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New Release! CUT CITY- Exit Decades - LP(COL.) - SPECIFIC

click to enlarge Official reissue of the first album by Swedish Post-Punk and Cold Wave band. Originally released in 2007 as a split-release on GSL and DELETED ART. Now repressed again in a limited edition of 500 copies on green-transparent vinyl, with printed innersleeve.

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New Release! DUSTBREEDERS- The Only House In Town - 12" - 213RECORDS

click to enlarge New release by legendary French Noise band, formed in Metz already back in 1988. Contains three extensively long tracks, with a full-playing time of about 25 minutes. Abstract free-form noise-drones of non-compromising avantgardism. For fans of DEAD C, HIJOKAIDAN, DNA, and the likes.

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New Release! EX-WHITE- Disco - MC - PHANTOM

click to enlarge Cassette from the solo-project by a member of german punk band RUSSE. 9 tracks of weirdo Garage-Trash-Punk with a geeky sense of humor.

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New Release! EXEK- Some Beautiful Species Left - LP - SDZ RECORDS

click to enlarge New and third full album by this band from Australia. A totally interesting kind of Post-Punk, defying any easy categorization. In similar vein as the POP GROUP, PIL, or Brian Eno used to work, EXEK use elements of Dub and Krautrock influences to create a postmodern sound. OUTHUD come to mind as well as a good comparison!

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New Release! FIX- s/t 7Song-EP - 7" - PHANTOM

click to enlarge Not to be confused with early T&G Hardcore band THE FIX, this is raging hot shit punk hailing from the same camp as bands like EX-WHITE, RUSSE, SCHIACH, etc... Sounds like totally shredding Garage-Punk with a healthy dose of an industrial Minimal Synth madness. Limited edition of 300 copies in silkscreened covers!

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New Release! FREISPIEL- Die Goldene Mitte - 7" - FIDEL BASTRO

click to enlarge Nach der famosen CD-Trilogie, jetzt endlich auch mal was auf Vinyl in Form von 5 neuen Stücken auf einer EP. Der Titelsong ist ein echter Underground-Pop Hit, irgendwo zwischen THE CURE und DER PLAN, mit großartigem Text. Die 4 anderen Stücke sind teilweise etwas "experimenteller" angehaucht (im Sinne der Früh-80er Kassettentäter), aber nicht weniger unterhaltsam und spannend! Produziert von PYROLATOR im ATA TAK Studio.

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New Release! GIRL BAND- The Talkies - LP - ROUGH TRADE

click to enlarge Four years after the debut ("Holding Hands With Jamie") comes the second album by Dublins finest! Contains 12 tracks of their highly unique and slightly experimental Post-Punk. A breathtaking and almost nightmarish affair, with its Industrial tinges, dark grooves and ripping guitar noises. Seems like these guys could've been mostly influenced by the BIRTHDAY PARTY... LP packed in a gatefold-cover, with printed innersleeve and download-code included.

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New Release! GIRLS IN SYNTHESIS- Arterial Movements - 7" - IN A CAR / X-MIST

click to enlarge Available now! An exclusive EP featuring three new and previously unreleased songs by UK's newest Riot-Punk sensation! Limited edition of 500 copies with lyric-sheet included. Killer stuff for fans of the IDLES, BIG BLACK, CRASS, or whatever.

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New Release! GIRLS IN SYNTHESIS- Pre/Post: A Collection 2016-2018 - LP - HARBINGER SOUND

click to enlarge *PRE-SALE – due to problems with pressing plant, delayed until October 21/2019*
Previously released (and sold out immediately) in a limited edition of 300 copies on LOUDER THAN WAR. Reissue with altered artwork. Contains 14 songs previously released on sold-out 7"s, plus the digital debut-single "The Mound/Disappear" for the first time ever on vinyl!

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New Release! GONG GONG GONG- Phantom Rhythm - LP - WHARF CAT RECORDS

click to enlarge A duo from the Beijing underground, with a unique sound and vision! Drawing inspirations from Bo Diddley to Cantonese opera, Desert Blues, Drone, Krautrock and Afro-Beat. Pretty much noncomparable.

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