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New Release! ALPHA HOPPER- Alpha Hex Index - CD / LP(COL.) - HEX RECORDS

click to enlarge Back in stock, some of the very last copies on GOLDEN-swirled vinyl!
Third album by this amazing band from Buffalo, New York. Contains 12 new tracks, blending the best aspects of Art-Punk, Hardcore, Noise-Rock and No Wave into their own frenetic style. A blazing wall-of-sound, vigorous and catchy, fronted by brilliant singer Irene.

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New Release! BULBUL- It's Like The Earth Is Angry - LP - ROCK IS HELL

click to enlarge Newest album by this constantly evolving and experimentally band from Austria, with their synthesis of Noise-Rock and Dance-Electronica. 14 tracks recorded in 2021 as one-take instant compositions with a spontaneous and vividly alive atmosphere. At some points slightly similar in a certain way to the latest GIRLS IN SYNTHESIS developments. Limited edition of 343 copies in silkscreened covers, with download-code included.

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New Release! CELEBRATORS- Wipeout!/Ex-Explorer - 7" - TOMOTHY RECORDS

click to enlarge NEW weird Mutant-Punk from Los Angeles, with a crushingly roaring sound! It's like DEVO meets the early ADOLESCENTS! Or the early MINUTEMEN.. Anyway something as fucking cool as that! Limited to 165 copies in risographed sleeve!

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click to enlarge New LP by this band from Austin, Texas, with 10 songs exploring new and more introspective territories. Post-Punk (in the sense of the Postcard Bands or BLUE ORCHIDS) with tender Pop-sensibilities. A delicate and lush production, graced with brilliantly melodic vocals. It sounds a bit as if the SWELL MAPS had added perfectly harmonic R&B arrangements to their songs. Can be filed as Indie- or Alternative-Rock, but it's really an alternative to Rock.

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New Release! CORIKY- s/t - CD / LP / LP(COL.) - DISCHORD

click to enlarge LP currently available on black or PINK vinyl!
The expanded version of the EVENS (Amy Farina and Ian MacKaye), with Joe Lally on bass. So at the same time, it's half of FUGAZI. Their first album contains 11 songs. LP comes with download-code included.

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click to enlarge First LP by band from Cincinnati, Ohio, operating on the border of Cold Wave and Post-Punk. Dynamic, tight, passionate and anthemic songs, led by singer Andie Lumans expressive and impressive vocals, sounding a bit like early Siouxsie or Lydia Lunch. Nine vibrant and instantly memorable cold tracks for a new dark age.

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New Release! DELIVERY- Personal Effects/Topic - 7" - FEEL IT RECORDS

click to enlarge Cool and sharp Post-Punk/New Wave from Melbourne, Australia, with female vocals, spiced up with horns, and powerful rhythms. Double-hit single released in a limited edition of 500 copies on black vinyl, with download-code included.

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New Release! DELIVERY- Sounds Of... - MC - FEEL IT RECORDS

click to enlarge Cassette containing the tracks from their recently released "Personal Effects/Topic" single, as well as the 4 songs previously released on the "Yes We Do" 7"EP on SPOILSPORT RECORDS.

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click to enlarge Another new discovery from PHANTOM, and once again a band from Leipzig/Germany. They call their music "Acid Yodel Country Post-Punk", and references are hard to find... Maybe like a CAPTAIN BEEFHEART on Punk, or the COUNTRY TEASERS with a Krautrock appeal. In any case this is special, weird and absolutely cool!

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New Release! FARAQUET- The View From The Tower - LP(COL.) - DISCHORD

click to enlarge Re-mastered and re-issued on LP, including mp3-download coupon! The only full album (9 songs) by the forerunner to the MEDICATIONS, originally released in 2000. Current pressing on GOLDEN colored vinyl!

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