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Newest arrivals

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New Release! BALLOND'OR- s/t - LP(COL.) - SPECIFIC

click to enlarge Supercatchy Japanese style Pop-Punk, taking you away from the very first second. A killer album raging thru' 14 songs. I'm not an expert in the "Pop-Punk" genre, but this one's pretty cool, sounding to me like a japanese modified frantic Whirlwind-Hardcore version of the TOY DOLLS. Limited edition on blue vinyl.

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New Release! DOUBLE JOB- Ohne Tanzen Planen - LP - MANGEL RECORDS / RED WIG

click to enlarge From Leipzig/Germany, featuring members of MARAUDEUR and others. Features 10 tracks of funky No Wave meeting early 80s tape-artist DaDa experimentation. Dissonant and grooving with a high-energy level at the same time. Lyrics sung in french and german, sometimes reminiscent of STEREO TOTAL, but with a crazier sound. Pretty unique and stimulating!

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New Release! J.G.G.- Temps Mort - LP(COL.) - CUT SURFACE

click to enlarge New full album by this Electronica artist from Barcelona (with lots of releases, incl. a previous 7" on CUT SURFACE as well). This LP is filled with 13 tracks to listen, relax and enjoy. Minimal Synth pearls with latin and tropical feelings, and lots of playful sounds added. Limited edition pressing of 200 copies on transparent vinyl, with download-code included.

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New Release! LE SINGE BLANC- Gol-Goth Attack 3 - 2XLP - RED WIG

click to enlarge New full album by this band from Metz/France comes as double-vinyl set, featuring 9 extensive tracks recorded in collaboration with lots of friends. Their Avant-DaDa-Noise-Rock is experimental in a non-pretentious style, bizarre in a charming way. Something in between PRIMUS and the RESIDENTS.

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New Release! TICS- Group Therapy Product - LP - TOMATENPLATTEN

click to enlarge Third album by the TICS is less of a bands album release, but more of a collaboration with lots of guests, delivering vocals and ideas to their songs. Amongst the contributors are illustrous names like Martin Kircher (EA80), Micha Acher (NOTWIST), Becci Oehms (ALTE SAU), Peta Devlin, Thomas Mahmoud, PISSE Richard, and many more. Resulting into a stylistic variety to the kind of Post-Punk as inventive as once the MINUTEMEN used to be. Perfectly produced for vinyl (aka mastering) by Daniel Husayn – and each LP comes as a unique item, with handprinted sleeves, and a really huge poster-sized full-color print insert. Limited edition of 200 copies!

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New Release! YC-CY- Every Time I Close My Eyes - LP - ORDER05RECORDS / X-MIST

click to enlarge New full album from Swiss Noise-Avant-Rock band (or whatever label you may put onto this genre-defying sound). As with all their (three) previous albums, it's NOT more of the same, but always marking a step into new territories, and exploring new grounds.
This LP contains 8 tracks – and comes across almost like a concept-album, as a trip into the deepest and darkest hidden spaces of the mind. A soundtrack to the apocalyptic desaster of humanity. A monster in perfection, leaving you speechless. Limited edition of 200 copies with handstamped and stickered sleeves.

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New Release! COWBOY, THE- Riddles From The Universe - LP - FEEL IT RECORDS

click to enlarge New third full album by these guys from Cleveland/Ohio. Contains 13 new tracks of their anthemic, captivating and highly energetic Punk-Noise-Rock. Razorsharp and bright, and right to the point with each song clocking in at around 90 seconds. Packaged in a gatefold-sleeve with download-code included.

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New Release! OBNOX- Savage Raygun - 2XLP - EVER/NEVER RECORDS

click to enlarge Despite the releases from EVER/NEVER being extremely high priced (for whatever reasons), we finally decided taking a few copies of this one (as well as some newer releases like SPIRITUAL MAFIA and RIDER/HORSE). The latest album from the genius mastermind of Lamont Thomas aka OBNOX, featuring 20 blistering and blazing tracks of his incredible amalgamation of Punk, Psyche, Noise Rock, Soul and last not least HipHop. Outstanding as always!

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New Release! RIDER/HORSE- Select Trials - LP - EVER/NEVER RECORDS

click to enlarge Full album (11 songs) by collaborative project of SPRAY PAINT guitarist/singer Cory Plump and multi-instrumentalist Chris Turco (active in many bands, from PINES OF NOWHERE and OSWEGO to most recently YOUNG SKULLS). In short this could be described as SPRAY PAINT put into a BIG BLACKish sound, combined with industrial Cold Wave (like CLOCK DVA maybe). As expensive as it is, it's also as impressively good.

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New Release! SNAIL MAIL- Valentine - CD / LP(COL.) - MATADOR

click to enlarge Ever since the release of her debut „Habit“ (2016 on SISTER POLYGON RECORDS), singer/guitarist Lindsay Jordan has been praised as the new "wunderkind of Indie-Rock". Here's now the second full-length album of her band, featuring 10 new tracks of mesmerizing, emotional modern Rock ballads. Available as limited pressing on opaque-golden vinyl, or digipak-CD.

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