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HAPPY EVER AFTER- T-Shirt + 12" package - 12"+TS - X-MIST

click to enlarge The mailorder-only version (with poster included) of the limited edition 12", plus a t-shirt of your choice (size and color)! Click on bandname (HAPPY EVER AFTER) to check out the variously colored shirts...

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click to enlarge 21 live-recorded tracks by short-lived project from 1987/88 featuring all members of RITES OF SPRING! Very noisy and experimental - but also very intense and highly impressive!

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click to enlarge CD-collection with all recordings by this legendary Punk-performance group from Hamburg! All their single- & compilation-tracks, lots of live-recordings, and even some previously unreleased recordings with the GOD BULLIES! Exquisitely packaged and with a full playing-time of almost 80 minutes!

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click to enlarge Limitierte Auflage von 200 Stück auf unterschiedlich(!) mehrfarbigen Vinyl-Scheiben. Fast jedes Teil also ein Unikat... Neue Single der Hamburger Kult-Band. Auf der A-Seite die Studio-Version von "Grindcore Swing" (nomen est omen)! Auf der B-Seite ein 5-minütiger Live-Mitschnitt, natürlich gut 90% davon Schackes unvergleichliche Ansagen an das bescheuerte Publikum...

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HARD TO BREATHE- Spotkanie/Pozegnanie - 7" - ANTENA KRZYKU

click to enlarge Screamy Emo-Hardcore from Warsaw/Poland!

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click to enlarge Another project from Japans Noise legend HIJOKAIDAN, here with the "vocaloid" Hatsune Miko. Not an actual person, but a specially developed synthetic voice-program for the Anime character Hatsune Miko, immensely propular in Japan, and the world's first and biggest purely virtual Popstar! (For live-performances of HATSUNEKAIDAN the Hatsune Miko avatar is embodied by the cosplay-girl Le Chat)

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HEART & SOUL- Songs of Joy Division - LP - ANTENA KRZYKU

click to enlarge As the title says: Cover-version of JOY DIVISION songs here! A collective of musicians from Poland, sort of a "Polish underground all-star" band, recorded for this project 7 songs, featuring various singers. Some of them close to the original, others re-interpreting it in new ways.

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HEARTPLAY- 002 - 12"

click to enlarge 2nd EP with 3 tracks (20 min. playing-time). Outstanding DIY psyche-house with analog recorded instruments. Raw, crisp and distorted, inventive and interesting! Falling in between categories resp. defying them. It's Leftfield, Noise, and Techno/House at the same time, and surely aware of pioneers like CABARET VOLTAIRE, THIS HEAT or NURSE WITH WOUND.

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HEARTPLAY- Telephone - 12"

click to enlarge First release, maxi-single with 23 minutes playing-time. Electronic DIY psyche-house music with live-recorded instruments. From Frankfurt/Germany, mastered at the famous ALCHEMY MASTERING in London/UK. White label record in a blank black cover, with handwritten insert.

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HEARTS OF DARKNESSES- Shit Fan Punx Get Busted - 12" - DELETED ART

click to enlarge 5 songs of twisted Electro-Pop, that sounds equally as catchy and dance-pop alike, as it is weird sounding and filled with spastic noises. Think of LCD SOUNDSYSTEM being part of the LoFi-trash scene, or NINE INCH NAILS interpreted in a JAPANTHER-style...

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