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GIRL BAND- Holding Hands With Jamie - LP - ROUGH TRADE

click to enlarge Debut-album by this band (no girls, only men) from Dublin/Ireland, packed in exquisite gatefold-cover, with insert and download-code included. Their 9 songs are a unique mixture of Post-Punk and Noise-Rock, blending lots of influences ranging from the FALL and the POP GROUP, CONTORTIONS and BIRTHDAY PARTY, to NIRVANA and the STROKES, into a sound of their own. It's fucking expensive, but also pretty fucking exciting!

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GIRLS- Transfer Station/Elephant Trick - 7" - MILK&CHOCOLATE RECORDS

click to enlarge Exclusive single by the GIRLS, who are all boys from Seattle. Pop-Punk with a Dance-Wave flavor, kinda like "DEVO meets the CARS". Nice'n'catchy.

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GIRLS AGAINST BOYS- Venus Luxure No.1 Baby - LP - TOUCH&GO

click to enlarge Released in 1993, "Venus Luxure..." was the 3rd record by GvsB and their first one on TOUCH&GO RECORDS! 11 songs, including the smash-hit "Bullet Proof Cupid", produced by Ted Niceley. LP including download-coupon!

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click to enlarge After GIRL BAND from Dublin, here’s GIRLS NAMES from Belfast. At least with one girl in the band... and kind of similar in their musical approach: Post-Punk-Wave, influenced by JOY DIVISION, WIRE, as well as the CURE and ROXY MUSIC. And with a different sounding result than from GIRL BAND. Comes in gatefold-cover, with download-code included. Regular black vinyl, or limited edtion colored vinyl.

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click to enlarge girlSperm aka GSP is Tobi Vail, Layla Gibbon and Marissa Magic. And all of them with a history in notable bands like BIKINI KILL, FRUMPIES, STILLSUIT, PETTY CRIME and more, you can expect something special here. And undoubtedly this LP lives up to the high expectations! Raging with lots of shouting and chanting, twin guitar attacks, and pounding drums, this could be described as "like Y-PANTS playing FLIPPER songs", or vice versa... but overall it's thrilling and overwhelmingly energetic Riot Grrl No Wave Punk power! LP comes with download-code included.

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GIROLAMOS WALK- Zertreten/Portbou - 7" - KIDS IN MISERY

click to enlarge A band from Hamburg/Germany with 90s emo/screamo inspired music, in the vein of bands like INDIAN SUMMER, STILL LIFE, SAETIA or POLICY OF 3. Actually pretty well-done, and with vocals alternating male/female and english/german!

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click to enlarge Post-Punk band from Bristol, formed in late 1977. Some members later played in MAXIMUM JOY and POP GROUP, and their funky and experimental sound could be filed in between LIQUID LIQUID and THIS HEAT. This LP features 12 tracks recorded in 1980, and comes with linernotes included.

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click to enlarge Limited edition single by these bad-ass rockers from California, with nods to Glam, Metal and Stoner. Think of something like "HAWKWIND meets DEEP PURPLE meets BLACK SABBATH meets KARP", and you'll have an idea what these madcaps sound alike.

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GO GENRE EVERYTHING- Domestic Dreams And Robots - 7" - VACANT VALLEY

click to enlarge Limited edition of 300 copies on violet-marble-colored vinyl, packed in nicely handmade sleeves! Contains 4 songs by this incomparable and outstanding duo from Melbourne/Australia. It's like 60s-Psychedelic-Pop and Girl-Group songs put into a minimalist lofi aesthetic – but(!) different to most other bands today, they are doing it in a mutantly deranged and hilariously funny way! Maybe in a similar vein as if the BOREDOMS or MELT-BANANA would be doing it... Yep, big fucking fun!

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New Release! GOAT GIRL- s/t - LP - ROUGH TRADE

click to enlarge "Inspired by their love for GUN CLUB and the SLITS" says the info, and what made me curious to check them out. The debut album by these 4 girls from South-London offers 19 tracks(!), and citing the references again, I'd say more GUN CLUB (or X), not that much of the SLITS, but maybe a bit of the BANSHEES and lots of BAD SEEDS mixed into their sound as well... and surely enough, bands like the LIBERTINES left their marks on these girls as well. Packed into a colourful gatefold-cover, with download-code included.

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