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New Release! AND IT CREEPS IN- The Story Of Mankinds Most Terrifying Epidemic - 7"+MP3

click to enlarge Limited edition of 500 handnumbered copies on splattered multicoloured vinyl, with full-colour print innersleeve, packed into a full-colour print cardboard-cover, and download-code included! Contains 4 songs by this band from Siegen/Germany, powerfully blasting Post-Hardcore, influenced by AT THE DRIVE-IN and HOT WATER MUSIC...

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New Release! BASTARD DISCO- Warsaw Wasted Youth - LP - ANTENA KRZYKU

click to enlarge First full album by this band from Warsaw (obviously). Alternative Rock, who's sound seems to be equally influenced by mid-period era of Dischord (Shudder To Think, Fugazi) and Sub Pop's Grunge-era (in the mid-90s). 8 songs, delivered in an impressively energetic sound!

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New Release! CANDELILLA- Camping - LP+CD - ZICK ZACK

click to enlarge Neues Album (10 Songs) des Damen-Quartetts aus München. Vinyl inklusive der CD-Version! Kantig schroffer Post-Punk mit Referenzen an Bands wie X-MAL DEUTSCHLAND und MALARIA. Soundmässig spannend und schillernd, aber auch kühl und distanziert...

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New Release! CHAOS UK- One Hundred Percent Two Fingers In The Air Punk Rock - LP - HARBINGER SOUND

click to enlarge For the first time ever since 1993, a vinyl-reissue of this UK punk classic! Contains the tracks from the original 12" release, plus as bonus 7 tracks previously released on the split-LP with DEATH SIDE (on SELFISH RECORDS in 1993). Nicely repackaged in a deluxe gatefold-sleeve with lyrics printed on the inside.

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New Release! DOWNTOWN BOYS- s/t - LP

click to enlarge Vinyl-reissue of the debut recordings by this super exciting Punk band from Providence, Rhode Island. 10 songs recorded in 2012, prior to their "Full Communism" LP, and previously only available as self-made cassettes and CDR's. Released on RADICAL EMPATHY, with lyric-sheet and download-code included!

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New Release! DRACHE- Skeet Shooting - LP - REJUVENATION

click to enlarge First album (10 songs) by Noise-Punk band from Brussels/Belgium, packed into a 3-colors screenprinted cover! Their loud blasting No Wave attacks are heavily influenced by bands such as ARAB ON RADAR, DOOMSDAY STUDENT, EX MODELS, YOWIE, etc.!

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click to enlarge New trio from Washington DC with a unique moody Post-Punk sound, that's tense but also sensitive and intimate. Reminds of bands like MISSION OF BURMA, SONIC YOUTH and UNWOUND, as much as of BEAUTY PILL. Actually FLASHER is the follow-up band to the YOUNG TRYNAS (with a different bassist) who released a 7" on WHITE DENIM in 2015. LP comes with lyric-sheet and download-code included.

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New Release! HEAVY METAL- Smash Criticism Smash Optimism Smash Arachnophobia - LP - STATIC AGE

click to enlarge The 2nd full album by this Berlin-based band, who released one of the most outstanding Punk albums ("Anti-Music Anti-Sense Anti-You") last year. This new one features 13 more songs, and it's no less as refreshing and ecstatic as the first one. Lots of references could be named for their sound, from WIRE and ATV over URINALS and WEIRDOS to the early FLYING NUN bands... and more than that! But most of all, these guys are representing it with fun, style, a character of their own, and a great sense of (self-)irony.

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New Release! HENRY FONDA- Front Antinational - LP - NERDCORE

click to enlarge 2nd album by this band from Berlin, raging in no less than 15 minutes thru' 16 songs. Brutal Powerviolence combined with rumbling Hardcore-Punk. Short, fast and extreme. One-sided pressing with silkscreening on the backside, comes with printed innersleeve, huge A1-sized poster and sticker included!

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click to enlarge Double-LP reissue containing all early recordings by legendary Swiss all-female Punk/New Wave band KLEENEX resp. LiLiPUT! The tracks from all KLEENEX singles from 1978/79, from the first two LiLiPUT singles, plus official live-recordings and studio-sessions from 1980/81. 24 tracks in full. Absolutely essential classics!!!

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