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New Release! GAD WHIP- Pocketprint T-Shirt - TS

click to enlarge Black print on white, red, grey or irish-green shirt. Available in all sizes (S to XXL).
When ordering, please mention SIZE and COLOR you want in "Your message to X-Mist" section of the shopping-cart.

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New Release! GAD WHIP- Post Internet Blues - LP - X-MIST

click to enlarge First full-length vinyl for this UK-based (Yorkshire & Lincolnshire) band, who previously released (in 2017) a stunning 12" on NYC-based label EVER/NEVER RECORDS. Their Art-Noise-Rock and Post-Punk sound is like a collision of the lyrical rants of the SLEAFORD MODS with the legacy of british bands like the SWELL MAPS and THE FALL, and... if you're in doubt about my words, here's a perfect write-up, including a video for one track on this LP:

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New Release! DEAF WISH- Lithium Zion - LP - SUB POP

click to enlarge The fifth album (and second for SUB POP) by this Australian band. With the 11 new tracks on this album, they once more prove to stand in the tradition of Australian bands like X or SCIENTISTS, but their sound also owes a lot to the SONIC YOUTH Sister/Daydream Nation period, and there's similarities to their labelmates HOT SNAKES as well...

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click to enlarge Double-LP from experimental Kraut-Rock legend. Containing 13 tracks, recorded live (excellent soundboard-quality!) in Krakow/Poland 2006. Actually the 2nd album by post-2004 FAUST with original members Jean-Hervé Peron and Werner Diermeier. Released on FOURTH DIMENSION's sublabel LUMBERTON TRADING COMPANY, as a limited edition of 500 copies in gatefold-sleeve.

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New Release! JFK- Weapon Design - LP - FOURTH DIMENSION RECORDS

click to enlarge The very latest release from RAMLEH#s (and ex-SKULLFLOWER) Anthony Di Franco. "Weapon Design" is the second full-length JFK album, presenting eight devastating tracks of pure electronic mayhem. Limited edition of 300 black vinyl LPs in shrinkwrapped sleeves.

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New Release! NAKED IN ENGLISH CLASS- Selfing - LP

click to enlarge New 3rd full album from swiss duo Taranja Wu and Olifr M. Guz. Pretty astonishing, keeping up such a high level with three albums in just two years, and on this new one they're actually better than ever before! Amongst the 12 tracks on this album you'll find songs originally from 50's Country legend Leon Payne, the B-52s, Vince Taylor's classic "Brand New Cadillac", Billy Childish, the SONICS, Chris Spedding, the STOOGES, and more obscure pearls unearthed. All reworked and re-arranged in their own crushing "Electro-Beat-Garage-Punk" way. Retrospective, but no way nostalgic! This really got class and style!
At first sight, this may look to be pretty expensive, but remember it's coming from Switzerland (...different rates than in the rest of the poor world). And then again you'll get two things in one: A lesson in pop-music history, and great entertainment. The perfect summer-hit album!br>Have fun with cool video: - or check out the full album here:

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click to enlarge The 2nd full album by this Punk band from Chicago, and actually sounding pretty different than on their first one! The 12 new songs here are more reminiscent of the non-pretentious Art-Punk in the vein of bands like the URINALS, the SECONDS on their "Y" LP, or like being the missing link between the LITHICS and DOWNTOWN BOYS... Rowdy, thrashy, bouncy, and good fun with a sardonic humor!

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New Release! ZOOANZOO- Neck Out - LP+CD - BEAU TRAVAIL

click to enlarge First vinyl-release (full album with 10 tracks) for this young artist from Harrisonburg, Virginia. A kaleidoscope of styles and sounds: Trip-Hop, Post-Punk, Lounge-Pop, Electronica, all melted into it. Avoiding any easy categorization, and despite this eclectic approach, the album comes as an homogenous piece of modern art. As experimental as song-oriented. Bizarre samples channelled into mesmerizing songs. Could this guy be the Brian Wilson of the digital age, and "Neck Out" the Pet Sounds of contemporary times?
Superbly packaged in a colourfully printed thick cardboard cover, including an insert with flashing artwork, and the CD-version of the album as well! An explosion in sounds and art!

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New Release! SCHIACH- s/t - LP - PHANTOM

click to enlarge SCHIACH seem to feature members of the bands PISSE, HEAVY METAL, SICK HORSE, MUSCLE BARBIE, etc... and musically this might be perfectly true, since their razorsharp and rowdy attacks sound like a reincarnation of the early UK-Punk smashers from the SWELL MAPS and the likes... But lyrically all sung in Bavarian! Not much of a problem since the nice little booklet coming with the LP is providing English translations.

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New Release! NO PROBLEM- Let God Sort Them Out - LP - TAKEN BY SURPRISE

click to enlarge European pressing of the third full album by this Canadian Hardcore-Punk band (overseas pressing released on DERANGED RECORDS). The photo on the back-cover makes you instantly think of POISON IDEA... and these guys seem to have a similar non-compromising and "kill'em all" like attitude: Aggressively attacking, impressively fast loud, and hard! And sounding like a perfect combination of classic Canadian (think of early D.O.A. or SNFU) and US-Hardcore. Catchy as hell as well. LP comes with lyricsheet and download-code included!

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