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New Release! OK SATAN- Fatal Insomniac - MC - PHANTOM RECORDS

click to enlarge Limited edition cassette (90 copies) with 7 songs by this duo from Copenhagen. Loud and rowdy LoFi-Trash Garage-Punk, with guitar/bass and vocals, driven by a drum-machine.

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New Release! PETER MUFFIN TRIO- Stuttgart 21 - LP - GLITTERHOUSE

click to enlarge Das Projekt von Julian Knoth (DIE NERVEN) ist seit der "Ich und meine 1000 Freunde" LP (TREIBENDER TEPPICH) zum Trio gewachsen, mit Bruder Philipp Knoth (KARIES) am Schlagzeug und Bassistin/Co-Sängerin Cali. 11 Songs zwischen räudig knarzigem Indie-Rock, art-schooligem Post-Punk und schwermütigen Noise-Rock Eskapaden. Gepresst auf 180g-Vinyl, mit bedruckter Innenhülle, verpackt in einem Klappcover. und

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New Release! PONYS AUF PUMP- Wirt Schon Wieder - LP - PHANTOM RECORDS

click to enlarge First full vinyl-album (following the split with B'SCHISSN). From Berlin, 12 songs of 80s-Style Punk/NDW, reminiscent of bands like HANS-A-PLAST, ÖSTRO 430 or ÄTZTUSSIS. Recorded by Brezel Göring. Comes with lyric-sheet included.

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New Release! THANK- Please - 10"

click to enlarge Not exactly new (released in Octboer 2019), but only discovered now: Awesome band from Leeds/UK. 10"vinyl with 4 tracks of brutally tense and violent Post-Punk with noisey manipulated synth-sounds and Disco-Punk drum patterns. Plus cool ranting vocals, with tragi-comic satirical lyrics. Their song "No Respect For The Arts" starts with the epochal line "punk music is bad, and the people that like it are idiots", eheh!

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click to enlarge Madame Psychosis is an artist from Vienna. On this limited edition cassette, there's 8 songs of truly intriguing and perfectly orchestral arranged Abstract Electronic music. With the Mantra-like style of her songs, she reminds me of MORWAN, but at the other opposite end of the spectrum: While MORWAN goes for a powerfully energetic Industrial drive, MME PSYCHOSIS delivers hypnotically dark atmospheres and melancholic harmonies. Comes with download-code included.

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New Release! MURENA MURENA- Take Care Of Me - LP - CUT SURFACE

click to enlarge New album full album by Daniel Murena from Munich and his companions and quite a huge step forward since the last album ("Shame Over" in 2016). Fantastic post-everything Avant-Electro-Pop, maybe somewhere in between ATTWENGER (minus their Folk influences) and the BAD SEEDS, or anything similar to that, or something completely different...? Words mean nothing, just take a listen:
LP contains 11 songs and comes with download-code included.

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New Release! GIRLS IN SYNTHESIS- Shift In State - 12"+MP3 - HARBINGER SOUND

click to enlarge *Special exclusive RSD release. Limited edition on multi-colored (grey/white) vinyl!*
Features 5 new tracks of fully blasting Killer-Post-Punk, once again proving GiS to be one of the most forward-thinking and exciting bands in these times. Even expanding their sound, with elements that could be described as "CLOCK DVA meets KILLING JOKE on the edge of the apocalypse". Comes with a printed innersleeve, and download-code included.

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click to enlarge *Back in stock again!* The latest full album (2018) by PARAMOUNT STYLES, featuring former GIRLS AGAINST BOYS members Scott McCloud and Alexis Fleisig, and continuing the GvsB legacy, along with Czech multi-instrumentalist Ondrey Jezek. The LP contains 11 new tracks, and comes with a download-code included!

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