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click to enlarge Limited edition of 150 handnumbered copies with two-color screenprinted sleeves! Features all the recorded material by this short-living but truly amazing band. Both tracks from their 7"single, the song from the split-7" with 2BAD, the song from the "X-PRESS" compilation LP, all released during 1989/1990 – and as a special bonus, one previously unreleased track! Insert with linernotes and photos included.
So who was this band anyway? It was Andy (drums) and Armin (bass), formerly in SKEEZICKS, Ute (guitar) formerly in APES OF WRATH, and Jason Honea, former singer with SOCIAL UNREST, staying for a while in Germany after their European tour. But their sound was completely different to any of those bands. Maybe and mostly influenced at that time by SONIC YOUTH, STEEL POLE BATHTUB, and the GERMS... They existed only for about a year, played a few shows, and recorded these songs, before Jason went back to the US again. And most of all, they were ahead of their times! So then, 25 years later, this very special reissue comes right in time – and it's definitely worth being our 100th anniversary release! And the first 50 copies come with a three-color silkscreened poster additionally!

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HAPPY EVER AFTER- T-Shirt + 12" package - 12"+TS - X-MIST

click to enlarge The mailorder-only version (with poster included) of the limited edition 12", plus a t-shirt of your choice (size and color)! Click on bandname (HAPPY EVER AFTER) to check out the variously colored shirts...

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click to enlarge 21 live-recorded tracks by short-lived project from 1987/88 featuring all members of RITES OF SPRING! Very noisy and experimental - but also very intense and highly impressive!

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click to enlarge CD-collection with all recordings by this legendary Punk-performance group from Hamburg! All their single- & compilation-tracks, lots of live-recordings, and even some previously unreleased recordings with the GOD BULLIES! Exquisitely packaged and with a full playing-time of almost 80 minutes!

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click to enlarge Limitierte Auflage von 200 Stück auf unterschiedlich(!) mehrfarbigen Vinyl-Scheiben. Fast jedes Teil also ein Unikat... Neue Single der Hamburger Kult-Band. Auf der A-Seite die Studio-Version von "Grindcore Swing" (nomen est omen)! Auf der B-Seite ein 5-minütiger Live-Mitschnitt, natürlich gut 90% davon Schackes unvergleichliche Ansagen an das bescheuerte Publikum...

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New Release! HARU NEMURI- Haru Tu Shura - LP(COL.) - SPECIFIC

click to enlarge The past, the present, and the future of pop! Unbelievably great music from Japan!
Limited edition of 500 copies on white/turquoise-mixed 180g-vinyl. Debut album (13 tracks) by Haru Nemuri from Yokohama/Japan.Her incredible music is a fantastic mix of Avant-Pop, Punk, Alternative Rock, Hip-Hop, and of course J-Pop. Graced with a similar vision as previous Japanese artists like the BOREDOMS or MELT-BANANA, her album is equally as beautiful and catchy, as raw and in-your-face. Totally awesome!

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click to enlarge Another project from Japans Noise legend HIJOKAIDAN, here with the "vocaloid" Hatsune Miko. Not an actual person, but a specially developed synthetic voice-program for the Anime character Hatsune Miko, immensely propular in Japan, and the world's first and biggest purely virtual Popstar! (For live-performances of HATSUNEKAIDAN the Hatsune Miko avatar is embodied by the cosplay-girl Le Chat)

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HEARTPLAY- 002 - 12"

click to enlarge 2nd EP with 3 tracks (20 min. playing-time). Outstanding DIY psyche-house with analog recorded instruments. Raw, crisp and distorted, inventive and interesting! Falling in between categories resp. defying them. It's Leftfield, Noise, and Techno/House at the same time, and surely aware of pioneers like CABARET VOLTAIRE, THIS HEAT or NURSE WITH WOUND.

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HEARTPLAY- Telephone - 12"

click to enlarge First release, maxi-single with 23 minutes playing-time. Electronic DIY psyche-house music with live-recorded instruments. From Frankfurt/Germany, mastered at the famous ALCHEMY MASTERING in London/UK. White label record in a blank black cover, with handwritten insert.

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HEARTS OF DARKNESSES- Shit Fan Punx Get Busted - 12" - DELETED ART

click to enlarge 5 songs of twisted Electro-Pop, that sounds equally as catchy and dance-pop alike, as it is weird sounding and filled with spastic noises. Think of LCD SOUNDSYSTEM being part of the LoFi-trash scene, or NINE INCH NAILS interpreted in a JAPANTHER-style...

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