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NEON- Neon/Nazi Schatzi - 7" - WATER WING RECORDS

click to enlarge The only existing recordings, never released before, from Swiss all-female Punk band, existing from 1978-79, whose singer Astrid Spirig later joined LiLiPUT. Of course there were good reasons why these recordings never got released back in the days (as can be read on the enclosed linernotes), but almost 40 years later it surely serves as a nice historical document.

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click to enlarge Guitar-and-drums duo from Hamburg. Guitarist/singer Stefan Ivanov comes from Bulgaria, so the lyrics are sung in Bulgarian. It's raw and dissonant, but dynamic and tight Indie- resp. Noise-Rock. "Gently dissonant guitar music" (as they call it), in the vein of SONIC YOUTH. 10 songs, LP comes with download-code included.

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NERF- Bespensterung - MC+MP3

click to enlarge Cassette inklusive mp3-Download code
Heilige Scheisse, was geht hier ab??? Mega-scharfes, umwerfendes Geknüppel, aber kein bißchen stumpf, sondern enorm facettenreich – und das obwohl die 16 Stücke des Tapes Spielzeiten von (mehr oder weniger) nur einer Minute haben. Da fällt mir nix mehr ein, das sucht seines Gleichen. Die Band selbst nennt es selbstironisch Krach mit Orgel und Kunstdozentenhardcore. Dagegen wirken Bands wie HENRY FONDA (sorry, kamen mir jetzt halt als Erstes in den Sinn) wie lauwarmer Heavy-Metal...

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click to enlarge First full album (LP with download included) by this band from Saarbrücken/Germany. Contains 11 songs, Noise-Rock meets Post-Punk, always going forward on a high energy level. Could be filed in between STEAKKNIFE and TELEMARK, vocals in English.

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click to enlarge Despite being self-titled, this is the 2nd LP by this powerhouse-trio from Columbus/Ohio. Basically their music is "Dark-Punk", influenced by WIPERS and DEAD MOON, and similar to bands like ESTRANGED or DIÄT... But what sets them apart is their tight, manic, furiously upbeat and focused sound. Built for fist-pumping and sing-alongs. And the vocals remind me of WORLD INFERNO F.S...

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NEW IDEA SOCIETY- The World Is Bright And Lonely - LP+CD - ALTIN VILLAGE

click to enlarge Full album by the new band of singer/songwriter Mike Law (ex-EULCID), also including Stephen Brodsky (CAVE-IN). Neo-Folk in the vein of BRIGHT EYES, ELLIOTT SMITH, VAGUE ANGELS & Co. 12 songs on vinyl, including a bonus-CD featuring 4 more additional tracks!

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click to enlarge Australian import! The only recordings by short-lived power-trio from Melbourne, 6 songs recorded in 2003, initially released as a CDR in a limited edition of 150 copies, now for the first time on vinyl, limited to 300 copies with download-code included! Classic rocking stuff, in the vein of HÜSKER DÜ, DINOSAUR jr., and last not least the WIPERS. Their drummer had also played in BORED!

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NEW TONGUES- Dark/Light - 12"+MP3

click to enlarge Limited edition of 200 copies on opaque-grey colored vinyl, with newspaper-size insert (8 pages) and download-code included! Contains 4 new songs by this outstanding Noise-Rock band from Columbia/Missouri. Comparable to the 90s Midwestern style, in between KILLDOZER, JESUS LIZARD and SHELLAC, and coming with a thrilling and energetic intensity! Impressive and awesome!!!
P.S.: During transport from the USA via fucking DHL, the LP-sleeves got bent on at least one cornerside! So don't expect to get a copy with perfectly mint sleeve condition... Shit like that just happens.

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NEW TONGUES- Split-Single with MAD ANTHONY - 7"+MP3

click to enlarge Limited edition of 100 copies pressed on randomly colored vinyls! Features the NEW TONGUES playing a cover of FUGAZI's "Great Cop", and one song by MAD ANTHONY from Cincinnati/Ohio with Shane Johnson from the NEW TONGUES on vocals. Handstamped, insert and download-code included!

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NEW TONGUES- Suite - n/a

click to enlarge Follow-up release to their fantastic "We Are The Ones..." LP, one of the best Noise-Rock album of the last few years! This new one here is equally as impressive. It's intensely rocking, heavy pulsating, almost with a tribal mantra appeal to it, and there's more inspiration and excitement in one track here than on the whole new SHELLAC album... Awesome!

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