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Newest arrivals

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New Release! OSTSEETRAUM- s/t - LP - ADAGIO 830

click to enlarge Limited edition vinyl release (300 copies) of the sold out cassette on MANGEL RECORDS. First album by Minimal-Synth Wave duo from Berlin. 9 tracks made with electronic beats, repetitive bass-and/or guitar-lines, spoken vocals, spiced up with weird and distorted bleeps and klonks. Reduced to the maximum. In the vein of the german early 80s tape-recording scene, and reminiscent of classic stuff like Daniel Miller's THE NORMAL. LP comes with insert and download-code included.

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New Release! AACKR- Bag Edition - MC - MÖRTEL SOUNDS

click to enlarge Limited handnumbered edition of 55 copies, exquisitely packaged in a screenprinted black cloth-bag, with sticker and linoprint poster included. The cassette contains 12 tracks by instrumental Noise-/Post-Rock duo from Cologne (formerly known as FITNESS). Sometimes reduced, sometimes attacking, and surely influence by SHELLAC...

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click to enlarge From the Munich electronic art underground. One one side 4 tracks from "pcn" (alias Christian Nothaft aka pcn AMBILOCO, DEMONUM), ranging from weird Electro-Post-Rock (reminding me of BRAINIAC) to experimental Kraut-Scapes and soundcollages. On the other side, Pöschl (founder of the electronic label ECHOKAMMER) reconstructing and editing obscure music pearls in a Bastard-Pop manner (inspired by the MINIATURES compilation on CHERRY RED RECORDS). LP comes with insert and CD-version included.

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New Release! OSEES- Metamorphosed - LP(COL.) - ROCK IS HELL

click to enlarge Limited edition (third) pressing on clear YELLOW vinyl. Another full album by the OSEES (aka THEE OH SEES or OCS). Contains 4 tracks on side A, and one track lasting over 23 minutes on side B. LP comes with printed innersleeve, download-code included.

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New Release! MARAUDEUR- Puissance 4 - LP(COL.)

click to enlarge Five-piece all female franco-suisse band, currently residing in Leipzig/Germany (via Geneva via Paris), playing minimalistically reduced, but a joyful and creatively original style of Post-Punk. They're like descendants to bands like KLEENEX/LILIPUT, ESG, Y-PANTS, with adding a more abstract and futurist aesthetic to those influences, and a higher pop-appeal. There's not only similarities to MASSICOT and HYPERCULTE, but they're originating from the same Genevan scene. The LP contains 9 songs, pressed in solid pink vinyl, with lyrics sung in english, german and french, nicely packaged with screenprinted sleeve and download-code included.

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New Release! LAVENDER HEX- Bunch Of Flowers - LP

click to enlarge The second installment from this Berlin based duo, featuring singer/songwriter Lianne Hall and musician Arndt (ex-MÜLLTÜTE). A diverse collection of 17 songs and sketches, homemade freeform-punk experimentations with sounds, voices and noises. In some aspects and moments reminiscent of Kathleen Hanna's first JULIE RUIN album.Mastered by Arnold de Boer (ZEA/THE EX). Limited edition of 200 copies, with 3-color screenprint sleeves!

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New Release! HOWIE REEVE / KUMIO KURACHI- Double Rainbow - LP - RED WIG

click to enlarge Collaborative LP featuring 9 new tracks by experimental punk troubadour and avant-folk musical ranter Howie Reeve from Glasgow/Scotland, with Andy Kerr (ex NOMEANSNO) playing guitar on all songs. On the other side his Japanese "brother in spirit" Kumio Kurachi, multi-instrumentalist/singer (and not to forget painter) with uniquely performed 5 compositions. Comparisons anyone? How about "Elliott Smith meets Mike Watt meets the Pop Group"...
Here's a pretty cool review: And here's listen to:

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click to enlarge Following the selftitled album on CUT SURFACE, here's 8 new tracks by the Berlin based (via Graz/Styria) duo. Synth-waving Post-Punk, bass-driven, sharp guitars, bouncing electronic beats, with a dark and cold atmosphere. Limited edition vinyl of 200 copies.

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New Release! STINKHOLE- Mold Encrusted Egg - 7" - MANGEL RECORDS

click to enlarge Berlin based band (from the FLENNEN camp) with their first EP. And I guess the title says it all: 7 songs of mold encrusted Egg-Punk... Noisy, weird, bizarre, and non-pretentiously but wild rocking.

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