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BULBUL- Break! - 12"+MP3 - ROCK IS HELL

click to enlarge New release from Austrian, as an extraordinary 12" with special bonus. DaDa-Noise-Rock meets Electro-Avant weirdness. Massively cool! Exquisitely packaged in black/silver print gatefold-cover, black vinyl, one-time pressing limited to 300 copies. Including download-code and a special "hidden track" on vinyl. Yes, really, a hidden track on vinyl. You need to check closely to find out...

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BULBUL- Hirn Fein Hacken - 2XLP - ROCK IS HELL

click to enlarge 2nd pressing of the latest full album by legendary Austrian Noise-Rock band. True to their own tradition, these guys from Vienna just do what they feel like doing! So the 10 tracks (double-LP incl. download-code) can be hardly called "Noise-Rock", more as Dadaistic Indie-Rock and electronically deranged Post-Punk mixed with Industrial sounding Noise-Rock. Maybe somewhere in between ALICE DONUT, YOUNG GODS, DEERHOOF and ATTWENGER... Or just simply BULBUL. In any case, great album from a great band.
Limited edition of 297 handnumbered copies, with new (yellow) cover-artwork, pressed on yellow vinyls, and with download-code included.

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BULBUL- Wuk Out Of Orbit - 7" - ROCK IS HELL

click to enlarge Limited edition release of 300 copies on black vinyl, packed into a silkscreened 3-panel foldout cover. Features one long track, running over the 2 sides of the 7", by this longtime experimental Noise-Rock band from Vienna.

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BUNKER CITY- Sinn-Container - LP+CD

click to enlarge Following the mini-LP, here's the first full-length album (with 9 songs) by this german couple from Oldenburg. Limited edition of 100 copies, nice individual covers (stamped and handprinted), 8-page booklet and CDR-version of the album included. Post-Punk/WAVE, stylistically in between bands like SOFAHEAD and FLIEHENDE STÜRME, with a good portion of a JAWBOX influence. Lyrics partly in English and german, female and male vocals.

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click to enlarge Split-LP mit 6 neuen Songs des Oldenburger Ehepaares (Gesang, Bass, Gitarre und ein Drum-Computer) alias BUNKER CITY. Generell wirkt ihr Post-Punk hier wesentlich druckvoller und direkter nach vorne gehender als auf den beiden vorherigen Scheiben. BRACK, ebenfalls aus Oldenburg, liefern auch 6 Songs ab. Schnörkelloser Punk-Rock, geradeaus, schnell und hart und mit Mitgröhl-Refrains. Limitierte Auflage von 100 Stück, im handcolorierten Cover, inkl. Download-Code. Als weitere Beilage gibt’s noch ein Heftlein mit vier Kurzgeschichten. Also Musik und Literatur im Kombi-Pack.

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click to enlarge Australian import!!! First album by this Melbourne-based trio. "World" is a dense and stormy trip with 7 tracks of experimental Space- and Noise-Rock.

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click to enlarge The 2nd full album from Stuttgart's Noise-Rock trio. Contains 11 tracks, harder and heavier than on their first LP "Sports", but in the same SHELLAC, STNNNG, RYE COALITION and (probably mostly) JESUS LIZARD influenced sound and style! Available on 180g-vinyl, with CD-version of the album included!

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click to enlarge First album from Stuttgart's premier Noise-Rock band. 11 tracks in the vein of STNNNG, DRIVE LIKE JEHU, SHELLAC... Comes with 5 bonus-tracks added, not on the vinyl-version.

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click to enlarge Now available on VINYL, and with CD-version included! First album from Stuttgarts premier Noise-Rock band. 11 tracks in the vein of STNNNG, DRIVE LIKE JEHU, SHELLAC... Exquisitely styled packaging as well!

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BUZZ RODEO- Tour CDep 2016 - CDEP

click to enlarge Self-released CDep, containing the songs from their "Victoria" Single and from the split-10" with PERU. 6 songs in full.

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