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Newest arrivals

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New Release! ESCAPE-ISM / LIGHT BEAMS- Split - 7"+MP3 - LOVITT

click to enlarge ESCAPE-ISM is none other than Ian Svenonius. His new Electronica-Solo-Project is not unlike what he did with XYZ in 2015, resp. similar sounding to SUICIDE... The LIGHT BEAMS are a new trio with Justin Moyer, playing polyrhythmic and adventurous Dance-Funk-Punk. Mega-cool!
One song each on vinyl, and the download-code offers one more song from both.

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New Release! METZ- Strange Peace - LP - SUB POP

click to enlarge Third full album with new 11 songs by this Post-Punk/Noise-Rock band from Toronto/Canada. A powerful blast of anger and energy, hitting you with a wall of sound. LP with printed innersleeve and download-code.

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New Release! GEN POP- On The Screen - 7" - UPSET THE RHYTHM

click to enlarge First EP (with 5 songs) by new band from Olympia/Washington, featuring singer MaryJane and guitarist Ian from the now defunct VEXX! Crushing Power-Pop, fast and in a smashingly noisy sound!

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New Release! BENCH PRESS- s/t - LP(COL.)

click to enlarge Limited edition on colored vinyl, with printed innersleeve and download-code. Praised by the label as a combination of SLEAFORD MODS with ART BRUT... Well, I didn't get that out of it. But it's a good Post-Punk album with a typical down under Rock influence - actually the band's from Melbourne/Australia), and the LP's a split-release from POISON CITY and SUBWAY RECORDS.

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New Release! PREENING- Beeters - 7" - DIGITAL REGRESS

click to enlarge What do you get from a trio with a saxophone, bass and drums? For sure something that sounds like BLURT! But PREENING from Oakland/California are not only sounding pretty much like BLURT, but with a joyful rage giving it their own identity. 4 genuinely original and oh-so-fucking-cool songs of No Wave passion. And if you look at Punk as being an inspirational source (not only as a genre or style), then this is VERY MUCH PUNK!!!

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click to enlarge Following their brilliant "Stunrise" LP, here's four more songs by this band from Chicago. The EP starts with a SHELLAC-esque kind of sound, then breaks into massive sounding NAKED RAYGUN-alike scorcher, resp. like a faster punk-rocking version of the JESUS LIZARD. With these references, you'll have an idea... and it's "only" four songs, but all blistering, rocking and catchy.

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click to enlarge SNAIL MAIL is the band of 17 year old singer & guitarist Lindsey Jordan, and she's a great songwriter as well! Her heartfelt and well-constructed Indie-Folk-Rock stands in line with the finest female artists in this genre. Another stand-out release on the PRIESTS' label SISTER POLYGON.

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click to enlarge Total madhouse from Finland! Strangely raging Noise-Rock, that could've been the missing link between ALICE DONUT and the COWS. Harsh guitars, close to feedbacking, tight pounding rhythms, and a crazed-out animalistic singer spewing out the melodies. And all that splattered all over with electronic noise junk.

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