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HOT SNAKES- Automatic Midnight - LP - SWAMI RECORDS

click to enlarge What a KILLER! The ULTIMATE Punk-Record of the year 2000! Features almost the same line-up as DRIVE LIKE JEHU, and could be described as the "best WIPERS record since 20 years"...!!! LP repressed again!

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click to enlarge Their 2nd full album! LP-repress available again!

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click to enlarge New full album by Post-Punk/experimental Noise band from London. A psychic and almost frightening assault, constructed with heavy rhythms and minimalist structures, drawing from Post-Punk, Drone, Avant-Noise and Electronics. If you need references: More or less in between THIS HEAT and EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN.
LP released on ROCKET RECORDINGS, in a special die-cut cover, printed innersleeve and with download-code included.

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HOWIE REEVE- Not So Secret Garden - LP - RED WIG

click to enlarge The 2nd full album by singer/songwriter from Glasgow/UK. Contains 13 new songs, mostly played with acoustic bass and his vocals, and sometimes with sparse additional instrumentation. References: Mike Watt, Elliott Smith.

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HOWIE REEVE- Smaller, Now - LP - RED WIG

click to enlarge Full album (14 songs) from Glasgow based musician (ex-TATTIE TOES), who recently released a single as a duo with Mike Watt. With his acoustic bass-guitar, simple percussions and vocals, he's making songs that somehow combine the music of Elliott Smith and Mike Watt... Limited edition of 300 copies in hand-screened cardboard-sleeve!

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HRUBESCH YOUTH- Digital Macht’s Auch Nicht Besser - CD - FIDEL BASTRO

click to enlarge A collection of selected tracks taken from the LP “Dahlin Orgel” (1995), all tracks from the “Schifferklavier” LP (1999), plus some unreleased stuff! 17 tracks/79 minutes in full by these legendary notorious noise-makers from Hamburg.

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click to enlarge Limited edition on heavy white vinyl, with download-code included. 4 songs by this twopiece with guitar, drums, vocals, and occasionally with a melodica. Charmingly trashy LoFi-Pop-Punk, very minimalistic, and very british sounding, in a TV Personalities/Times kinda way.

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HUNTER-GATHERER- Pere Lachaise/Undergrowth - 7"+MP3 - OSAKA RECORDINGS

click to enlarge From the same label that brought us the amazing THREAD PULLS LP, comes this single by mysterious wunderkind from Dublin/Ireland. "Witch-house" styled Minimal Electronica, drenched in a dark and melancholic athmosphere. Reaching into APHEX TWIN territory... Check it out at:

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click to enlarge New band, but no newcomers: It's Kathy Foster and Westin Glass of the THERMALS, and Maggie Vail (BANGS, BONNOT GANG). You get to hear traces of BIKINI KILL, of the GUN CLUB, DRIVE LIKE JEHU riffage, DC-Posthardcore, and Garage-Punk... And as unlikely as it may seem, it works and rocks in a truly non-pretentious and fun-filled way! They're not necessarily re-inventing the wheel (no bands needs to do that!), but they surely know how to pick up influences and create something with an identity of their own. 9 songs on white vinyl, limited edition of 500 copies, download-code included. Couldn't find a website or anything, but at least this facebook-thang here:
And since you can't listen to it, and don't feel like believing me, then maybe this perfectly written review may convince you:

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click to enlarge Duo from Geneva/Switzerland: Simone Aubert (also in MASSICOT) on drums, guitar and vocals, and Vincent Bertholet (also in ORCHESTRE T.P.M.D.) on contra-bass and vocals. Calling their music "minimalist transpop pre-kraut post-disco", you get to hear an extraordinarily fascinating sound somewhere in between LIQUID LIQUID, A CERTAIN RATIO and NEU!/CAN... 9 songs recorded and produced by Tobias Levin.

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