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Newest arrivals

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New Release! LAWN- Bigger Sprout - LP / LP(COL.) - BORN YESTERDAY RECORDS

click to enlarge A duo from New Orleans with psych-inspired Art-Rock. Their sounds could be from swinging London in the 1960s, but has a modern feel to it. American Powerpop like the BYRDS filtered thru' a MISSION OF BURMA of Flying Nun Records influence. Available on black or coke-bottle clear vinyl, with lyric-sheet and download-code included.

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click to enlarge Sort of a SPECIAL INTEREST side-project: A female trio including their guitarist Maria Elena, with 8 songs mixed by Ruth Mascelli (synthesizer and beats for SPECIAL INTEREST). Crazy distorted and feedback-soaked No Wave Noise-Punk rebellion, released as a limited edition cassette version, with a little risoprint poster featuring lyrics and graphics.

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New Release! MINOR THREAT- s/t (Singles) - LP(COL.) - DISCHORD

click to enlarge Following the blue pressing, here's now the latest version, pressed on silver vinyl and gray-colored cover-artwork.

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click to enlarge With their third album, SPECIAL INTEREST from New Orleans have signed to a big label (Rough Trade aka Beggars Group) and most probably their incredible sound, based on heavy beats and Punk, nonconformistically flirting with all kinds of influences (from Art-Rock over New Wave to Dance and Rave) in a non-compromisingly wild and exciting way, will finally get the recognition they deserve!
Available on black and yellow vinyl, packed into a gatefold-cover with poster included. Or as cheaper CD-version...

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New Release! WHY BOTHER?- Lacerated Nights - LP(COL.) - FEEL IT RECORDS

click to enlarge The second full album (following "A Year Of Mutations") by this band from Iowa. Classic American Punk-Rock, meandering between Killed By Death style and Synth-Wave. Definitely nothing "new", but delivered with a verve and rowdy catchiness that you rarely get to hear and giving the band an original character. 12 tracks, available on white vinyl, both with lyric-sheet and download-code included.

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New Release! XYZ- 5 Stars - 12" - MONO-TONE RECORDS

click to enlarge Following two LPs (in 2014 resp. 2018) here's a new limited edition EP by the transatlantic duo of Ian Svenonius (ESCAPE-ISM, CHAIN & THE GANG, TOO MUCH) from the USA, and Didier Balducci from France (DUM DUM BOYS, NON!). Fuzz guitars, analog synths, drum machines. Groovy glam, sexy soul! Dancefloor rockers! FIVE hits on one 12", a "5 Stars" EP.

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New Release! VILLAGES- Excessive Demand - LP(COL.) - IT'S ELEVEN RECORDS

click to enlarge Post-Punk/Experimental/Synth-Pop trio from Saxonia/Germany. Indie-Art-Rock with unusual drum grooves melting various influences, from LCD SOUNDSYSTEM or the german band PTTRNS, with nods to the BATTLES, into their sound and offering lots of facets from fragile and cold synth waves to catchy pop-songs with a driven tension. Limited edition on opaque-yellow vinyl.

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New Release! CASUAL DOTS- Sanguine Truth - LP(COL.) - IXOR STIX RECORDS

click to enlarge The CASUAL DOTS are Christina Billotte (AUTOCLAVE, SLANT 6), Kathi Wilcox (BIKINI KILL, etc.) on vocals and guitars with drummer Steve Dore. Their music can be shortly described as Garage-Punk with Pop influences. The new LP "Sanguine Truth" contains 10 tracks, produced by Guy Picciotto, and pressed on colored vinyl.

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click to enlarge Finally 2nd pressing available!!!
The superb new album by this band from Massachusetts, whose "Blatant" LP was one of best punk-related albums in 2018 (and many years). A highly political album reflecting the recent state of the USA and world. The worst times often result into the most innovative artistic expressions, and here's one of the finest evidences for this thesis! Lots of references and comparisons could be drawn while listening to this album, from MINUTEMEN to the VAN PELT, from SWELL MAPS and the FALL to LUNGFISH and SHELLAC or MY DISCO...
But overall and in the end, this is an unique and mesmerizing album that stands on its own. Comes with two inserts (lyrics & graphic art) and download-code included.

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