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click to enlarge New record from this Belgian trio with 5 tracks of their Synth-Punk. No guitar, no bass, just synthesizer, drums and vocals. Same line-up as the YOUNG GODS, but definitely more in a punk-rocking style, maybe comparable to bands like the SCREAMERS or UNITS. It's punchy, crunchy and catchy! Perfectly sounding like a long-lost gem from the early 80s...

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click to enlarge Limited handnumbered edition of 200 copies on heavy 180g-vinyl, packaged in handmade covers, making each copy a unique item! Features 3 extensive tracks by KRÄLFE, a duo from Berlin (whose next album will be released on MOTORMUSIC). Their Avant-Noise-Rock seems to be mostly influenced by SONIC YOUTH, with some spacey Kraut-Rock oddities mixed into it. On the other side, 7 tracks by the solo-project of Matthias Weishoff (PARTY DIKTATOR, TERRA FLOP, SNOB CLUB). What he calls "Noisy Listening" are rampant Noise-Punk songs and Electro-Wave experiments, that instantly reminded me of Martin Kircher's solo-projects KILLER resp. KILLERLADY... and

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click to enlarge Not exactly a band, but a collective of artists, using videos, performances, collages, exhibitions, installations, and last not least making music as well. This single features a Post-Punk meets Gypsy smasher on the A-side, like the FALL with a brass-section! While the B-side is a stupid tune sounding like Andrea Bocelli or Paul Potts... Ugh, bizarre!

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KREISKY- Meine Schuld, Meine Schuld, Meine Grosse Schuld - CD - WOHNZIMMER

click to enlarge Zweites Album der grossartigen Band aus Wien! Zwischen Indie- und Noise-Rock, mit deutschen Texten. Die frühen BLUMFELD, SURROGAT, die späten GOLDENEN ZITRONEN, stilistisch auch noch JESUS LIZARD (und nicht zu vergessen die neue TELEMARK LP) kann man als Referenz-Eckpunkte heranziehen. Die Band wurde bereits mit massenhaft Lob überschüttet und das kann man auf ihrer Webseite auch nachlesen:
LP auf fettem 180g-Vinyl, im chicen Klappcover und mit bedruckter Innenhülle

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KURT- La Guard - n/a - X-MIST

click to enlarge The 3rd album by southgerman power-trio KURT, one of the most intense and energetic Noise-Rock bands on the planet! 8 tracks here, totally AMAZING & BLAZING, all killer, no filler!!!

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click to enlarge Contains the songs "We Want Royals" and "Rat", previously released on the (SOLD-OUT!) split-7" with the POPULAR SHAPES - but completely remixed & remastered with a way better sound now! Plus 4 electronical dance-remix-versions: 2 different versions of "Black Cat", plus "Tricks On Dancing" (from the "La Guard" LP) and a remix-version of "Royals"! Cover comes with an extra-screenprint on front- and backside, limited edition of 500 copies!
Diese 12“ enthält die beiden Songs „We Want Royals“ und „Rat“, beide zuvor bereits auf der Split-7“ mit den POPULAR SHAPES in den USA veröffentlicht – allerdings komplett neu abgemischt und remastered! Auf der Rückseite sind dann 4 „echte“ Remix-Versionen zu hören: „Black Cat“ und „Tricks On Dancing“ (von der „La Guard“ LP) als BAM BAM BABYLON BAJASCH-Remixe, sowie ebenfalls „Black Cat“ und „Royals“ in ENDO-Remix-Versionen! Cover kommt mit Extra-Siebdruck auf Vorder- & Rückseite, limitiert auf 500 Stück!

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KURT- Schesaplana - CDR - X-MIST

click to enlarge Their 2nd full album! Noise-Rock at its BEST!
Since the manufactured CDs are TOTALLY SOLD-OUT, we are offering here a CDR, packed into the original, professionally printed digisleeve, including the lyric-sheet.

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KURWS- Alarm - n/a - RED WIG

click to enlarge Latest album by this band from Wroclaw/Poland. Features 6 more enhanced tracks of their dynamic and progressively experimental and instrumental Avant-Punk Free-Jazz.

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KURWS- All That Is Solid Melts Into Air - LP - GAFFER RECORDS / RED WIG

click to enlarge Full album by band from Wroclaw/Poland. Features 9 tracks of dynamic and progressively experimental and instrumental Avant-Punk Free-Jazz.

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