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New Release! AUS- II - LP - STATIC AGE

click to enlarge The second album (10 songs) by this all-female band from Berlin. Cool and sinister Post-Punk with an almost ice-cold atmosphere and driving beats. Their style is heavily reminiscent of bands like X-MAL DEUTSCHLAND and MALARIA, but packed into strongly energetic and thrilling sound.

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click to enlarge Full on raging American Punk from Chicago, featuring members of CCTV and NEGATIVE SCANNER, including Jill Flanagan (also known as performance artist FORCED INTO FEMININITY), and fronted by awesome singer Anna Kinderman. Their vinyl debut is hot, intense, frenzied, speed-driven, and miles away from the thousands of Punk imitators flooding the world with their nostalgic mimicry... Limited edition of 400 copies, housed in a full-color risograph-printed sleeve and with a double-sided lyric insert.

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New Release! NEON LIES- Loveless Adventures - LP - CUT SURFACE

click to enlarge New third album by Dark-Electro project from Croatia. Minimal Synth-Wave tunes with urgent dance-beats. Could be filed in between DAF and DEPECHE MODE... LP contains 9 tracks, and comes with poster-sized insert and download-code included.

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New Release! P22- Human Snake - 12"+MP3 - POST PRESENT MEDIUM

click to enlarge Experimental Minimal-Art-Punk quartet from Los Angeles. Their music is Punk in a non-restrictive and open-minded way. Deconstructive, and exciting. Twisted, but tight. In the tradition or legacy of nonconformist bands like SACCHARINE TRUST, PLEBS, Arto Lindsay's DNA and James Chance, or NOH MERCY. Limited edition of 500 copies, 9 songs on vinyl, with download-code included.

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click to enlarge Released in the USA, but the band's from the UK, featuring ex-members of JOANNA GRUESOME, and fronted by the cool and sinister nurse Sniffany. So there's a few resemblances to AMYL & THE SNIFFERS. No Hard Rock influences though, but the 4 songs on their debut-EP are rattling, shaking and infectiously pure Pogo-Punk. Limited to 400 copies on black vinyl, in a full-color risographed sleeve with a two-sided lyric insert.

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New Release! TRAINER- Athletic Statics - LP - FIDEL BASTRO

click to enlarge First album by Noise-Rock band from Saarbrücken/Germany, out of the ashes of EX-NERVEN (who previously released already two albums on FIDEL BASTRO) and 2BAD... Repetitive hammering beats, screeching guitars with noisy outbreaks, stoic vocals, adding up to a well-trained Noise-Rock, informed by the likes of SHELLAC and early Skin Graft bands. File close to TRIGGER CUT ;-)
LP contains 13 songs, comes with download-code included.

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New Release! THE WOW?- Alter Ego - 10"

click to enlarge Debut-vinyl by "New Wave" band from Siegen/Germany. Contains 4 songs, dominated by synth sounds, lead with bass/drums driven rhythms, and fronted by a female singer. Sounds very much like it could originate from the early 80s...

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click to enlarge CAFE RACER is a band from Chicago, playing a profound and sensitive kind of Indie-Rock. Influences drifting from fuzzed-out Post-Punk à la early SONIC YOUTH to Shoegazer style sounds, with lots of inspiration and songwriting qualities. Another excellent(!) release from Born Yesterday Records. LP comes with lyric-sheet insert and download-code included.

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New Release! WALKING KORPSES- All Safe And Dead - LP - STATIC AGE

click to enlarge First vinyl by TEENAGE PANZERKORPS/HORRID RED spin-off from Berlin, including singer Jason Honea (SOCIAL UNREST, HAPPY EVER AFTER, DYSNEA BOYS, etc.), DIÄT drummer Iffi, and some guys active in the Industrial/Non-Music/Electronic scene. Limited edition of 300 copies, featuring 7 tracks, which seem to be influenced by bands such as the BUTTHOLE SURFERS, DEAD KENNEDYS, SCRATCH ACID, CHROME, FLIPPER and BRAINBOMBS.

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