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click to enlarge Neue Auflage des Hamburger Punk Klassikers von 1991, inklusive Download-Code!

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New Release! BAXTER STOCKMAN- Haul - LP

click to enlarge The second and final album by this Noise-Rock band from Helsinki/Finland. 10 tracks in a feverish and furious style and a sharp killer sound, pretty obviously and heavily influenced by the JESUS LIZARD... Released on FULL CONTACT RECORDS from Finland.

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New Release! BENCH PRESS- s/t - LP(COL.)

click to enlarge Limited edition on colored vinyl, with printed innersleeve and download-code. Praised by the label as a combination of SLEAFORD MODS with ART BRUT... Well, I didn't get that out of it. But it's a good Post-Punk album with a typical down under Rock influence - actually the band's from Melbourne/Australia), and the LP's a split-release from POISON CITY and SUBWAY RECORDS.

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New Release! BIJOU IGITT- Ich Wär So Gern Wie Du - LP(COL.) - PLASTIC BOMB

click to enlarge Zwei Jahre nach ihrer Mini-LP kommt von den Hamburger Meckerpunks das erste komplette Album. Zeitgemässer deutschsprachiger Punk, dem es gelingt die beiden Attribute "sperrig" und "schmissig" zugleich in sich zu vereinen. Rotes Vinyl, Vierfarb-Innenhülle, Download-Code und das bestechend einfache aber höchst effektvolle Cover-Artwork sollte auch nicht unerwähnt bleiben! Herrlich!

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click to enlarge Nachpressung des Hamburger Punk Klassiker von 1992. Nachfolger von ANGESCHISSEN und Vorläufer von DACKELBLUT, OAM HANDS, etc... Inklusive einer Bonus-7" mit 5 Stücken (zwei Sampler-Beiträge und drei Demo-/Proberaum-Aufnahmen) und einem Download-Code!

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click to enlarge Both bands from Hamburg/Germany covering JOY DIVISION's primordial classic in their own unique sound and style. First release from the Cyber-Punk rockers VENUS VEGAS since their 10" on FANBOY RECORDS back in 2001. And here's the video for BOY DIVISION's version:

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New Release! CHAIN AND THE GANG- Experimental Music - LP - RADICAL ELITE RECORDS

click to enlarge *release-date & available on September 29!*
Brandnew album by Ian Svenonius and the gang, here consisting of an all-star cast featuring ex- and current members of TYVEK, the GORIES, and more. And this new one is going competely opposite to the previous albums: No more minimum Rock’n’Roll in sound, but big, fat, bright and pounding. And don't get puzzled by the title of the album, actually it's more like a direct answer to experimental music and putting an end to it. And overall it's FUCKING GREAT!!!(LP with download-code included)

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New Release! CHEER-ACCIDENT- Salad Days - LP(COL.) - SKIN GRAFT

click to enlarge Remastered and for the first time on vinyl. Originally released in 2000. Progressive Math-Rock deconstructionists from Chicago. Limited first pressing on randomly multicoloured vinyl, packed with a wraparound obi-strip.

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New Release! COMING SOON- new releases - n/a - HARBINGER SOUND

FYI: The new NACHTHEXEN 7" and the 3rd LP by HEAVY METAL will be coming in here in the 2nd week of OCTOBER!

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New Release! EA80- Definitiv: Ja! - LP - MAJOR LABEL

click to enlarge Nach gut 6 Jahren mal wieder ein neues Album, 11 Songs. Nach einem "Definitiv: Nein!" nun ein klares "Ja!" – und wahrscheinlich ist es eine banale Aussage, dass diese neue Platte im Vergleich zum Vorgänger wesentlich offensiver und energischer wirkt...

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