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New Release! BLACK DICE- Natty Light - LP(COL.) - JABS RECORDS

click to enlarge Collection of the complete early recordings (1998-2000), 18 songs, remastered, previously released as EPs on GRAVITY, VERMIN SCUM and TROUBLEMAN, all sold out since many years. BLACK DICE, hailing from the same camp as LIGHTNING BOLT, started back then with an uncompromising blend of Noise and Hardcore, ferociously wild and damaged! Limited edition of 500 on clear vinyl, exquisitely packaged in a tip-on style cover, with two inserts included.

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click to enlarge Limited edition vinyl-pressing of 418 copies, featuring the 7 tracks of first demo by the legendary Chicago No Wave girl trio. Super sharp, precisely focused and intense songs, totally original and immensely impressive. Exquisitely packaged in a tip-on style cover, printed innersleeve, with sticker and download-code included.

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New Release! MODESSA- s/t - 7"COL. - JABS RECORDS

click to enlarge Retrospective release by short-lived band from Portland, Oregon, existing for a few weeks in May 1999. Featuring Helen White (of PETTY CRIME), Amy Heneveld (EMERGENCY, MELTDOWN) and Ethan Swan (also EMERGENCY, later in SILK FLOWERS). Inspired by Christina Billotte's QUIX*O*TIC, the RAINCOATS, and their own bands... 4 tracks on side A, live-recording on side B, limited edition of 200 copies on white vinyl, with download-code included.

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New Release! ITSOFOMO- David Wojnarowicz + Ben Neill - 2XLP - JABS RECORDS

click to enlarge The document of multi-media performance, a collaboration of artist/writer/activist David Wojnarowicz with musician Ben Neill, presented live at New York City’s THE KITCHEN in 1989. Originally released on CD by NEW TONE RECORDS in 1992, now for the first ever on vinyl, with the addition of two previously unreleased tracks. Limited edition of 500 copies, packed into a thick gatefold-sleeve. A difficult and challenging, but powerful listening experience.

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New Release! VINTAGE CROP- Serve To Serve Again - LP(COL.) - UPSET THE RHYTHM

click to enlarge Limited edition on opaque-blue 180g-vinyl, with lyric-sheet and download-code included. The third full album by this Australian band, featuring 12 new tracks of their Art-Punk and Garage-Rock amalgam.

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click to enlarge Zweite Auflage der zweiten LP, mit neuem/verändertem Cover-Artwork.
Die 10 Songs der Platte knüpfen nahtlos an die "Hornhaut" EP von 2018 an. Jedes weitere Wort wäre Eulen nach Athen tragen... Selber hören und sehen:

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New Release! ZAP- Hardcore Magazin #156 - A4

click to enlarge Ausgabe Frühjahr 2021. Schwerpunktmässig geht's um das Thema Feminismus. In Interviews mit einer Thai-Boxerin, der ehemaligen Promoterin Nancy Barile aus Boston, einem Artikel von Diana Ringelsiep und Linus Volkmann, einer Frau vom Berlin Strippers Collective, der Porno-Darstellerin Lou Nesbit, u.v.m.

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New Release! DRY CLEANING- New Long Leg - CD / LP - 4AD

click to enlarge The highly anticipated first full album by this band from London. Another Avant-Post-Punk band, but an outstanding one, sounding like no others. It's feverish and dry cold at the same time. The AU PAIRS may come to mind as a reference (or "Songs Of The Free" period GANG OF FOUR, and a touch of G.vs.B.), but there's more to DRY CLEANING, with a sound, style and charm of their own. LP comes with a large fold-out insert and full-color print innersleeve.

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New Release! GRÜNER STAR- Hauptsache Es Bleibt Friedlich - LP - DIAN

click to enlarge Zweite LP der Hamburger "All-Star Band" (ex-SCHNELLER AUTOS ORG, DIE CHARTS, GRAF ZAHL, etc.). 12 neue Songs, treibend und harmonisch, zwischen Indie-Rock, Pop-Punk und Hamburger Schule. Perfekt in Szene von Mense Reents (GOLDENE ZITRONEN, u.v.m.). LP-Pressung auf fettem 180g-Vinyl, inklusive einem super-stylish chicen 24-seitigen Booklet (im Format 23x23cm) mit Texten und Artwork. Gratis-Download gibt's auch.

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click to enlarge 6-piece band from Berlin and Leipzig, featuring members of LIIEK, PIGEON, MELLIE and others. Started as a spontaneous improvisational collective, and turned into a band with a fixed line-up. The 6 tracks on their first vinyl release are mostly reminiscent of funky rhythmical, catchy and infectious Post-Punk (reminiscent of some early 80s UK bands), with occasional outbursts into improvisational and psychedelic territories. Insert and download-code included.

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