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click to enlarge First album from 1994, repressed on vinyl, incl. download. Features members of RACHEL'S, SHIPPING NEWS, JUNE OF 44, a.o.

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ROLL ON ROLL OFF- Pussy Push (ex-AHEADS/1988) - LP

click to enlarge Sort of a "warehouse find": Remaining copies of the first and only album from 1988, featuring ex-members of early german Punk band AHEADS. But with a totally different sound, ranging from Free Jazz inspired Noise escapades to wild deconstructed Hardcore outbursts. The band cited as influences a.o. WIRE, NAPALM DEATH, SONIC YOUTH, FLIPPER and EINSTÜRZENDE NEUBAUTEN... and that's then somehow what you get to hear.

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ROLLINS BAND- Life Time - LP - 21361 RECORDS

click to enlarge Originally released in 1987 on Texas Hotel, "Life Time" is the full-length debut by the ROLLINS BAND. 9 tracks recorded in Leeds/UK, and produced by Ian MacKaye. Long out of print on LP, this reissue has been remastered, and pressed on grey-colored vinyl! The record contains a complimentary download-coupon for the album tracks, plus 5 songs recorded live in Kortrijk/Belgium in 1987.

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ROOM 101- The Grand Prize Game - 7"+MP3

click to enlarge Limited edition on multi-colored splattered vinyl, with download-code included. ROOM 101 is a one-band from New Orleans, and the 5 songs on this EP are incredibly shredding and amazingly tight Noise-Punk-Rock madness. It's fast and furious, but as well with intensely burning slower tracks. Reminds me in the best sense of bands like NO TREND, CHURCH POLICE or FLIPPER!

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ROOM 101- Vox Humana - 7"+MP3 - BEAU TRAVAIL / X-MIST

click to enlarge 2nd EP from this is ONE MAN band with three new and exclusive songs – and it's no less than a FUCKING POWERHOUSE! No hackneyed cliche of Hardcore, like most of contemporary bands do! You'll get a thrilling mixture instead: Thrashing hardcore like with "Exterminate Adult Thinking", a both raging and catchy song like "Drone Wars", and last not least the odd funky Post-Punk song "Boiys" on the B-side. Like the debut EP of ROOM 101, this is a jam-packed and challenging record! Reminding of the best aspects of 80s Hardcore bands like BIG BOYS or REAGAN YOUTH, a great voice in the vein of Sam McPheeters or the young Keith Morris, but it's also slowed down and irritating (with the Wurlitzer organ or womans yelling in "Boiys")... Expect the unexpected.
Comes in proper heavy cardboard-cover, with lyric-sheet, mini-poster and download-code included. Artwork by the infamous Winston Smith, the man who designed most of the DEAD KENNEDYS covers and invented the DK-logo.

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ROPES- s/t 6Song-EP - 7" - YOUTH ATTACK

click to enlarge Deluxe-reissue packaged in a folded (like an envelope), double-sided poster-sleeve, with a 16-page booklet included, pressed on red vinyl, limited to 500 copies. For those who didn't know yet: The ROPES is the return/re-incarnation of the raging Hardcore-Thrash masters REPOS.

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ROSI- Grey City Life - LP - KERNKRACH

click to enlarge Limited edition of 220 copies with silkscreened sleeves, and download-code included. Cold Wave and dark Post-Punk from this german duo. A vintage, early-80s sound, 11 tracks mixing influences from BAUHAUS, JOY DIVISION, 39 CLOCKS and TUXEDOMOON.

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ROTE HEXE- Red Witch - LP+7"

click to enlarge A heavy and hate-filled Sludge monster from Los Angeles. Not too much in the metallic side, but screamy, bone-crushing, ferocious, and misanthropic. Sorta reminiscent of bands like BUZZOV-EN. Limited edition of 250 handnumbered copies, released on CRICKET CEMETERY, as 12”vinyl plus a onesided flexi-disc, which is silkscreened on its backside, and a patch included!

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click to enlarge The final solo-album from the BIRTHDAY PARTY's legendary guitar-player! 8 songs recorded and released shortly before his death in 2009. Reissued and released for the first time outside of Australia, and with download-code included!

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click to enlarge New EP by this Punk band from Berlin, featuring ex- and current members of IDLE HANDS, BLANK PAGES, OUT ON A LIMB, DULAC, etc... Comes in silkscreened cover, with inlay and download-code included.

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