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click to enlarge Highlights and lowlights from the first 10 issues of this UK fanzine. This book contains a huge selection of re-edited interviews, reprints of original pages, a couple of rants, and far more, often with the sarcastic tone the fanzine had become famous for. A hefty softcover book with over 340 pages (A4 size). Included are interviews with Killing Joke, UK Decay, Hüsker Dü, The Fall, Nick Cave, Alternative TV, Leather Nun, Coil, The Damned, Crass, Virgin Prunes, Sonic Youth, Portion Control, Big Black, and many more! Illuminating a segment of a culture now long gone and never to be repeated...

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click to enlarge First full album by this band from Olympia/Washington, featuring former members of the VEXX. Contains 12 tracks of their bright and enthusiastic music, inbetween Power-Pop and Punk. References? Swell Maps meet Buzzcocks in the late 80s American Indie scene... Limited edition of 500 copies in a fullprint cover, packed in a silkscreened polybag, with insert and download-code included.

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New Release! PORRIDGE RADIO- Rice, Pasta And Other Fillers - LP(COL.) - MEMORIALS OF DISTINCTION

click to enlarge Repressed due to popular demand, the first album by this band from Brighton/UK, fronted by the amazing singer/songwriter Dana Margolin. Originally released in 2016, forerunner to their immensely successful "Every Bad" album, containing 10 tracks. Now available again in a limited edition pressed on clear vinyl, including download-code.

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click to enlarge *Back in stock!* Brilliant debut album by this band from Boston. Perfectly balanced and bouncy anthemic tunes. Combining Post-Punk angularity and instantly catchy New Wave Pop. Absolutely charming and gorgeous. If you need references, let's say somewhere in between the influences of AU PAIRS/PYLON and GIRLS AT OUR BEST... LP comes with lyric-sheet and download-code included.

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New Release! GENERICS- Cost Cutter - 7"+MP3 - FEEL IT RECORDS

click to enlarge Early Teenage Punk band from West Virginia. These kids had released just one single in 1983, and the local newspaper enthusiastically wrote "Everyone has heard of The Clash, Generation X, and the Sex Pistols. Someday, The Generics may be just as famous." Well, that never happened, but at least it may give an idea what these kids sounded like. This expanded and remastered reissue contains two more tracks additionally, and comes with insert and download-code included. Limited edition of 400 copies (and actually already sold out with the label).

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New Release! ZITS- Back In Blackhead - LP - FEEL IT RECORDS

click to enlarge Rare 1981 Teen Punk from Virginia/USA. THE ZITS had released just one single in 1981, "Sick On You" that became a Killed By Death/Bloodstains cult classic. This LP contains the tracks from the single, plus 7 more songs (previously unreleased, due to band's split soon after). Includes an UNDERTONES cover-version, and that band was pretty obviously one of their main influences. Pressed on black vinyl, comes with full-color innersleeve, sticker and download-code included.

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New Release! WALTER FROSCH- Diskothekenbesitzer - LP

click to enlarge A project by two members of YC-CY, guitarist Mike and singer Rune. In a completely different style than YC-CY, it's classic and anthemic Synth-Wave Pop, fully orchestrated and perfectly delivered. And despite the bandname and title of the album, all 8 songs are sung in English. References may range from the COMSAT ANGELS to JOY DIVISION or DEPECHE MODE, but due to it's swiss origin it may be best compared to GRAUZONE and MITTAGEISEN. Limited edition of 100 copies only, in super-stylish screenprinted sleeves (black on silver cardboard), with lyric-sheet included.

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New Release! BRUCH- Kohlhaas/I Surrender - 7"+MP3 - FETTKAKAO

click to enlarge New single by BRUCH aka Philipp Hanich from Vienna. Contains two exclusive tracks, not on the forthcoming full album (on CUT SURFACE/TROST RECORDS): A really cool cover-version of the ADVERTS song "I Surrender", that sounds as if SUICIDE were interpreting it. And "Kohlhaas", with no less hit-appeal, reminding me with its dry and dark approach of NEW ORDER/JOY DIVISION.

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New Release! FREISPIEL- Introversion - CD - FIDEL BASTRO

click to enlarge New (fourth) CD, 10 tracks with a full playing-time of 47 minutes. In a kind of retro-futurism Stephan Mensger aka FREISPIEL explores and interpretes the Elektronic Music from the 70s to 90s. An hommage and tribute to the "Berlin School" (Klaus Schulze, Edgar Froese, Ash Ra Tempel, Harmonia, etc.). At times orchestral, sometimes joyful, then contemplative and cosmic, lush and harmonic. A trip into soundscapes pretty different from his previous CD trilogy (and 7").

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New Release! METZ- Atlas Vending - LP - SUB POP

click to enlarge New and fourth full album by Noise-Punk trio from Toronto/Canada, marking another step forward and development of their sound and style. Massive, intense, paranoid, dynamic and dissonant, almost Industrial sounding Noise thunder paired with energetically rocking song structures. Black vinyl pressing, with huge poster included!

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