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New Release! BULBUL- It's Like The Earth Is Angry - LP - ROCK IS HELL

click to enlarge Newest album by this constantly evolving and experimentally band from Austria, with their synthesis of Noise-Rock and Dance-Electronica. 14 tracks recorded in 2021 as one-take instant compositions with a spontaneous and vividly alive atmosphere. At some points slightly similar in a certain way to the latest GIRLS IN SYNTHESIS developments. Limited edition of 343 copies in silkscreened covers, with download-code included.

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New Release! MACAQUE REVUE- Beyond Infinity - LP - ROCK IS HELL

click to enlarge MACAQUE REVUE is a project of Andreas Heller (REFLECTOR) and Bernd Heinreich (MUSCLE TOMCAT MACHINE) from Graz/Styria, supported by singer Catrin Manoli. They call their experimental and abstract compositions „burning picture sounds and shining disco waves“. Ranging from instrumental sound-tracks with cinematic atmospheres to trance-like tracks with disco beats. For fans of dark and sinister Avantgarde-Electronica music. Released in a limited edition of 288 copies, with download-code included.

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New Release! ROLLSPORTGRUPPE- oder ohne - CD / LP

click to enlarge Limitierte LP in einer Auflage von nur 100 handnummerierten Exemplaren, aufwendige Covergestaltung mit viel Handarbeit! Wie der Name schon andeutet, hat die Band eine Affinität zum Skaten. Aber Skate-Punk ist es deswegen nicht... Im Prinzip deutschsprachiger Punk-Rock, aber insgesamt sind die 14 Songs stilistisch recht offen. Kleine Exkurse in Richtung harmonischer Heartcore, oder Rockabilly-Anleihen und auch sonst kommen rockige Elemente zum Tragen und kleine Gitarrensoli als Intermezzo rein. Rockiger Punk oder punkiger Rock? Vielleicht irgendwo zwischen TURBOSTAAT und STRASSENJUNGS... Jedenfalls haben die drei Herren aus Oer-Erkenschwick offensichtlich und hörbar Spaß am Spiel. (CD ist limitiert auf 50 Stück)

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click to enlarge Original Post-Punk from London! A collection of the band's material from 1979 to 1981. Their rare early singles, a Peel session, previously unreleased demos and outtakes. Contemporaries of bands like the GANG OF FOUR, the POP GROUP, SLITS or PIL. And for some reason I feel reminded of early CHUMBAWAMBA... Maybe because of the HAWAIIANS collective character, including various vocalists (female and male), and having a musically visionary approach, open to experimenting with sounds.
LP (with 14 songs) packed into a deluxe gatefold-jacket with download-code and a booklet featuring extensive band-history, linernotes and photos included. CD contains as bonus 8 more tracks (included on the download-card as well).

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click to enlarge New full album by Swiss band located in Berlin. They're playing in their own league, and it could be called "absurdist DaDa-Noise-Punk" or something like that. It's original, thrilling, raging, weird, experimental minded and fun filled. Remember when the BUTTHOLE SURFERS used to be a great band? SUDDEN INFANT are somehow on the same route... And the bass-playing reminds me strongly of NOMEANSNO. Guest-vocalist on one song here is Franz Treichler of YOUNG GODS!

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New Release! VINTAGE CROP- Kibitzer - CD / LP(COL.) - UPSET THE RHYTHM

click to enlarge Fourth album by this band from Melbourne/Australia. Their sharp and sarcastic Garage-/Post-Punk comes across tighter and harder hitting than ever before, while being enormously catchy and filled with hooks! LP on opaque-blue vinyl with download-code included.

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New Release! VOID FILL- Landfill History - CD - FOURTH DIMENSION RECORDS

click to enlarge Anglo-Canadian collaboration featuring Pete Davies of GAD WHIP. This CD is an album-collection of new recordings and previously digitally released EPs, with 14 tracks and almost 70 minutes playing-time.Sharp guitars meet spicey electronics with bouncing funky dance-rhythms. 80s Post-Punk meets the 90s Manchester Rave. References can be drawn from THE FALL, WIRE and PIL to NEW ORDER, PRIMAL SCREAM and ARAB STRAP. Catchy and hypnotic. Beautifully perfect music for these ugly times. Just like my favorite track "Insult Yourself".

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click to enlarge One hell of a killer PUNK record! The third and best album! A full-throttle non-stop relentless attack of manic Industrial Punk delivered with blasting Hardcore fury! A dystopian rollercoaster ride as the perfect soundtrack to be played at the soon to come apocalpyse and just fucking enjoying the desaster. Limited edition of 300 copies on white vinyl, and actually almost sold out with the label already!!!

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New Release! GRIZZLOR- Hammer Of Life - LP - HEX RECORDS

click to enlarge Second full album, with 11 songs by American Noise Rock power trio from Connecticut. Limited edition of 200 copies only on black vinyl. The sound of misanthropic doom and destructive rage, that can be described in short as a mean and evil version of SHELLAC or the JESUS LIZARD...

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New Release! LIANNE HALL- Energy Flashback - MC - RED WIG

click to enlarge A collection of 11 songs written and recorded by Lianne Hall from 2017 to 2022, who was most lately involved in the amazing LAVENDER HEX. Produced and mastered by Arnold de Boer (THE EX). And it's music that's as urgently beautiful and intimately beguiling as it can get!

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