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NISEI- Continents - CD / LP - BCORE

click to enlarge 2nd album by this band from Barcelone with 10 tracks of their Post-Rock/Post-Hardcore in the vein of bands like SLINT, HOOVER, KARATE, Q AND NOT U, etc... Now since the days of AINA there had been quite a few bands from Barcelone playing this kind of music, but what sets NISEI apart from all others, is that they’re singing in catalan(!) language, using a trumpet as a special element, and generally the tight sound of their recordings, being mastered by Bob Weston of SHELLAC! LP-version comes with a coupon for a free download of the complete album.

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NISEI- More Light - CD - BCORE

click to enlarge First full album by this trio from Spain, playing Post-Rock in the vein of bands like HOOVER, JUNE OF 44, SMART WENT CRAZY... 12 tracks with a playing-time of almost 48 minutes.

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click to enlarge Newest album by this Noise-Rock/Punk band from Barcelona/Spain – in the vein of JAWBOX/BURNING AIRLINES, and definitely their most aggressively rocking to date! 10 tracks/25 minutes.

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NUEVA VULCANO- Mano Izquierda/Predominio Del Sol - 7" - BCORE

click to enlarge New limited-edition single by this Spanish band, including ex-members of AINA! But while AINA always sounded pretty close to JAWBOX, this band seems to be more influenced by HÜSKER DÜ and SUPERCHUNK!

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PERSONA- Accident - CD - BCORE

click to enlarge Energetic Alternativ-Rock from Zaragoza/Spain, inspired by bands like MUDHONEY, KEPONE or (most of all!) JAWBOX... 13 tracks/39 minutes

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PUPILLE- Himnos Olimpicos - CD - BCORE

click to enlarge Instrumental Post-Rock in the vein of SLINT, etc... 6 extensively long tracks with a full playing-time of 41 minutes by this band from Barcelona/Spain

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QUALUDE- El Orden De Las Cosas - CD - BCORE

click to enlarge 2nd full album by this band from Alicante/Spain. 9 tracks of atmospheric and experimental Post-Rock, mixing influences from bands like June of 44, Slint and Shipping News, Smart Went Crazy) with Spacemen 3 or the Velvet Underground, and the devotion to Charles Mingus, Chet Baker or Miles Davis...

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SHIT S.A.- 1983-1985 - CD - BCORE

click to enlarge Anthology by one of the most original and extreme Punk-bands from the early 80s underground-scene of Spain! True cult in Catalonia! The band had never released a record during their existence, but some of their songs made it on international compilations like "Life Is A Joke" and MRR's "P.E.A.C.E."! This CD contains the only 7 studio-recordings, plus demos and live-stuff. 37 tracks in full, with a playing-time of over 75 minutes.

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SIBYL VANE- Turismo De Interior - CD / LP - BCORE

click to enlarge Full album by Girl-trio from Barcelona/Spain! 11 Pop-Punk songs in the same vein as bands like BIKINI KILL, BUTCHIES, SLEATER-KINNEY, etc. - but with lyrics sung in Spanish! NOW also available on LP!

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click to enlarge Early discography the FIRST spanish Hardcore-band ever! This is almost the same CD as the one released years ago on TRALLA RECORDS, but with different artwork, booklet and more songs: All tracks in full from their first demo in 1985, and both 12"s "Los Ojos De La Victima" from 1986 and "Hasta El Final" from 1988. 43 tracks in full, plus a link for a free download of 6 more songs!

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