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VOID- Sessions 1981-1983 - CD / LP - DISCHORD

click to enlarge A collection of previously unreleased and rare tracks by one the most influential Hardcore bands of all times!!! This album includes all 20 tracks recorded in November 1981 at Hit&Run studio, all never before released. Plus 10 tracks recorded in December 1981 at Inner Ear studio (including the songs that ended up on the "Flex Your Head" compilation and "Condensed Flesh" 7"). Additionally 2 out-takes from the recording session at Inner Ear for the split-LP with FAITH, and 2 live-tracks recorded in 1983. 34 tracks in full by this noncomparable classic Hardcore legend! (LP comes with download-code included)

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New Release! VOID- split with FAITH - LP - DISCHORD

click to enlarge DC-HARDCORE CLASSIC!!! LP comes with download-coupon.

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click to enlarge Limited edition of 100 pink cassettes, with download-code included. New project of Ana Threat resp. The Boiler, delivering the soundtrack for the post-industrial deserted wasteland. Electronic landscapes made with synths and metallic beats. Cassette contains 3 tracks with a full playing-time of almost 14 minutes.

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VOLX- 4Song-EP - 7"

click to enlarge Limited edition of 300 copies with variously colored silkscreened sleeves! French duo (guitar, drums and vocals) from Marseille with 4 tracks of manically rocking No Wave in an abrasive and angular sound. Like being equally influenced by early Chicago No Wave Noise-Rock as by bands such as ARAB ON RADAR.

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VOODOO JÜRGENS- Ansa Woar - n/a

click to enlarge Anti-Folk, oder besser Anti-Austropop, voller Witz und Charme, bzw. diesem unvergleichlichen und unwiderstehlichen Schmäh! Poetische und zugleich tiefgründige Milieu-Studen, gesungen im Wiener Dialekt. Sowas wie ein Georg Kreisler der Post-Rock Generation. Die LP kommt mit Download-Code, einem Riesenposter, die Texte sind zum allgemeinen Verständnis auch abgedruckt – und der Titel hält was er verspricht (Ansa Woar = Einserware)! Hier gibt's das Video zum Mega-Hit der LP:

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VORTEX REX- J'ai Perdu Mon Coeur - Remixes - 12" - SEAYOU RECORDS

click to enlarge Limited edition vinyl featuring 4 various remix-versions of their hit-song “J’ai Perdu Mon Coeur”, remixed by B.FLEISCHMANN, TNT JACKSON, OTTO VON SCHIRACH and HAWNAY TROOF!

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click to enlarge 2nd release by this crazy duo from Vienna/Austria! Totally nice and charming LoFi-Pop, mostly played with guitar and drums, but also some additional little things. Sounds like BEAT HAPPENING in a URINALS- or JAD FAIR-like sound! 12 tracks, supported by members of GO DIE BIG CITY, PAPER BIRD and others on some songs!

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VORTEX REX- Short Attention Span - CDEP - FETTKAKAO

click to enlarge Threepiece from Vienna playing 6 songs of minimalistic & primitive No-Wave-Punk, rumbling in a very trashy, but sympathetic way! Played with guitar, drums and xylophone – Kinda fun!

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VOW- Cypress/The Light - 7"+MP3 - OUR VOLTAGE

click to enlarge Limited edition on mint-green vinyl, nice packaging and download-code included. VOW is a Berlin-based duo with Linda Wölfel, formerly in RHYTHM KING AND HER FRIENDS. Beautifully arranged poetic songs. Harmonic vocals, piano and electronics.

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