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New Release! FREAKEES- Freakee Deakee - 7" - TOMOTHY RECORDS

click to enlarge From California, truly living up to their name with a totally freaky sound! Raw and intense, wild and abrasive-as-fuck! Total PUNK. While the A-side has three smashers in the vein of Egg-Punk or Devo-Core, the track on side B sounds like a distorted and mad version of Black Flag meets Flipper. Limited edition of 200 copies.

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New Release! GREEN/BLUE- Paper Thin - LP - FEEL IT RECORDS

click to enlarge New LP by this Minneapolis band around Annie Sprinkle (ex-SOVIETTES) and Jim Blaha (who used to be in the BLIND SHAKE). Dark glooming and booming Post-Punk/New Wave Pop, pulsating with energy and drive, and being enormously catchy. A sound and style that could be described as JAY REATARD meeting the WIPERS. And a listening joyride from start to finish!

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New Release! GRIZZLOR- Hammer Of Life - LP - HEX RECORDS

click to enlarge Second full album, with 11 songs by American Noise Rock power trio from Connecticut. Limited edition of 200 copies only on black vinyl. The sound of misanthropic doom and destructive rage, that can be described in short as a mean and evil version of SHELLAC or the JESUS LIZARD...

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New Release! LASSIE- Behold - LP - PHANTOM RECORDS

click to enlarge Das erste Album (13 Stücke) der Leipziger Party-Punks. Irgendwo zwischen den REZILLOS, DEVO und LOST SOUNDS. Hit auf Hit! Und ein ganz großer Spaß! Die LP kommt mit einem (nicht minder humorvollen) Beiheft.

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New Release! LIANNE HALL- Energy Flashback - MC - RED WIG

click to enlarge A collection of 11 songs written and recorded by Lianne Hall from 2017 to 2022, who was most lately involved in the amazing LAVENDER HEX. Produced and mastered by Arnold de Boer (THE EX). And it's music that's as urgently beautiful and intimately beguiling as it can get!

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New Release! MACAQUE REVUE- Beyond Infinity - LP - ROCK IS HELL

click to enlarge MACAQUE REVUE is a project of Andreas Heller (REFLECTOR) and Bernd Heinreich (MUSCLE TOMCAT MACHINE) from Graz/Styria, supported by singer Catrin Manoli. They call their experimental and abstract compositions „burning picture sounds and shining disco waves“. Ranging from instrumental sound-tracks with cinematic atmospheres to trance-like tracks with disco beats. For fans of dark and sinister Avantgarde-Electronica music. Released in a limited edition of 288 copies, with download-code included.

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New Release! MARAUDEUR- Puissance 4 - LP(COL.) - FEEL IT RECORDS

click to enlarge Repress on green-white-swirled vinyl, risoprint sleeve, inserts and download-coded included!
Five-piece all female franco-suisse band, currently residing in Leipzig/Germany (via Geneva via Paris), playing minimalistically reduced, but a joyful and creatively original style of Post-Punk. They're like descendants to bands like KLEENEX/LILIPUT, ESG, Y-PANTS, with adding a more abstract and futurist aesthetic to those influences, and a higher pop-appeal. There's not only similarities to MASSICOT and HYPERCULTE, but they're originating from the same Genevan scene. The LP contains 9 songs, with lyrics sung in english, german and french.

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click to enlarge Limited edition on citron-yellow heavy 180g-vinyl, with insert and download-code included. Oakland's Post-Punk supergroup THE WORLD have split, but members Amber Sorreno and Andy Jordan (aka Human) have formed this new outfit, including Alejandra Alcala of PREENING, and it sounds even better than the World. Otherworldly, so to say. 10 tracks of infectiously cool and dub-infused No Wave with funky danceable rhythms.

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click to enlarge A candidate for "Best of 2022" when it comes to Punk! This one blew us away right from start to finish! A spectacular cocktail of no-wavey Post-Punk, angular Hardcore and raging Punk, all coming together perfectly, always keeping things catchy and cool! Powered by the right dose of frustration and anxiety, excellent singer as well, and overall in an incredibly tight and powerful sound! Listen to "Halo", it's just one of the nine amazing songs here:
Check out all the other totally rad releases on TOMOTHY as well, by clicking here on the label name.

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click to enlarge Original Post-Punk from London! A collection of the band's material from 1979 to 1981. Their rare early singles, a Peel session, previously unreleased demos and outtakes. Contemporaries of bands like the GANG OF FOUR, the POP GROUP, SLITS or PIL. And for some reason I feel reminded of early CHUMBAWAMBA... Maybe because of the HAWAIIANS collective character, including various vocalists (female and male), and having a musically visionary approach, open to experimenting with sounds.
LP (with 14 songs) packed into a deluxe gatefold-jacket with download-code and a booklet featuring extensive band-history, linernotes and photos included. CD contains as bonus 8 more tracks (included on the download-card as well).

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