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E- Any Information - 12"+MP3 - SILVER ROCKET

click to enlarge Contains 6 new tracks by a band called E, featuring guitarist extraordinaire Thalia Zedek (UZI, LIVE SKULL, COME, etc.), Jason Sanford (NEPTUNE) and Gavin McCarthy (KARATE). Triple E: Ecxiting, Enthusiastic, Excellent!

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E- Complications - LP - SILVER ROCKET

click to enlarge The new full album by "a band called E", now finally on vinyl. The trio from Boston consists of Thalia Zedek (UZI, LIVE SKULL, COME, etc.), Jason Sanford (NEPTUNE) and former KARATE drummer Gavin McCarthy. A special kind of Alternative Rock/Post-Punk, where songwriter qualities meet with an explosive energetic sound. Brings to mind comparisons with POLVO, SLINT, KARATE, FUGAZI and Bob Mould/HÜSKER DÜ... LP comes with insert and download-code included.

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click to enlarge Formerly known as EDIE SEDGWICK, the solo-project of Justin Moyer, but now a full line-up band with 3 additional ladies. I guess it comes close to the truth saying that they are like a more rocking and funky, tropical pop-influenced pendant to CHAIN AND THE GANG... Musically speaking.

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click to enlarge Limited pressing on red/gold splattered vinyl, with download-code included. Third full-length album by this Electronic Rock resp. experimental Post-Punk duo from Baltimore. 10 tracks produced by Dan Deacon. In their finest moments sounding somewhat like a modern reincarnation of SUICIDE, and then again sometimes like the SIMPLE MINDS... But overall a fine album.

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EDIE SEDGWICK- Love Gets Lovelier Every Day - 7"+MP3 - DISCHORD

click to enlarge Full album by Justin Moyer's (ex-EL GUAPO/SUPERSYSTEM) alter ego, but released as 7"vinyl with 3 songs, and the full album (11 tracks) as download-coupon! No longer a solo-project, actually recorded with the support of tons of musicians from DC. And it's really cool, go check it out at
Roughly said, it's less synthetic sounding like his previous releases, and more organic as with EL GUAPO and SUPERSYSTEM.

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click to enlarge Features an exclusive song by EDIE SEDGWICK aka Justin Moyer (ex-EL GUAPO, SUPERSYSTEM), supported by Basla Andolsun (ANDALUSIANS, ex-BEAUTY PILL) and others. A totally cool and great Indie-Disco-Punk hit! On the other side, ARAN EPOCHAL is the solo-project of Adam Nenadal, bassist of the Czech Post-Rock band GNU! And his contribution is kind of in the same vein, and almost as great! And the single comes nicely packed in a thick cardboard-cover!

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EDIE SEDGWICK- Things Are Getting Sinister And Sinisterer - LP - DISCHORD

click to enlarge Limited edition on orange vinyl, including a free download-coupon) by the alter ego of Justin Moyer (ex-EL GUAPO, SUPERSYSTEM and ANTELOPE). 10 tracks dealing with his/her obsession for celebrities, with tracks titled “Mary Kate Olsen”, “Angelina Jolie”, “Rob Lowe”, Anthony Perkins”, and more... If you can think of SUPERSYSTEM meeting with the likes of GENE DEFCON or SSION, then you're close to what this sounds like. All cool, funny and funky!

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EFFECTS- Eyes To The Light - n/a - DISCHORD

click to enlarge Debut-album by new trio from DC, featuring Devin Ocampo on vocals and guitar. He used to be in bands like FARAQUET, MEDICATIONS and SMART WENT CRAZY, and with all this namedropping you'll get an idea where the sound of the EFFECTS is coming from and going to... LP with 9 songs, produced by J. Robbins, with download-code included.

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EGG HUNT- Me And You/We All Fall Down - 7" - DISCHORD

click to enlarge Repress of this great classic single, recorded by Ian Mac Kaye and Jeff Nelson in 1986. Musically this was already a forerunner to the sound of FUGAZI.

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click to enlarge 2nd full album by this really original band from Washington DC - 12 more songs with their unique take on experimental electronica-rock, with influences ranging from DEVO, SUICIDE and KRAFTWERK to RUN DMC, AFRIKA BAMBAATA and TOM WAITS... (LP out of print. Only available as CD)

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