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New Release! AGO- Sun/Luzifer - 12"+MP3

click to enlarge Limited edition maxisingle of 300 handnumbered copies, finely packaged in a special die-cut sleeve, with lotsa stickers and a free download-code included! New band from Stuttgart/Germany, fusing modern Electronica and elements of New Wave, Post-Rock and a slightly experimental touch of Kraut-Rock. Spacey synth-sounds overlaying a pumping bass and driving beats, dynamically driving into epic spheres. B-side track is more upbeat, sounding almost like an 80s Synth-Pop hit, offering dulcimer, guitar and drums in the sound as well.

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New Release! ARSE- Primitive Species - 12" - ERSTE THEKE TONTRÄGER

click to enlarge Vinyl-version of the sold out cassette (7 songs) by this threepiece from Sydney/Australia. Angry Hardcore-Punk, aggressive Noise-Rock and ferociously wild Post-Punk, that fits in alphabetically and musically with bands like the ACRYLICS and ANXIETY...

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New Release! AVALE- Incisives - 12" - SPECIFIC

click to enlarge Limited edition one-sided pressing, with laser-etched graphic on the backside of the vinyl! AVALE is a female twopiece from Metz/France. 6 songs on this vinyl-release, dominated by bass and drums, plus vocals, and occasionally some electronics sound added. Cold-waving Post-Punk songs, with beautiful vocals and superbly pumping bass-lines. You just gotta love it.

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New Release! BIG BLACK- Headache - 12"+MP3 - TOUCH&GO

click to enlarge Remastered by Steve Albini and Bob Weston, reissued again, and with a download-code as well! The EP originally released in 1987, as a follow-up to the classic "Atomizer" album. Tracklist: 1) My Disco 2) Grinder 3) Ready Men 4) Pete, King Of The Detectives

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New Release! BOY DIVISION- Bringing Home The Bacon - 7" - GLITTERHOUSE

click to enlarge New EP by this infamous band from Hamburg/Germany, delivering cover-versions of classics in their own unique and noisy destructive way. On this 7" you'll get to hear their versions of Some Place (NICK WATERHOUSE), Stayin’ Alive (BEE GEES), Mongoloid (DEVO), Losing My Religion (R.E.M.), and Panic (THE SMITHS).

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click to enlarge New full album by this Art-/Prog-Rock band from Chicago, existing now for more than 30 years and still suprising listeners. Features 8 new tracks expanding their sound, and exploring as well Kraut-Pop, Electronica and Hip Hop territory... LP pressed on splattered multicolored vinyl, packaged in a plasticbag with an underwrap obi-strip.

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click to enlarge 2nd full-length album by this trio from Philadelphia. Pure Punk-Rock with energy and earworm tunes. "Ramonescore" in a similar veins as bands like the QUEERS or RIVERDALES... The LP contains 12 songs, and comes with lyric-sheet insert and download-code included!

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click to enlarge Debut-LP by this band from Philadelphia, offering a weird mix of trashy late 70s Punk-Rock and goth-tinged Post-Punk sounds. Fits in pretty well with the recent wave of American Punk bands from labels such as LUMPY, TOTAL PUNK, NECKCHOP, etc... And some of their songs have a really catchy URINALS-alike style and vibe. Actually the way this sounds, it could as well been recorded in the late 70s. LP contains 12 songs.

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New Release! FRANA- Awkwardwards - LP - ANTENA KRZYKU

click to enlarge First full-length album from this Italian band! 11 tracks of powerfully delivered Post-Hardcore/Noise-Rock, in the vein of bands like DRIVE LIKE JEHU, and with a certain DC influence (from bands like GOVERNMENT ISSUE and/or DAG NASTY...) in their sound. Actually really going strongly awkwardwards! LP comes with lyricsheet, sticker and download-code included.

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New Release! GAD WHIP- Post Internet Blues - LP - X-MIST

click to enlarge *PRE-ORDER – RELEASE DATE: 31. AUGUST 2018*
First full-length vinyl for this UK-based (Yorkshire & Lincolnshire) band, who previously released (in 2017) a stunning 12" on NYC-based label EVER/NEVER RECORDS. Their Art-Noise-Rock and Post-Punk sound is like a collision of the lyrical rants of the SLEAFORD MODS with the legacy of british bands like the SWELL MAPS and THE FALL, and... if you're in doubt about my words, here's a perfect write-up, including a video for one track on this LP:
Limited edition of 200 vinyls, housed in a reverse-board printed sleeve, with a double-sided insert and download-code included – And anyone pre-ordering this LP and paying upfront now, will get a FREE SHIRT delivered as well!

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