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S.O.A.- First Demo 1980 - 7"+MP3 - DISCHORD

click to enlarge This EP contains the 8 songs S.O.A. recorded at Inner Ear Studio in December 1980. Two of the songs ("Disease" and "Stepping Stone") made it on the FLEX YOUR HEAD compilation, and "Gonna Have To Fight" was included on their "No Policy" EP. All other 5 tracks remained unreleased until now! Seven months after these recordings, singer Henry Garfield changed his name to Rollins, joined BLACK FLAG, while the other members went on to play in bands like FAITH, IRON CROSS, etc. - Download-code included!

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SAD NEUTRINO BITCHES- Weltraumendspurt - 7" - PHANTOM

click to enlarge After 4 years, a new release by the SAD NEUTRINO BITCHES from Jena/Germany. 4 Songs, influenced by American Garage-Punk like GORIES, OBLIVIANS, and all the CRYPT stuff, meeting with crazy Deutsch-Punk à la NOVOTNY TV. Sarcastic lyrics, sung in german by a singer with an extremely high-pitched voice... Limited edition of only 200 copies!

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SATANIZED- Technical Virginity - CD - SKIN GRAFT

click to enlarge First full album by this bizarre band from Philadelphia! Hyper-actively wild, metal-damaged and freaky Noise-attacks. Like a bastard mix of JESUS LIZARD, AIDS WOLF and LIGHTNING BOLT. Avantgarde-Metal? Hard to swallow!

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click to enlarge New and third full album by London based Punk band. 12 tracks coming like a hurricane of non-stop Post-Punk crushers. The hectical high-intensity of bands like ARAB ON RADAR combined with the typical british Pop-sensibility. LP pressed on heavy 180g-vinyl, comes with lyric-sheet and download-code included!

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click to enlarge 2nd full album by these four ladies from London. In the same way as on their debut ("Silence Yourself"), this LP is accompanied with a manifesto, describing the context of their messages. Contains 10 songs of their unique style, mixing influences from Post-Punk, New Wave, Psyche- and Post-Rock, paired with Siouxsie-like vocals. Impressively perfect sounding, and bit more rocking than on their debut. LP packaged in deluxe gatefold-cover, and with download-code included!

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SAVAGES- Silence Yourself - LP - MATADOR

click to enlarge SAVAGES are four ladies from London, reconstructing late 70s/early 80s Post-Punk (think of GANG OF FOUR, BANSHEES, AU PAIRS and COMSAT ANGELS) for the 21st century. Pretty impressive sound, really tight and with an enormously kicking and punchy bass. LP comes with download-code included.

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SAVAK- Beg Your Pardon - n/a - TAKEN BY SURPRISE

click to enlarge Limited edition on clear vinyl, with lyric-sheet and download-code included. The third full album by this bands featuring ex-members of the OBITS, HOLY FUCK, ENON, etc. Their sound is influenced by a wide variety of styles, ranging from 60s Psychedelia, over Post-Punk to Indie-Rock and jangly Guitar-Pop.

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click to enlarge The music of this Austrian band is based mostly on piano, drums and vocals, with the addition of electronical elements. Just like their label-mates JAKUZI'S ATTEMPT, this is as well a highly eclectic affair. Not as heavy though, more in the vein of bands like SIGUR ROS or APHEX TWIN...

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click to enlarge Fully freaked out Synth-Punk! Odd, wild, manic, absurd, crazy, demented, and way fucking cool overall!!! Total schizos! Be sure to check this out!

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SCHNELLER AUTOS ORGANISATION- Noch Mehr Hoffnung Für Noch Mehr Menschen - LP - DIAN

click to enlarge Die letzten noch erhältlichen Exemplare!
Das zweite Album (11 Songs) der Hamburger. Treibender Punk-Rock mit intelligenten deutschen Texten, einer Verwandtschaft zu Bands wie DACKELBLUT oder TURBOSTAAT, aber durchaus eigenständig. Könnte man auch zwischen ROBOCOP KRAUS und EA80 einordnen!

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