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click to enlarge Limitierte Auflage von 200 Stück auf unterschiedlich(!) mehrfarbigen Vinyl-Scheiben. Fast jedes Teil also ein Unikat... Neue Single der Hamburger Kult-Band. Auf der A-Seite die Studio-Version von "Grindcore Swing" (nomen est omen)! Auf der B-Seite ein 5-minütiger Live-Mitschnitt, natürlich gut 90% davon Schackes unvergleichliche Ansagen an das bescheuerte Publikum...

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click to enlarge Originalgetreue Nachpressung des deutschen Punk-Klassiker von 1982! Damals erschienen auf POGAR, dem Label des Berliner VINYL BOOGIE Ladens und Mailorders - die Band selbst kam aber aus Freiburg.

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HEARTPLAY- 002 - 12"

click to enlarge 2nd EP with 3 tracks (20 min. playing-time). Outstanding DIY psyche-house with analog recorded instruments. Raw, crisp and distorted, inventive and interesting! Falling in between categories resp. defying them. It's Leftfield, Noise, and Techno/House at the same time, and surely aware of pioneers like CABARET VOLTAIRE, THIS HEAT or NURSE WITH WOUND.

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HEARTPLAY- Telephone - 12"

click to enlarge First release, maxi-single with 23 minutes playing-time. Electronic DIY psyche-house music with live-recorded instruments. From Frankfurt/Germany, mastered at the famous ALCHEMY MASTERING in London/UK. White label record in a blank black cover, with handwritten insert.

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HEARTS OF DARKNESSES- Shit Fan Punx Get Busted - 12" - DELETED ART

click to enlarge 5 songs of twisted Electro-Pop, that sounds equally as catchy and dance-pop alike, as it is weird sounding and filled with spastic noises. Think of LCD SOUNDSYSTEM being part of the LoFi-trash scene, or NINE INCH NAILS interpreted in a JAPANTHER-style...

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click to enlarge Third full album, subtitled on the frontcover as "The Nietzschean Supermen of Dustbin Rock", and that's exactly what you get! A totally cool and truly ingenious punk-as-fuck smasher! 13 tracks of pure fucking madness. And it should be mentioned that each of their three LPs stands on its own, each one being a masterpiece in its own standards! This new one no less than the other two before! Cover with golden print, and golden vinyl as well!

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HEAVY METAL- Live At The Gas Station - LP - TOTAL PUNK

click to enlarge New and fifth full album! Despite the (ironic) title, it's not a live album, but features 12 new studio-recorded songs. Straight rocking and infectiously catchy Garage-Punk, fun filled and adventurous, spazzy and witty. A pleasure party of serious nonsense.

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HEAVY METAL- Smash Criticism Smash Optimism Smash Arachnophobia - LP - STATIC AGE

click to enlarge The 2nd full album by this Berlin-based band, who released one of the most outstanding Punk albums ("Anti-Music Anti-Sense Anti-You") last year. This new one features 13 more songs, and it's no less as refreshing and ecstatic as the first one. Lots of references could be named for their sound, from WIRE and ATV over URINALS and WEIRDOS to the early FLYING NUN bands... and more than that! But most of all, these guys are representing it with fun, style, a character of their own, and a great sense of (self-)irony.

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click to enlarge Berlin band celebrating their 10-year anniversary with their 5th album! Limited 180g-vinyl pressing including CD, packed into an exquisitely silkscreened cover on thick cardboard, handnumbered edition of 300 copies! A minimalistically reduced mixture of Psychedelica, Folk, Blues and Punk, in their own original way. Maybe something like the german answer to bands like the EX, DOG-FACED HERMANS oder MEKONS...? CD contains 5 bonus-songs additionally to the 9 LP-tracks.

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click to enlarge Full album, 14 tracks, released in early 2005.

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