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Newest arrivals

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New Release! HEAVY METAL- Live At The Gas Station - LP - TOTAL PUNK

click to enlarge New and fifth full album! Despite the (ironic) title, it's not a live album, but features 12 new studio-recorded songs. Straight rocking and infectiously catchy Garage-Punk, fun filled and adventurous, spazzy and witty. A pleasure party of serious nonsense.

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New Release! SMOKE BELLOW- Open For Business - LP / LP(COL.) - TROUBLE IN MIND

click to enlarge Excellent new album by this Baltimore/USA-via-Melbourne/Australia band. Contains 9 songs of perfectly balanced and beautifully arranged, experimentally minded minimalist Post-Punk and trippy Psychedelia. Lots of influences could be attested to their sound, ranging from ESG, RAINCOATS and LiLiPUT to the FLYING LIIZARDS and YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS, with nods to YO LA TENGO and Asa Osbourne (ex-LUNGFISH, ZOMES). And after all, there's a similarity in their approach to the SWEEPING PROMISES...
Available as standard pressing on black vinyl, or limited edition golden vinyl.

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New Release! AACKR- Almae - LP(COL.) - FIDEL BASTRO

click to enlarge Limited edition of 100 handnumbered copies only, colored vinyl, download-code and stickers included, printed innersleeve, and specially designed die-cut cover with additional relief-print! Following the cassettes, here's the first vinyl-release by this Noise-Post-Rock duo from Cologne/Germany (previously known as FITNESS). Mostly instrumental tracks, but also 2 songs featuring guest-vocalists, always delivered with an energetic punch and drive.

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New Release! AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS- Comfort To Me - CD / LP / LP(COL.) - ROUGH TRADE

click to enlarge New full album, containing 13 songs. Available on standard black vinyl, or limited edition orange-colored vinyl (both packed into gatefold covers), resp. as a digipak-CD.

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New Release! S:BAHN- Queen Of Diamonds - LP - POLAKS RECORDS

click to enlarge The return of post-punkish Garage-Rock band from Australia, almost 25 years after their previous releases. This LP contains 9 new tracks picking up where they had left off decades ago, with a sound & style that owes as much to WIRE and THE FALL as to PAVEMENT or the ARCHERS OF LOAF. Surely a good companion to their local fellows, like recently hyped AMYL & THE SNIFFERS, EDDY CURRENT, or TOTAL CONTROL...

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New Release! SET-TOP BOX- Max Headroom - 7" - POLAKS RECORDS

click to enlarge Limited edition of 200 copies! Latest EP from this mysterious Australian band/project, offering 4 gnarly and snotty hit-tunes, with a very high DEVO factor in style, plus some punked-up nods to KRAFTWERK and the CARS.

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New Release! WILD BILLY CHILDISH & CTMF- Where The Wild Purple Iris Grows - LP - DAMAGED GOODS

click to enlarge Latest full-length album by Mr. Childish and his Garage-Punk band. Contains 12 new tracks.

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New Release! LANDOWNER- Impressive Almanac - LP - BORN YESTERDAY RECORDS

click to enlarge The first album, originally released in 2016 as a cassette, and now finally put onto vinyl! The one that came before the fantastic "Blatant" and "Consultant" LPs, with 15 tracks already showing and representing what the band would be striving for and going to. Awesome, great, a must-have (if you don't own the cassette already...)!

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click to enlarge New full album by this fascinating collective from Geneva/Switzerland. Features 9 new and unique tracks, inheriting experimental Art-Rock, Dancefloor rhythms, Post-Punk, World Music influences, Brass band sounds, all put together to almost tribalistic hypnotical songs, organic and amazingly vivid. Beyond anything and anyone else. Coupled with lyrics raging against a world that is falling apart. LP comes with lyric-sheet and download-code included.

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New Release! WALTER FROSCH- Diskothekenbesitzer - LP

click to enlarge *Repress (75 copies only!) available now!*
A project by two members of YC-CY, guitarist Mike and singer Rune. In a completely different style than YC-CY, it's classic and anthemic Synth-Wave Pop, fully orchestrated and perfectly delivered. And despite the bandname and title of the album, all 8 songs are sung in English. References may range from the COMSAT ANGELS to JOY DIVISION or DEPECHE MODE, but due to it's swiss origin it may be best compared to GRAUZONE and MITTAGEISEN.

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