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New Release! DRIVE LIKE JEHU- Bullet Train To Vegas/Hand Over Fist - 7"+MP3 - MERGE RECORDS

click to enlarge Originally released in 1992, with two exclusive songs, after their first LP and before 2nd LP "Yank Crime". Now reissued as a "30 year anniversary" edition, with download-code included.

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click to enlarge Following LANDOWNER's "Blatant" LP, here's the second release from this Chicago-based label, and it's another totally unique and outstanding record! DROOL (from Chicago as well) play intense Post-Punk, with a stripped down (it's just a twopiece, drums and guitars/vocals) and warped sound, as if JOY DIVISION got aggressively re-interpreted by a SONIC YOUTH influenced Noise-Punk band. Really cool! 12 songs on vinyl, with insert and download-code included!

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click to enlarge Horror-Punk in a LoFi-Garage-Trash vein. Supposedly from San Diego... Maybe from Vienna? I don't know. B-movie twang time.

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DRY CLEANING- New Long Leg - CD / LP - 4AD

click to enlarge The highly anticipated first full album by this band from London. Another Avant-Post-Punk band, but an outstanding one, sounding like no others. It's feverish and dry cold at the same time. The AU PAIRS may come to mind as a reference (or "Songs Of The Free" period GANG OF FOUR, and a touch of G.vs.B.), but there's more to DRY CLEANING, with a sound, style and charm of their own.

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click to enlarge Limited edition of 330 copies! Features 16 songs by this male/female guitar-and-drums duo. Recorded from 2002 to 2005, and all previously unreleased. Minimalistic Garage-Pop, sounding like VELVET UNDERGROUND-influences mixed with the sound and style of 60s-girl-group SHAGGS.

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DUDS- Immediate - LP - RED WIG

click to enlarge The 2nd album by this fantastic band from Manchester/UK, following their already amazing debut "Of A Nature Or Degree" (released on CASTLE FACE). 12 new tracks with a more honed and refined sound. Still based on the caustic Post-Punk (like early 80s greats such as the FIRE ENGINES), combined with the No Wave Funk-Punk hybrid of LIQUID LIQUID and/or the BUSH TETRAS. And reminiscent of legendary british band THE HIGSONS from the early 80s (or Bristols SOEZA from the 90s). After all a really unique take on Post-Punk, with a definite dancefloor appeal! And a perfect addition to the RED WIG label-roster, alongside similarly minded bands like MASSICOT and O.T.P.M.D. -

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click to enlarge Features one track each from both bands. Emoll-Punk by DUESENJAEGER from Osnabrueck/Germany, often compared to bands like MUFF POTTER or TURBOSTAAT. And a Post-Punk-Crust mixture from Seattle's COUNTDOWN TO ARMAGEDDON, reminiscent of early KILLING JOKE and AMEBIX.

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DULAC- Four Summers - 7" - SIC(!)LIFE RECORDS

click to enlarge Limited edition EP from this german band, with a previous album released in TAKEN BY SURPRISE. Features 3 hits, perfect in time for summer. A mix of Post-Punk and Powerpop, and some more influences maybe... all tuneful, upbeat and catchy. References that struck me the most while listening: REPLACEMENTS, ELVIS COSTELLO and a bit of THE JAM.

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DUMP- Hypocrite Dance - LP(COL.) - FONORADAR

click to enlarge Reissue and for the first time on vinyl, early Noise-Rock pioneers from Poland, originally released on tape in 1994. DUMP were the "house-band" of the OUTside label, which licensed cassette-versions of releases from Sub Pop, AmRep and Glitterhouse in the early 90ies. And this will give you an idea by which sound and style DUMP were influenced... Limited edition on orange-black marble colored vinyl!

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DUSTBREEDERS- The Only House In Town - 12" - 213RECORDS

click to enlarge New release by legendary French Noise band, formed in Metz already back in 1988. Contains three extensively long tracks, with a full-playing time of about 25 minutes. Abstract free-form noise-drones of non-compromising avantgardism. For fans of DEAD C, HIJOKAIDAN, DNA, and the likes.

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