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New Release! DRAGNET- All Rise For Dragnet - LP - POLAKS RECORDS

click to enlarge Previously released as a limited edition cassette on Australian label SPOILSPORTS RECORDS, now available as an extended vinyl-version (with 5 tracks added) via French label POLAKS RECORDS, which also released records from Oz bands like VINTAGE CROP and LYMES. And DRAGNET actually include a member of VINTAGE CROP, delivering pretty cool and smart Post-Punk ditties.

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New Release! FLOATIES- Now In Colour - 7" - POLAKS RECORDS

click to enlarge New 4Song-EP from these Australian dudes. A trip straight back to the frenetic and energetic Aussie Punk-Rock of the late 70s. Comes in 3D-print cover (with 3D-glassed included).

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New Release! MOTH- Machine Nation - n/a - POLAKS RECORDS

click to enlarge Another Australian band, self-described as "technological paranoid discordant robot rock" or "weirdo punk" from Melbourne. More or less the brainchild of Darcy Berry (member of GONZO and U-BAHN), with 4 manic and trashy DEVOesque songs, pretty much in a similar vein as bands like the USELESS EATERS.

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New Release! SLEAFORD MODS- Mork n Mindy - 7"COL. - ROUGH TRADE

click to enlarge A taster for their new album "Spare Ribs" coming in January 2021. "Mork n Mindy" features the Nottingham duo teaming up with highly acclaimed british newcomer Billy Nomates. The B-side contains an instrumental track by Andrew Fearn. Limited edition of 1000 copies on clear vinyl. For some reason, "History Repeating" by PROPELLERHEAD featuring Shirley Bassey came to my mind... ;-)

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New Release! SMARTS- Who Needs Smarts Anyway? - LP - FEEL IT RECORDS

click to enlarge Stunning debut-album by this band from Melbourne/Australia. They're like easily bridging the gap between quirky American New Wave (like DEVO or GEZA X) and rapidly fast-paced and frantic Punk (think of ANGRY SAMOANS). Maybe in a similar vein to what's being called "Egg Punk" (from labels like LUMPY RECORDS, TOTAL PUNK, etc.), but lot more refreshing, and with an original extension to that style and sound. LP comes with insert and download-code included. The SMARTS are playful, frenetic and fun, smart and a class of their own.

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New Release! MORWAN- Zola-Zemlya - n/a - FEEL IT RECORDS

click to enlarge Truly awesome and highly impressive album by MORWAN aka Alex Ashtaui from Ukrainia. It's dark and rhythmic Post-Punk, with a powerful Industrial sound (reminiscent of bands like the SWANS). But what makes it really special, is the sonic combination with ethnic sounds in the Slavic and Arab tradition. No surprise since Ashtauis roots are of half-Ukrainian/half-Arab origin. An exceptionally original album, expanding the genre, sounding like a futuristic Eastern Post-Punk mantra.

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New Release! MUTTER- Hauptsache Musik - 2XLP - D.E.G.

click to enlarge Wiederveröffentlichung des Meisterwerks von 1994. Ein Meilenstein der deutschen Pop-Geschichte. Zusätzlich zu den 21 Songs des Originals, gibt’s noch einen Download-Bonus mit Demos, Rough-Mixen und Live-Aufnahmen.

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New Release! FRIENDS OF GAS / LAFOTE- La Palma/Und All Die Hummeln - 7"COL.

click to enlarge Limitierte Split-Single auf farbigem Vinyl. Mit je einem neuen/exklusiven Stück der Münchner FRIENDS OF GAS, sowie von LAFOTE aus Hamburg. Erschienen auf dem KANT QUALITÄTSSCHALLPLATTEN Label, welches auch für die Split-7"s von POTATO FRITZ/HALMA und GEWALT/OFEN 8 verantwortlich war.

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New Release! F.E.I.D.L.- s/t - 7" - PHANTOM RECORDS

click to enlarge Nach SCHIACH noch eine bajuwarisch/österreichische Mundart-Punk Band auf PHANTOM. Genau genommen aus Wien - und in deren Dialekt steht ein Feidl wohl für ein Messer. Die 4 Songs der EP präsentieren sich denn auch als messerscharf, kompromisslos, grantig, sturer Brunz-Punk. Kommt nicht von ungefähr, dass die Platte vom gleichen Label veröffentlicht wurde das auch für PISSE zuständig ist...

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click to enlarge Die zweite Veröffentlichung der Leipzig-Wien-Connection. Dieses mal als Cassette, gefüllt mit 9 Stücken herrlich bizarr verrückten Post-Punk Schrägheiten.

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