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BIG BLACK- Il Duce/Big Money - 7" - TOUCH&GO

click to enlarge Their final single, originally released in 1992!

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BIG BLACK- Lungs - 12" - TOUCH&GO

click to enlarge First 6Song-EP by Steve Albini's legendary band!

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click to enlarge Live-album in TOPNOTCH quality! Hot stuff full of energy and including most of their hits, almost like a BEST OF collection!

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BIG BLACK- Racer-X - 12"+MP3 - TOUCH&GO

click to enlarge Also repressed again. 6 songs, recorded in 1984. Remastered by Steve Albini & Bob Weston. Comes with insert and a download-code included. Tracklist: A1) Racer-X A2) Shotgun A3) Ugly American B1) Deep Six B2) Sleep B3) Big Payback

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BIG BLACK- Songs About Fucking - LP - TOUCH&GO

click to enlarge Their final album! A timeless CLASSIC!!!

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click to enlarge CD-reissue by Texas Punk LEGENDS! Includes the "Fun Fun Fun" 12", "Lullabies..." LP and "No Matter How Long The Line..." LP - All true punk-classics, and A MUST HAVE!!!

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BIG BOYS- Fun, Fun, Fun - LP - 540 RECORDS

click to enlarge LIMITED reissue of the mini-LP by Texas Punk legends, originally released in 1982 (following the "Where's My Towel" and prior to the "Lullabies Help..." LP)! Features all the great aspects of what an exceptional band these guys were! Contains 6 songs: The angular raging Post-Punk of "Nervous" and "Prison", the thrashing Hardcore of "Apolitical", the big band sounding glory of "Hollywood Swinging" (complete with horns), the Funk-Punk of "We Got Soul", and last not least the anthemic Punk-Rock smasher "Fun Fun Fun"! Comes with a 24-page booklet in LP-size(!), featuring lyrics, linernotes, and tons of photos and flyers!!!

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BIG BOYS- Lullabies Help The Brain Grow/No Matter How Long... - 2XLP - X-MIST

click to enlarge Contains both BEST LPs by this legendary band from Texas, originally released in 1983 resp. 1984 - ABSOLUTE CLASSICS - for the first time since many years officially available again on vinyl, as a DOUBLE-LP packed in a colorful GATEFOLD-SLEEVE, including a foldout-poster with lyrics and photos, plus linernotes. Fuck yeah, this is GREAT!!!!!!

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BIG BUSINESS- Head For The Shallow - n/a - WÄNTAGE USA

click to enlarge First album by this band featuring Coady Willis (ex-MURDER CITY DEVILS, etc.) and Jared Warren (ex-KARP, TIGHT BROS.!). 8 tracks of heavy thunder in the vein of MELVINS, BLACK SABBATH... and yes, most of all, like KARP!

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BIG CRUX- We Got A Jam - MC

click to enlarge Limited edition cassette on NOT NORMAL TAPES collecting the bands early and sold-out stuff: "Big Crux Is A Big Funk" (3Song-7", IRON LUNG), "Nature Cruising" 12"EP (5 Songs), the song from the split 7" with CRIMINAL CODE, the track from "Welcome to 2013" comp.LP, and an unreleased bonus (cover of "In the Wait" by the PLUGZ) – with a full playing-time of 24 minutes.
And of course we took the chance, and re-ordered more copies again of their fucking fantastic LP!

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