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Newest arrivals

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New Release! WORLD, THE - Reddish - 12" - MICROMINIATURE

click to enlarge THE WORLD is a revolutionary art-punk collective from Oakland/California, including Andy Human of the REPTOIDS, and members of the BEATKNIKS. This new Mini-LP follows their hot-great first LP (on UPSET THE RHYTHM), and is no less as exciting! 7 new songs making up to a spicey grooving, energetic and fun-filled No Wave dance-party. No imitation of their inspirators (think of ESG, DELTA 5, ESSENTIAL LOGIC), but sounds from the past catapulted into the future!

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click to enlarge Neue Wiener Band, ein Projekt hinter dem Clemens Denk steckt, der schon ein paar Veröffentlichungen auf dem Vorgänger-Label TOTALLY WIRED hatte bzw. in Bands wie DOT DASH, KRAFFTMALEREI, RABE mitwirkte. Man nimmt sich hier das Genre "Rock" vor, dekonstruiert es und lässt es als Experiment wiederkehren, versetzt Stil-Elementen aus Noise, Post-Punk, Jazz und Weill'scher Folklore. Die Musik so zerstümmelt und neu zusammengefügt wie die Texte. Instinktiv fühlt man sich vom ersten Ton an die GOLDENEN ZITRONEN erinnert und im Endergebnis klingt das Ganze (zumindest für mich) viel spannender als eine Band wie HUMAN ABFALL, die einen ähnlichen Ansatz verfolgt... LP kommt mit Download-Code.

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New Release! UT- Conviction - CD / LP - OUT RECORDS

click to enlarge Following the re-issue of their first two EPs ("UT & Confidential"), here's now the remastered re-release of the first full album by this radical (No)Rock/No Wave female trio, originally released in 1986. The initial pressing of 500 LPs comes with a special insert featuring linernotes by Stewart Lee, printed innersleeve (with photos and lyrics), and download-code. The CD contains as bonus-tracks the songs "Ampheta Speak" and "While I Wait", originally recorded in 1980 for a single that was supposed to be released on the LUST/UNLUST label.

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New Release! PRZEPYCH- Regresarabas - LP - RED WIG

click to enlarge A twopiece (bass resp. guitar and drums) from Wroclaw/Poland, hailing from the same camp as bands like KURWS, U.Z.S. and PUSTOSTANY. With a similar approach like the KURWS, but more use of samples, they are stretching the typical forms of Rock music. Highly rhythmic, with minimally reduced instrumentation trying to reach the maximum of expression. A kind of Jazz-Core reminiscent of THIS HEAT or the Avant-Prog bands called "Rock in Oppsition" in the late 70s.

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New Release! NOUVELLE VAGUE- Curiosities - LP - K7/KWAIDAN

click to enlarge Back in 2004 french producers Marc Collin and Olivier Libaux surprised the world with the NOUVELLE VAGUE project and their charismatic interpretations of New Wave and Punk classics in Latin-Pop and Bossanova style. For the 15th anniversary comes another album with 12 more cover-versions, including "Sweet Dreams" (EURYTHMICS), "Girl U Want" (DEVO), "Blank Generation" (RICHARD HELL), "Sex Beat" (GUN CLUB), and more...

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New Release! L'ETRANGLEUSE- Dans Le Lieu Du Non-Ou - LP - RED WIG

click to enlarge New full album by this twopiece from Lyon/France. In more than one way comparable to HYPERCULTE from Geneva, with Melanie Virot playing an electrified harp, and Mael Saletes on guitar, drums, and other instruments, both of them singing. 12 songs on this new LP, combining aspects of chamber-music alike Post-Rock with influences of African music!

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New Release! HYPERCULTE- Massif Occidental - LP - RED WIG

click to enlarge 2nd full album by Minimal-Trance-Pop Post-Disco-Krautrock duo from Geneva/Switzerland, Vincent Bertholet (ORCHESTRE TOUT PUISSANT MARCEL DUCHAMP) and Simone Aubert (MASSICOT). Playing bass and drums, sharing vocals, and adding lots of electronic patterns, they are producing fascinating songs, as hypnotically beautiful as mesmerizingly capturing. As great as the other bands bith are involved in, like a more experimental and modern version of LIQUID LIQUID, ESG or the SLITS.... From Geneva with love. 8 songs on this LP (including a funky groovin' cover of GRAUZONE's "Eisbär"), with printed innersleeve and download-code included.

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New Release! GILB- s/t 6Song-EP - 7"

click to enlarge GILB is a new Berlin based band, featuring ex- and current members of PRETTY HURTS, DELTOIDS and PIGEON. But completely different: Short, fast, loud. Early 80s Hardcore, thrashing and crushing. Flex your head. Total Punk. Ending with a surprise killer-track ("Bleak"). Limited handnumbered edition of 200 copies.

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New Release! TUNIC- Complexion - LP(COL.) - SELF SABOTAGE RECORDS

click to enlarge Exceptionally and outstandingly great Canadian Noise-Rock/Post-Punk band from Winnipeg, Manitoba. In a similar vein as the EXHALANTS or PINKO from the same label, these guys deliver a full-force attacking brand of Noise-Rock, combined with a Now Wave complexity (remember early Skin Graft releases) and the sheer power of early US-Hardcore. Most probably (or definitely?) the best band to come out of Winnipeg since the days of the STRETCH MARKS and PERSONALITY CRISIS... Limited edition on pink-marble-colored vinyl!

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click to enlarge Following their brilliant LP, the EXHALANTS from Austin/Texas deliver again! Aggressively attacking Noise-Rock thunder! And who the fuck are PINKO? Wow! Surprise, surprise! Never heard of this killer band before. Totally damaging Noise-fucking-Punk-Rock madness from San Antonio/Texas. Perfectly matching bands for a split, with two songs each from both.

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