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New Release! SCRAP BRAIN- Unhappy Hardcore - 7" - THRILLING LIVING RECORDS

click to enlarge First EP with 5 tracks by mixed gender (two females, two males) Hardcore-Punk band from London/UK, but released as a limited edition of 400 copies with risographed cover in the US on the Californian THRILLING LIVING label. Starts out with heavily distorted, feedback-soaked FLIPPER alike drone, then turning a pounding and crashing Hardcore cacophony. Claustrophobic brute force Noise-Punk, dealing lyrically with queer issues!

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New Release! SEDIMENT CLUB- Stucco Thieves - LP - WHARF CAT RECORDS

click to enlarge Third full album with 9 contorted tracks of warped punk madness, full of inventiveness and each song filled with new discoveries. Less hectic and chaotic than on their previous album "Psychosymplastic", more like a well arranged album. Perfectly bridging the gap between early New York No Wave and the british style of Art-/Post-Punk as originated by the likes of the POP GROUP, FAMILY FODDER, resp. THE EX (dutch, not british).

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New Release! SLOPPY JANE- Willow - LP

click to enlarge First vinyl by SLOPPY JANE aka Haley Dahl, one of the most exceptional performers these days, with an extremely confrontational approach (almost "exhibitionist", take a look at some videos, and you'll see...). But what we got here is a record to listen to, and "Willow" is not sort of a concept-album, but mostly it's a fucking great album in terms of Alternative Pop or Rock or whatever stupid label you may wand to glue on it that doesn’t fit in the end, and can't describe it in words anyway. Brilliant and charismatic – and rarely ever before the term "charismatic" did fit as perfectly well as here.

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New Release! ESCAPE-ISM- The Lost Record - CD / LP / LP(COL.) - MERGE RECORDS

click to enlarge The 2nd solo-album by agent provocateur, revolutionary and entertainer Ian Svenonius! Following the debut "Introduction To...", here's 12 more tracks of his soulful and sophisticated Electro-Rock'n'Roll. Reminiscent of SUICIDE, and not unlike his other project XYZ (with French guitarist Didier Balducci), but more minimalistically stripped down in both sounds and styles.
Available as standard black vinyl version, or limited edition on clear vinyl, both with download-code included, or as a digipak CD.

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New Release! CHILD'S POSE- s/t 4Song-EP - 7"

click to enlarge Queer/feminist Post-Punk from London/UK, released on NERVOUS ENERGY RECORDS. Caustic Pop, spicey and sharp, with a rollicking punked-up intensity! If you dig bands like the CRUMBS, NACHTHEXEN or STRUCTURE, you should definitely check this out!

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New Release! LAVENDER HEX- s/t - LP

click to enlarge Berlin based duo of musician Arndt and singer/songwriter Lianne Hall, originally from Brighton/UK (with quite a few releases under her belt since the beginning of this century). Since 2014 the duo made some home-recordings, coming up with 11 tunes, which in return were given to friends to experiment with and adding vocals to it. The final results can be heard on this piece of vinyl, an exhilarating experimental Underground pop album! Limited edition of 300 copies, with download-code included.

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click to enlarge Released on the tape-label of the guitarist from Glasgow's ANXIETY, this compilation is subtitled "20 unearthly sissy and sassy hits", and features 20 queer/feminist Punk bands from Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, the USA and UK. Most of the names are unknown and obscure (at least to me), and most of the tracks have been previously unreleased as well. Check it out on the Comidillo Tapes bandcamp-site:

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New Release! CLAYFACE- 8-Song E.P. - 12"+MP3

click to enlarge Als "Hardcore Punk für die reifere Jugend" bezeichet diese neue Nürnberger Band in selbstironischer Weise ihre Musik. Was nicht heissen soll, dass das nicht ernst zu nehmen wäre. Aber die Einflüsse, die hier zum tragen kommen, lassen sich in den 80ern/90ern datieren. Rasanter und mächtig donnernder Hardcore-Punk à la HAMMERHEAD & Co., von Leuten die wissen wie man so was kompetent und gut macht (denn die Band setzt sich aus altbekannten Gesichtern der Nürnberger Punk Szene zusammen)... und sollte der Bandname eventuell eine Anspielung auf das Label CLAY RECORDS sein?

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New Release! MÜLLTÜTE- 2018 - 12"+MP3

click to enlarge Das Berliner Punk-Duo (Gitarre, Schlagzeug & Gesang) schlägt wieder zu! 12 Stücke in knapp 20 Minuten – und für diese Aufnahmen haben sie sich sogar eine paar Overdubs gegönnt, so dass ihr bratziges Hardcore-Punk Geschredder noch fetter klingt. Erstaunlich fett sogar, wenn man bedenkt, dass sie nur zu zweit sind. Einmalige Auflage von 300 Stück mit handbestempeltem Cover, Textblatt und Download-Code!

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New Release! ROSI- Hope - LP

click to enlarge Das zweite Album (11 Stücke auf Vinyl, inclusive Download-Code) des Duos aus Bielefeld. Vornehmlich mit Gitarre und Gesang, dazu Beats und stellenweise Synth-Einsatz, gibt's melancholisch düsteren Dark Wave mit einem morbiden "gothic" Post-Punk Touch à la THE CURE oder 39 CLOCKS. Aufgenommen wurde das Ganze zwischen 2017 und 2018, selbstveröffentlicht auf ihrem eigenen IN A BAD MOOD Label, klingt aber haargenau so als käme es aus den frühen 1980er Jahren...

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