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FAMILY FODDER- Monkey Banana Kitchen - LP - STAUBGOLD

click to enlarge Reissue of debut-album, released in 1980 on FRESH RECORDS. FAMILY FODDER was a collective hailing from the same camp as Avantgarde-/Post-Punk bands like THE WORK and THIS HEAT. Their highly eclectic music combined elements of Dub, Jazz, even Classic, with the energy of Punk and New Wave, and always with Pop-sensibilities. Equally suitable for fans of the POP GROUP, RIP RIG & PANIC, as well as the SLITS or XTC...

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FAMILY FODDER- Schizophrenia Party - LP - STAUBGOLD

click to enlarge Limited edition vinyl of 500 copies, containing the 6 tracks from the "Schizophrenia Party" 12" from 1981 (incl. their hit "Dinosaur Sex"), and additionally the songs from the 7" singles "Film Music" (1981) and "The Big Dig" (1982), all originally released on FRESH RECORDS from London.

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click to enlarge Restocks from Australia: Limited edition of 300 hand-numbered copies, exquisite packaging with cover & innersleeves silkscreened, and CDR-version of the album included! The FANGS OF are a threepiece from Melbourne/Australia, that can be filed under "Sludge" and "Dirge", with their dark and slowly moving tracks, but without the usual pathetic bombast of this genre! More close to the MELVINS, than to SUNN O The keyword here is INTENSITY! What means their roots are closer to be found in AMPHETAMINE REPTILE, than in Doom-Metal. Impressive!

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click to enlarge Limited edition of 214 handnumbered copies, 5 songs on one side, and the backside of the vinyl being individually spray-paint stencilled! Smashing Proto-Punk right in between the A FRAMES and the ELECTRIC EELS. A real cool blast! For those who know the band already: Better than ever before! Available on BLACK or RED vinyl!

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FARAQUET- Anthology 1997-1998 - LP - DISCHORD

click to enlarge Compilation of 10 rare recordings from this DC band, active 1997-2001, post-SMART WENT CRAZY and pre-BEAUTY PILL resp. MEDICATIONS. Including songs originally released on various 7s and unreleased recordings. This LP was originally released in 2008, now remastered, repressed and with download-code included!

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FARAQUET- The View From The Tower - n/a - DISCHORD

click to enlarge Re-mastered and re-issued on LP, including mp3-download coupon! The only full album (9 songs) by the forerunner to the MEDICATIONS, originally released in 2000.

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FAT WHITE FAMILY- Champagne Holocaust - LP

click to enlarge The debut-album by this band from London! Released as CD in late 2013, now available on vinyl! 11 songs that sound like bastard mix of the MONKS bad-trip rock'n'rolling, slow-motion CRAMPS, combined with early THE FALL and PAVEMENT... Limited edition release on TRASH MOUTH.

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FEDERATION X- The Only Fool Is You/Chinese Food & Vietnam - 7" - RECESS RECORDS

click to enlarge A new single by these hard rockers from Bellingham, WA! Features 2 exclusive tracks. Side A is a totally cool anhemic rock-song, almost a catchy pop-tune. While side B goes a bit more into the direction this band's known for: KARP meets Garage-Punk.

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FEEDTIME- Flatiron/Stick Up Jack - 7"+MP3 - SUB POP

click to enlarge Single with the first new recordings by Australian Outsider-Rock legends since their reunion. Pretty much true to their style from about 20 years ago! Comes with a download-code included.

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click to enlarge Contains 11 tracks of their Garage-Punk, with nods to Psychedelic-Beat and Kraut-Rock. Recorded in a big bouncy sound, pretty different from their primitive and raunchy earlier recordings. The band calls it "Kraut-Space-Garage", and the label says "think SPACEMEN 3 meet PUSSY GALORE meet VELVET UNDERGROUND"... Pretty similar in style to the BUGS, but not as good. What doesn't mean this is bad, it only means the BUGS are better!

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