUNNEL from Berlin (incl. members of DULAC and RUBY) with a pretty similar style, but (due to the use of the organ?) with a strong psychedelic appeal to their sound.

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New Release! CERAMIC HOBS- Black Pool Legacy - 2XLP - HARBINGER SOUND

click to enlarge A double LP retrospective of this Avant-Punk band from Blackpool, featuring 25 tracks taken from numerous releases, carefully selected and sequenced by Philip Best (CONSUMER ELECTRONICS). The band existed for about 25 years, and I have to admit that I had never heard of them before – and that's a REAL SHAME! The CERAMIC HOBS deliver truly outstanding and totally unique music. As comparisons could serve names like the BUTTHOLE SURFERS, the POP GROUP, KILLDOZER, maybe sounding like an extreme Hardcore version of THE FALL, or like FLIPPER-meets-YOUNG GODS... But all of those references are merely rough notes to bizarrely weird world of the CERAMIC HOBS.
Comes packaged in a gatefold-cover, and with 12 page booklet included.

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