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UNSTERN BEDROHT- Fields Of Rain And Snow - 10" - RETINASCAN

click to enlarge sound-architects from Cologne/Germany combining the atmospheric ambient-walls from the likes of MOGWAI with the epicness of GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR... 4 extensive instrumental-tracks on the 10", and one more on the enclosed CD!

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click to enlarge New band from Cologne/Germany featuring members of AIRPEOPLE and PTTRNS, and actually pretty similar in sound and style to the latter ones. Though a bit more experimental and electronic. If the PTTRNS are Cologne's answer to !!!, then URBAN HOMES are the equivalent to OUTHUD...

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URINALS- Negative Capability - n/a - IN THE RED

click to enlarge The complete early anthology, for the first time ever on vinyl!!! Contains all the tracks from their early singles, all compilation-tracks, and live-songs recorded at various locations from 1978 to 1981. 31 tracks in full on vinyl, and with download-code included! A true CLASSIC, and highly important piece in music history!!!

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URINALS- Next Year At Marienbad - LP - HAPPY SQUID

click to enlarge The URINALS are back again as version no.3. First there was the late 70s Post-Punk legend transforming into the 100 FLOWERS, then came the late 90s reunion resulting in the "What Is Real..." album from 2003, and now the first album from their third reincarnation, including two original members. Features 13 new songs, maybe closer to the 100 FLOWERS sound than to the original URINALS style... LP comes with download-code included!

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click to enlarge The first official URINALS live album, released 40 years after being recorded 1979 in Santa Barbara, featuring 22 tracks, including all their classics! Capturing the band at their early aggressive stage, pressed on red vinyl, packed into a gatefold-sleeve, with linernotes included.

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click to enlarge First full album from this American Punk band (incl. a member of the SEDIMENT CLUB), whose sound and minimalistic approach is not only alphabetically close to the URINALS... 10 bouncy bangers, with rowdy guitars, vocals, and machine-beats. LP comes with lyric-sheet and download-code included.

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click to enlarge Following the brilliant "Shame Spiral" LP from 2017, here comes the newest slab of vinyl by this Noise-Rock/Post-Punk band from London. In terms of hi-energy, full-on blasting sound, these guys remind me of the legendary SUPERCONDUCTOR. LP contains 12 new songs, comes with printed innersleeve.

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click to enlarge Full album by this german band that could be filed in between KARATE and NOTWIST...

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UT- Conviction - CD / LP - OUT RECORDS

click to enlarge Following the re-issue of their first two EPs ("UT & Confidential"), here's now the remastered re-release of the first full album by this radical (No)Rock/No Wave female trio, originally released in 1986. The initial pressing of 500 LPs comes with a special insert featuring linernotes by Stewart Lee, printed innersleeve (with photos and lyrics), and download-code. The CD contains as bonus-tracks the songs "Ampheta Speak" and "While I Wait", originally recorded in 1980 for a single that was supposed to be released on the LUST/UNLUST label.

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UT- UT & Confidential - 2X12" - OUT RECORDS

click to enlarge UT originated from New Yorks No Wave Scene, formed by three women in 1978, sharing a similar approach to music with bands like ESG, LIQUID LIQUID, BUSH TETRAS or Y PANTS. In 1981 the trio migrated to London, becoming a favorite of John Peel with their non-conventional collision of radical Rock, Free Jazz and Avantgarde. Not much of a surprise that the 7 tracks here were recorded by and with the support of Charles Bullen (THIS HEAT) and Tim Hodgkinson (HENRY COW resp. THE WORK). Originally from 1984/85 as co-releases from their own label OUT RECORDS and ROUGH TRADE, now remastered and available as a double-12" package with download-code included.

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