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XADDAX- Counterclockwork - LP - SKIN GRAFT

click to enlarge First album by ex-DAZZLING KILLMEN/COLOSSAMITE/SICBAY guitarist/vocalist Nick Sakes with Chrissy Rossettie (drums/electronics). But it sounds like nothing Nick Sakes has done before: 10 songs of hot-wired Noise-Punk/Hardcore, soaked in feedbacks, hard hitting drums, and with a fierce aggression. Pressed on multi-colored vinyl.

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click to enlarge This new EP brings two new frantic No Wave crashers from XADDAX (ex-DAZZLING KILLMEN) and two newly mixed and mastered tracks from MY NAME IS RAR-RARís final recording session in 2003. RAR-RAR was a spastic No Wave band from Chicago (in a similar vein as ARAB ON RADAR), existing for three years, featuring ex-members of the FLYING LUTTENBACHERS and HELLA, and including Chrissy Rossettie of XADDAX. This EP comes packaged in a reversible silver foil cover and full color backing card.

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XETAS- The Redeemer - LP - 12XU RECORDS

click to enlarge First full album by this Punk-Rock trio from Austin/Texas. It's heavy rocking and catchy, filled with hooks, adrenaline-fired and blasting at you with a wall-of-sound. There's a certain affinity to SWAMI bands like RFTC and the HOT SNAKES here... 10 songs on vinyl, with download-code included.

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XYZ- Artificial Flavoring - LP - MONO-TONE RECORDS

click to enlarge 2nd full album from Franco-American twin brothers Ian Svenonius (MAKE-UP, CHAIN & THE GANG, ESCAPE-ISM) and Didier Balducci aka Memphis Electronic. 12 sexy and glamorous dancefloor rockers, made with analog synths, fuzzy guitar and drum machines. Highly recommended for fans of SUICIDE, and Ian Svenonius in general.

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click to enlarge The first and FANTASTICALLY GREAT album (10 songs) from the collaboration of Ian Svenonius (CHAIN & THE GANG, ESCAPE-ISM, MAKE-UP, etc.) with Didier Balducci aka MEMPHIS ELECTRONIC. French pressing, released in 2014.

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