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click to enlarge First full album by this DC-band with guitarist Chris Hamley (ex-CIRCUS LUPUS/MONORCHID) and Vin Novara (ex-CROWNHATE RUIN). Post-Punk with nods to Prog-Rock. A bit reminiscent of their previous bands, or KARATE, but with lots of references to the MINUTEMEN... 11 songs, LP comes with download-code included.

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ALARMS & CONTROLS- Reanimus Cataract/Kirtlands Warbler - 7"+MP3 - DISCHORD / MUD MEMORY RECORDS

click to enlarge First single by this new DC-band featuring guitarist Chris Hamley (ex-CIRCUS LUPUS/MONORCHID) and Vin Novara (ex-CROWNHATE RUIN). Post-Punk with nods to Prog-Rock. A bit reminiscent of their previous bands, or KARATE, but with references to the MINUTEMEN. Single comes with a download-code included, containing 2 additional tracks.

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ALE MANIA- A, Who Sings That Beat? - LP - VOLAR RECORDS

click to enlarge Following their great single, here's the first full-length album by this band/project from San Diego, featuring ex- and current members of the SESS and BEATERS! A very eclectic album, containing 13 songs, ranging from an 80s-like Minimal-Synth approach, to Post-Wave and Electro-Pop like FUTURE ISLANDS, and some similarities to PPM-related artists like SMALL BLACK or SILK FLOWERS, and then back again to fuzzy Garage-Rock songs. My personal impression is that with some of the songs here, I feel reminded of ROXY MUSIC...
Limited edition with 400 on black, 100 on orange vinyl, and ALL of the copies we did get are on orange vinyl!

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click to enlarge Debut-album as deluxe-style vinyl-version in exquisite gatefold-cover, stickered plastic-sleeve, with huge poster and download-code included! Post-Punk meets Gospel and black Protest-Soul! This is BIG, and with a mighty impressive singer!!! If TV ON THE RADIO had been more influenced by bands such as BIRTHDAY PARTY and GUN CLUB, they could've probably sounded like this...

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ALGIERS- The Underside Of Power - LP - MATADOR

click to enlarge 2nd full album, with 12 tracks of their unique (and political) mixture of Post-Punk, Industrial-Rock, Soul and Gospel. Comes with a 12-page-booklet (photos and lyrics) and a download-code included!

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click to enlarge New album by Minimal Electro Post-Punk duo from Poland, with a darker wavish, but modern sound with strong beats, and political yrics (sung in Polish, with English translations provided).

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click to enlarge Third full album (vinyl with CD-version included) by this band from Lodz/Poland. 8 new tracks of their dark and minimalistic Cold Wave. Lyrics sung in polish, english translations provided on the enclosed poster sheet.

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ALLES- Together We Are - 7"+CD - ANTENA KRZYKU

click to enlarge Digital Hardcore from Poland! This EP features 4 cover-versions in an Electro-Breakcore style (remember ATARI TEENAGE RIOT...) of polish Hardcore/Punk classics, from DEZERTER, GUERNICA Y LUNO, APATIA and POST REGIMENT. 7"vinyl with CD-version included!

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click to enlarge Polska underground, and two of it#s most controversial and interesting acts sharing this split-single. A Digital Hardcore crusher by ALLES - and a track by SIKSA, alias singer, performer and activist Aleksandra Dudczak accompanied by a bassplayer.

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ALTENBURG 76- Preussen Disneyland - 7" - PLEYTEGEYER

click to enlarge 6 tracks of heavy Hardcore by a german Sludge- & Grind-influenced band

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