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New Release! SCHUBSEN- Sprachfetzen - 12"+MP3 - SWING DELUXE

click to enlarge Neue Mini-LP (6 Songs) der Band aus Nürnberg. Knackig treibender Post-Punk/Indie-Rock, musikalisch zwischen der alten Hamburger Schule (in der Tradition von OZSWMK und KOLOSSALE JUGEND) und Bands wie KARIES und DIE NERVEN. Auch textlich "Diskurspop", denn alle 6 Songs behandeln in wohlformulierter Weise das Thema Sprache, deren Wirkung und Macht, speziell in Zeiten von Social Media.
Einen Song (bisher) kann man hier hören:

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New Release! ALPHA HOPPER- Alpha Hex Index - CD / LP(COL.) - HEX RECORDS

click to enlarge Highly anticipated third album by this amazing band from Buffalo, New York. Contains 12 new tracks, blending the best aspects of Art-Punk, Hardcore, Noise-Rock and No Wave into their own frenetic style. A blazing wall-of-sound, vigorous and catchy, fronted by brilliant singer Irene. LP comes as limited edition, pressed on gold-haze vinyl, with lyric-sheet and download-code included.

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New Release! TV PRIEST- Uppers - LP - SUB POP

click to enlarge Following the IDLES and SHAME, here's the debut-album of Britains next big new thing in raging Post-Punk. All pretty cool, with quite a brilliantly satirical and (self-)ironic sense of humour, and a musical offering that's more diverse and multifaceted than the two previously named bands...
LP contains 12 songs on heavy 180g-vinyl, and comes with huge poster included!

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New Release! THING- Killwater - LP(COL.) - FONORADAR

click to enlarge Noise-Math-Rock from Gdansk/Poland. Originally released back in 2000 as a CDR on DEAD WATER MUZIC, now released on FONORADAR as limited edition on white 180g-vinyl. A heavy pounding rhythmic sound, obviously influenced by various Chicago bands, from SHELLAC to the Skin Graft camp...
Note: Cheap bargain price because LP-sleeves got slightly bumped on one corner during transport.

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New Release! NOTWIST- Vertigo Days - 2XLP - MORR MUSIC

click to enlarge New album and the first one in 7 years from german Independent-Rock icons. Iconic and independent in the truest sense of the words, as far as sounds and styles go. Three-sided vinyl release, with printed innersleeves and download-code included.

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New Release! FAMILIE HESSELBACH / DIE SACHE- Transmission - MC

click to enlarge Eine C90-Cassette mit den Mitschnitten des Doppelkonzertes zu Ehren und als Hommage an den verstorbenen Handke Hesselbach, Gründungsmitglied der Kult-Band und Tübinger Szene-Ikone. Auf der A-Seite die FAMILIE HESSELBACH, logischerweise ohne Handke (ersetzt durch Le Marquis/die Sache). Auf der B-Seite die mit den Hesselbachs in vielerlei Hinsicht und von Anfang an verbundene und verbandelte Tübinger Beat-Band die Sache. Alles in erstklassiger Soundboard-Qualität.

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New Release! GOAT GIRL- On All Fours - 2XLP - ROUGH TRADE

click to enlarge Following their debut-album from 2018, here's their 2nd album and it sounds completely different. Dreamy introspective and more experimental Indie-Pop/Rock, a Slacker sound with polyphonic vocals. 13 new songs split onto 4 LP-sides, packed in a colourful gatefold-cover and with full-color print innersleeves, lyric-sheet included.

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New Release! SLEAFORD MODS- Spare Ribs - n/a - ROUGH TRADE

click to enlarge Special packaging in die-cut cover and printed innersleeve. New full album, with Jason Williamsons rants and ironic comments summing up the year 2020 to Andrew Fearns minimalistically reduced but precisely effective arrangements. Observations on the state of british society and the fucked up world in general, Corona crisis, and last not least the Brexit. Contains 13 tracks, including two duets, with british Hip-Hop newcomer Billy Nomates and Amy of the Sniffers.

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click to enlarge *Repressed and back in stock now again!* The superb new album by this band from Massachusetts, whose "Blatant" LP was one of best punk-related albums in 2018 (and many years). A highly political album reflecting the recent state of the USA and world. The worst times often result into the most innovative artistic expressions, and here's one of the finest evidences for this thesis! Lots of references and comparisons could be drawn while listening to this album, from MINUTEMEN to the VAN PELT, from SWELL MAPS and the FALL to LUNGFISH and SHELLAC or MY DISCO...
But overall and in the end, this is an unique and mesmerizing album that stands on its own. Comes with two inserts (lyrics & graphic art) and download-code included.

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click to enlarge *Repress on clear 180g-vinyl* Following the great LPs by BERET, DROOL, and not to forget LANDOWNER's "Blatant", here's another fine gem from Chicagos BORN YESTERDAY RECORDS! Actually STUCK are from Chicago, and with the 11 tracks on their debut LP presenting a truly unique brand of angular and edgy Post-Punk/Noise-Rock. Could be described as a missing link between the styles and sounds of SHELLAC and LES SAVY FAV, with reminiscences to bands like the LITHICS and also LANDOWNER. Then as well in some moments of this album, bands like fIREHOSE or LUNGFISH come to mind... But after all, I can't really compare STUCK to anyone else – and that's definitely a good sign in my book, and making them something special. LP pressed on heavy 180g-vinyl, with lyric-sheet and download-code included.

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