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click to enlarge Collection of previously unreleased studio recordings and practice space blastings from 1998-99 by this band from Seattle, who changed it's name to A FRAMES in 2000. And of course in these slashing, pummelling sonic Noise-Punk songs, traces of what made the A FRAMES such an outstandingly great band can be heard already!
15 tracks in full. Limited editions of 400 copies on black vinyl, with download-code included.

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click to enlarge First vinyl by this project of Ian Kurtis Crist from Seattle. The LP features 9 songs. A wonderful collection of textural, moody post-punk arrangements in an intriguingly differentiated production. References coming to mind are Glenn Branca, SONIC YOUTH, Lou Reed/VELVET UNDERGROUND, Jonathan Richman, or for a more recent comparison, the PREOCCUPATIONS.
Subtle, sophisticated, and with delicate elegance. Pressed on opaque-white vinyl!

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click to enlarge The 5th full album by this band from Macedonia. About 10 years ago they started with a sound, seemingly mostly influenced by GOSSIP and GANG OF FOUR. But meanwhile their Dance-Punk style has been enriched, inventively blending influences influences from Balkans folk music (with the use of brass sections), and even electro-tinged sounds of Detroit Techno. Lots of guest musicians were involved in the recordings, including Macedonias most popular rapper Volk Makedonski and Mike Watt playing the bass on one of the tracks. The final result is not really similar sounding, but comparable to the vision of Punk as with bands like THE EX.

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click to enlarge Contains 7 new songs by this band from Portland. 80s-inspired Hardcore, ultrafast and with a metallic touch. In a similar vein as bands like RKL used to be, kinda like mixed with the later ADOLESCENTS...

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BIG BLACK- Atomizer - n/a - TOUCH&GO

click to enlarge Repress of their classic first album from 1985! Remastered by Steve Albini and Bob Weston. Comes with insert and download-code included.

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BIG BLACK- Bulldozer - 12"+MP3 - TOUCH&GO

click to enlarge Finally repressed again! Their classic early EP, with 6 songs recorded in 1983. Remastered by Steve Albini and Bob Weston. Comes with the original huge poster, linernotes and download-code included!
Tracklist: A1) Cables A2) Pigeon Kill A3) I'm A Mess B1) Texas B2) Seth B3) Jump The Climb

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BIG BLACK- Hammer Party - CD - TOUCH&GO

click to enlarge Compilation containing the 18 tracks from their early EPs "Lungs" (1982), "Bulldozer" (1983) and "Racer-X" (1985)

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BIG BLACK- He's A Whore/The Model - 7" - TOUCH&GO

click to enlarge Single featuring cover-versions of CHEAP TRICK's "He's A Whore", and "The Model" by KRAFTWERK!

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BIG BLACK- Headache - 12"+MP3 - TOUCH&GO

click to enlarge Remastered by Steve Albini and Bob Weston, reissued again, and with a download-code as well! The EP originally released in 1987, as a follow-up to the classic "Atomizer" album. Tracklist: 1) My Disco 2) Grinder 3) Ready Men 4) Pete, King Of The Detectives

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BIG BLACK- Heartbeat - 7" - TOUCH&GO

click to enlarge 3Song-EP from 1987!

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