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New Release! LICE- It All Worked Out Great - LP - BALLEY RECORDS

click to enlarge Post-Punk band from Bristol with their first album, released on the IDLES label BALLEY RECORDS. And with the 8 songs on this LP (download-code included) they prove to be one of the most unique, excitingly awesome and genuinely deranged new Punk bands these days: They sound like a Psychobilly band on speed, with a touch of BIRTHDAY PARTY, the CRAVATS meet the CRAMPs, and fronted by an outstanding singer.

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New Release! SNAIL MAIL- Lush - LP - MATADOR

click to enlarge Following her fascinating debut "Habit" (on SISTER POLYGON), here's a new full album by young singer, songwriter & guitarist Lindsey Jordan and her band. Features 10 new songs. Charming (or "lush" as the album-title says) tunes making up a real Indie-Rock pearl. LP comes with printed innersleeve and download-code included.

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New Release! COLD LEATHER- Smart Moves - LP - ADAGIO 830

click to enlarge First LP by Berlins answer to bands like HYSTERESE or SHEER MAG... The first because of the female vocal style, the latter because of their pre-Punk style classic Rock riffage. Think of an upspeeded version of the RUNAWAYS, or similarly straight rocking stuff from the early 70s. LP packed in a heavy cardboard cover, with silkscreened insert.

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New Release! GHOST BAG & TINE FETZ - s/t - LP+ZINE - ADAGIO 830

click to enlarge A collaboration of musician Nick Jongen and illustrator/comic-artist Tine Fetz. 11 song vinyl and a 40-page risoprint zine, packed into a gatefold-cover (and with download-code included). Musically this is Indie-Folk Singer/Songwriter stuff, intimate and sincere, and the tender and touching songs are somehow reminiscent of Elliott Smith... Video:

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New Release! REGIONAL JUSTICE CENTER- World Of Inconvenience - LP - ADAGIO 830

click to enlarge No frills Hardcore mayhem from Seattle. 11 tracks with an average playing-time of about one minute. A sure treat for fans of bands like CROSSED OUT, INFEST, ORCHID, etc... Recorded by Will Killingsworth, with cover-artwork by Mark McCoy. LP comes with printed innersleeve and a download-code included.

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click to enlarge Die EP mit der offiziellen Hymne des Hamburger Subkultur Fun-Events. Jeweils einmal auf ihre eigene Art und Weise interpretiert und dargeboten von dem Musik-Kabarettisten NIK NEANDERTAL, den Krachmachern BOY DIVISION und dem Garage-Punk Duo CHEATING HEARTS. Video:

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New Release! BOY DIVISION- Bringing Home The Bacon - 7" - GLITTERHOUSE

click to enlarge New EP by this infamous band from Hamburg/Germany, delivering cover-versions of classics in their own unique and noisy destructive way. On this 7" you'll get to hear their versions of Some Place (NICK WATERHOUSE), Stayin’ Alive (BEE GEES), Mongoloid (DEVO), Losing My Religion (R.E.M.), and Panic (THE SMITHS).

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click to enlarge New full album by this Art-/Prog-Rock band from Chicago, existing now for more than 30 years and still suprising listeners. Features 8 new tracks expanding their sound, and exploring as well Kraut-Pop, Electronica and Hip Hop territory... LP pressed on splattered multicolored vinyl, packaged in a plasticbag with an underwrap obi-strip.

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New Release! AVALE- Incisives - 12" - SPECIFIC

click to enlarge Limited edition one-sided pressing, with laser-etched graphic on the backside of the vinyl! AVALE is a female twopiece from Metz/France. 6 songs on this vinyl-release, dominated by bass and drums, plus vocals, and occasionally some electronics sound added. Cold-waving Post-Punk songs, with beautiful vocals and superbly pumping bass-lines. You just gotta love it.

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New Release! AGO- Sun/Luzifer - 12"+MP3

click to enlarge Limited edition maxisingle of 300 handnumbered copies, finely packaged in a special die-cut sleeve, with lotsa stickers and a free download-code included! New band from Stuttgart/Germany, fusing modern Electronica and elements of New Wave, Post-Rock and a slightly experimental touch of Kraut-Rock. Spacey synth-sounds overlaying a pumping bass and driving beats, dynamically driving into epic spheres. B-side track is more upbeat, sounding almost like an 80s Synth-Pop hit, offering dulcimer, guitar and drums in the sound as well.

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