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click to enlarge Limited edition on colored vinyl and with a cardboard-cover! In the late 80ies, this multi-national band, formed by ex-members of L.U.L.L., ANGOR WATT and PISSED BOYS had released a 12“ and single (actually both on X-MIST...), and now more than 10 years later they got together again, and recorded these 3 songs here. Mature and sophisticated alternative rock-music by matured ex-punkers - and i mean that in a way just like bands and people such as MISSION OF BURMA, Bob Mould or Mike Watt!

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ATTWENGER- Dog 2 - Remixes - CD - TRIKONT

click to enlarge 17 remix-versions of songs taken from the brilliant ATTWENGER albums „Dog“, handled by Schorsch Kamerun, CONSOLE, Mt Floyd, 3rdCLASSALIENS, and many more... with a full playing-time of 80 minutes! ATTWENGER’s „Dog“ album is to us the BEST german (resp. austrian in this case) album of the last few years – and hardly any music is better destined for remixes than theirs, so this remix-album is a welcome addition!!!

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click to enlarge Neues Album des österreichischen Groove-Slang-Avantgarde-Electro-Folk-Punk Duos! 6 Jahre nach "Dog" (mei, wia di zeid vagehd) gibt's wieder was Neues von ATTWENGER. Die Platte knüpft stilistisch an "Dog" bzw. "Sun" an, gleich 17 Stücke sind drauf. A bisserl fetter, lauder und fetziger gehds zua. Zur Doppel-LP gibt's auch noch einen Download-Gutschein als Zugabe.

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click to enlarge Neues Album des fantastischen Duos aus Österreich! LP inklusive Download-Code, gepresst auf schwerem 180g-Vinyl in grüner Farbe! Während "Flux" (von 2011) mehr oder weniger eine Fortsetzung des Stils der beiden Mega-Klassiker "Sun" (2002) und "Dog" (2005) war, ist es den beiden Herren mit "Spot" wieder mal gelungen sich neu zu erfinden und trotzdem sich selbst treu zu bleiben. Das Motto lautet: Lang lebe die Kurzlebigkeit (Achtung, ein Paradoxon)! Kein Stück erreicht die 3-Minuten-Grenze. 23 Songs in 40 Minuten. In der Kürze liegt die Würze. Ich entdecke übrigens Parallelen zu CULTURCIDE auf der Platte. Aber das nur am Rande... Jedenfalls superlässig und megaleiwand!

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click to enlarge Full album by this brilliant "modern-volksmusik" band from Austria! Bridging the gap between modern & traditional music, incl. collaborations with CONSOLE, Fred Frith, or a croatian gypsy-band... to us, one of the best albums of 2002!

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click to enlarge First pressing limited to 1000 copies on translucent-gold vinyl, with huge poster and download-code included! 3rd album by this Garage-Punk gang from California, with 13 anthemic songs that could be filed in between the REPLACEMENTS, RED KROSS and DESCENDENTS, combined with a juvenile and exuberant freshness!

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AUDACITY- Counting The Days/Mind Your Own Business - 7"+MP3 - SUICIDE SQUEEZE

click to enlarge Limited edition of 500 copies. Contains a new Punk smasher by these young and ecstatic guys from Orange County, California. On the flipside is a cover-version of the DELTA 5 classic hit-tune "Mind Your Own Business". The same song had been covered by LE SHOK many years ago, and actually there are quite a few similarities between AUDACITY and LE SHOK...

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click to enlarge Brandnew album (12 songs) from California Punk-Rockers! Full-on blasting smashers, like a perfect combination of Bubblegum-Pop and snotty raucous Punk-Rock with an adrenalin overdose! lP comes with download-code included.

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AUDACITY- JuvaJive - 10"+MP3

click to enlarge The first recordings by AUDACITY from 2007, previously only released on cassettes. Now for the first time on vinyl! Full-color jacket, insert, download-code. 9 awesome raging songs, sounding like a juvenile thrashing version of the early REDD KROSS... Split-release from CUT-RATE and BURGER RECORDS.

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click to enlarge Garage-Punk thrash smash at its BEST! New full album by these Californian kids. No description necessary. If you're into totally cool and catchy rocking, fun-filled and recklessly youthful, vital and non-pretentious, energetic music, then this must be right up your alley. Black vinyl, with HUGE poster included!

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