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API UIZ- Peplum - LP - RED WIG

click to enlarge Experimental Post-Punk from Bordeaux/France, in a similar vein as bands like the EX, DOG FACED HERMANS and ORCHESTRE TOUT PUISSANT MARCEL DUCHAMP. 7 tracks, all purely instrumental but with lots of variation, inventiveness and a colourful Punk spirit. Energy, joy and tension.

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COOLHAVEN- Rode Pruik - 10" - RED WIG

click to enlarge Limited edition of 300 copies, 10"vinyl combined with a 24-page comicbook, featuring artwork by Johannes van de Weert, former singer of RONDOS. Rotterdam's COOLHAVEN performing cover-versions of the RONDOS and TANDSTICKORSHOCKS, combining the minimal Punk style of the late 70s with Gabber-Hardcore-Beat, typical for Rotterdam in the 90s. And it works brilliantly! Not only a great tribute resp. homage to their hometown, doing more than justice to the originals. Couldn't find a link to listen to, so you just have to believe me, it's not only an enormously enjoyable record, but also highly educational!

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click to enlarge Limited edition on opaque-pink vinyl! DAIKIRI is a drums and bass duo from Metz/France. Psychedelic noise and epileptic speed-funk. Recently on tour in France with MELT-BANANA, and previously released a split-7" with DON VITO, which you may give you an idea of their hyperactive eruptions. Also for fans of LIGHTNING BOLT and ARAB ON RADAR, if you can stand their comically high-pitched, screechy vocals.

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click to enlarge Reissue of dutch Post-Punk CLASSIC, originally released in 1989.

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HOWIE REEVE- Not So Secret Garden - LP - RED WIG

click to enlarge The 2nd full album by singer/songwriter from Glasgow/UK. Contains 13 new songs, mostly played with acoustic bass and his vocals, and sometimes with sparse additional instrumentation. References: Mike Watt, Elliott Smith.

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HOWIE REEVE- Smaller, Now - LP - RED WIG

click to enlarge Full album (14 songs) from Glasgow based musician (ex-TATTIE TOES), who recently released a single as a duo with Mike Watt. With his acoustic bass-guitar, simple percussions and vocals, he's making songs that somehow combine the music of Elliott Smith and Mike Watt... Limited edition of 300 copies in hand-screened cardboard-sleeve!

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click to enlarge Duo from Geneva/Switzerland: Simone Aubert (also in MASSICOT) on drums, guitar and vocals, and Vincent Bertholet (also in ORCHESTRE T.P.M.D.) on contra-bass and vocals. Calling their music "minimalist transpop pre-kraut post-disco", you get to hear an extraordinarily fascinating sound somewhere in between LIQUID LIQUID, A CERTAIN RATIO and NEU!/CAN... 9 songs recorded and produced by Tobias Levin.

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click to enlarge Great album by this guy from London. Filled with clever, catchy and witty, joyously upbeat and uplifting pop songs! Sounds smart and makes you feel good from start to finish. One song is called "Music In My Feet", and that's exactly what it sound and feels like.

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click to enlarge New 3rd full album (or 4th, when counting as well the PUSTOSTANY LP with guest singer Macek Salamon) by this experimental Math-Rock band from Wroclaw/Poland. 6 tracks, some of them with long playing-times between 7 to 10 minutes. Challenging sounds between avantgardistic No Wave, Free-Jazz inspiration and improvisational Rock deconstruction.

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KURWS- All That Is Solid Melts Into Air - n/a - GAFFER RECORDS / RED WIG

click to enlarge Full album by this band from Wroclaw/Poland, released in a limited edition of 500 copies with silkscreened covers and poster included. Skronking No Wave and jazzy improvisations meeting with progressive and experimental Noise-Rock. It's genre-defying, with lots of things going on... and it's done with guts, not at all as annoying head(ache) constructions.

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