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click to enlarge THE CLASSIC DC-HARDCORE compilation from 1982, including TEEN IDLES, S.O.A., MINOR THREAT, VOID, GOVERNMENT ISSUE and more!

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click to enlarge Remastered, re-cut and repressed on RED vinyl, incl. a download-coupon!!! The CLASSIC HARDCORE compilation from 1982, featuring 32 songs by 11 DC-area bands, including TEEN IDLES, MINOR THREAT, VOID, S.O.A. and more! This new edition features the DC Flag stars and bars (on a red field) on the cover, an image so associated with DC-Punk that many mistake it for a made-up symbol for straight edge...

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click to enlarge This compilation collects four 7"s from 1980/81: “Minor Disturbance” from the TEEN IDLES, “No Policy” by S.O.A., GOVERNMENT ISSUE’s “Legless Bull” and the “Possible EP” by DC’s YOUTH BRIGADE. 36 tracks in full, having been unavailable on vinyl for more than 10 years now! True HardCore classics!!!

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VOID- Sessions 1981-1983 - CD / LP - DISCHORD

click to enlarge A collection of previously unreleased and rare tracks by one the most influential Hardcore bands of all times!!! This album includes all 20 tracks recorded in November 1981 at Hit&Run studio, all never before released. Plus 10 tracks recorded in December 1981 at Inner Ear studio (including the songs that ended up on the "Flex Your Head" compilation and "Condensed Flesh" 7"). Additionally 2 out-takes from the recording session at Inner Ear for the split-LP with FAITH, and 2 live-tracks recorded in 1983. 34 tracks in full by this noncomparable classic Hardcore legend! (LP comes with download-code included)

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VOID- split with FAITH - n/a - DISCHORD

click to enlarge DC-HARDCORE CLASSIC!!! LP comes with download-coupon.

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YOUTH BRIGADE- First Demo Summer 81 - 7"+MP3 - DISCHORD

click to enlarge Not to be confused with the LA band, this is the early DCHC-band, featuring Nathan Strejcek (ex-TEEN IDLES), and ex-UNTOUCHABLES members Bert Queiroz and Danny Ingram. Contains 8 songs recorded with Don Zientara and Skip Groff. 2 songs appeared on compilations, all other material is previously unreleased! EP comes with download-code included.

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