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New Release! ATTWENGER- Drum - CD - TRIKONT

click to enlarge Sieben Jahre ist es her, daß das supergeniale Album "Spot" erschien. Drum wurd's Zeit für ein Neues. Für manche (wie uns) sind ATTWENGER eine der besten Bands der Welt, im deutschsprachigen Raum sowieso. Andere können damit gar nix anfangen. Vielleicht liegt's an der Sprachbarriere? Aber sei's DRUM. Hier attwengert es wieder vom Feinsten! 15 neue Stücke mit allem Drum und Dran.
LP-Erstpressung ausverkauft, Nachpressung kommt... CD aktuell lieferbar.

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New Release! AYUUNE SULE- Putoo Katare Yire - LP - MAKKUM RECORDS / RED WIG

click to enlarge Full-length album by member of KING AYISOBA's band. 9 tracks of modern (Afro-Beat) interpretations of Ghanas traditional Kologo music. Featuring collaborations with AFRICAN HEAD CHARGE, PRINCE BUJU, Frafra-Gospel singer FLORENCE ADOONI, and more.

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New Release! BSI- Sometimes Depressed...But Always Antifascist - LP(COL.) - TOMATENPLATTEN

click to enlarge Following the single, here's the first full album by this Synth-Wave/Indie Pop duo from Reykjavik/Iceland. An album split into two parts: On one side it's melancholic Dream-Pop, quietly and soft with an orchestral sound carrying the female vocals. On the other side there's upbeat and almost ecstatic Twee-Pop and Post-Punks anthems. Limited edition on violet-colored vinyl, with printed innersleeve and download-code included.

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New Release! E- Complications - LP - SILVER ROCKET

click to enlarge The new full album by "a band called E", now finally on vinyl. The trio from Boston consists of Thalia Zedek (UZI, LIVE SKULL, COME, etc.), Jason Sanford (NEPTUNE) and former KARATE drummer Gavin McCarthy. A special kind of Alternative Rock/Post-Punk, where songwriter qualities meet with an explosive energetic sound. Brings to mind comparisons with POLVO, SLINT, KARATE, FUGAZI and Bob Mould/HÜSKER DÜ... LP comes with insert and download-code included.

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New Release! EXHALANTS- Atonement - LP(COL.) - HEX RECORDS

click to enlarge Back in stock again! 2nd full album by this Noise-Rock trio from Austin/Texas. Contains 9 songs of crushing and banging, loud and heavy sonic attacks. SPECTACULAR!
Limited edition on solid forest GREEN vinyl, with insert and download-code included!

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New Release! FLACCID KNOB- Mit Schwung In Die Zukunft - LP - QUALITY MUSIC

click to enlarge First LP by this Berlin based project, and the second release on the QUALITY MUSIC label, following the JOHN PAUL GEORGE RINGO & RICHARD/VICTOR Split-LP – and similarly minded bizarre stuff. Weirdo-Minimal-Electronics, somewhere between the RESIDENTS, der PLAN and FELIX KUBIN, experimental in a joyously and non-pretentious way. Limited edition of 175 copies, with insert and download-code included.

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click to enlarge The 5th album now. While last years "Introversion" CD was more in an experimental Kraut-Rock vein, this one is again more into the Synth-Pop, New Wave and Indie-Rock mix, somewhere in between KRAFTWERK and THE CURE. But all 15 tracks are purel instrumental, and quite a lot of moments reminiscent of the Australian duo CIVIL CIVIC.

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New Release! GIRLS IN SYNTHESIS- Shift In State - 12"+MP3 - HARBINGER SOUND

click to enlarge *Special exclusive RSD release. Limited edition on multi-colored (grey/white) vinyl!*
Features 5 new tracks of fully blasting Killer-Post-Punk, once again proving GiS to be one of the most forward-thinking and exciting bands in these times. Even expanding their sound, with elements that could be described as "CLOCK DVA meets KILLING JOKE on the edge of the apocalypse". Comes with a printed innersleeve, and download-code included.

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New Release! GOLDKANTE- Ohrfeigenlandschaft/Lockdown Lovers - 7"+MP3 - FETTKAKAO

click to enlarge Ein Projekt alter Bekannter aus Österreich. Ehemalige Mitglieder von u.A. TARGET OF DEMAND, SEVEN SIOUX, STRAHLER 80 und KURORT bieten zwei kraftvolle Songs zur aktuellen Lage der Gesellschaft (Texte auf Deutsch), bei denen auch hier die Dischord-Einflüsse wie bei ihren früheren Bands deutlich hörbar sind. Die Single kommt mit Textblatt und Download-Code als Beilagen.

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click to enlarge Remixed and remastered reissue of this CD, originally released in 2008 by this band from Hamburg featuring Stephan Mensger (aka FREISPIEL) on bass and vocals. 9 tracks of solid Indie-Rock with a relaxed atmosphere, in the vein of bands like BUFFALO TOM, NADA SURF, with nods to David Bowie and John Lennons late BEATLES...

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