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click to enlarge First pressing on deep-purple colored 180g-vinyl. New third full album by these Japanese Darkwave girls unit, containing 10 tracks of their Kawaii Metal, where Idol J-Pop meets with Black Metal.

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click to enlarge New album by French musician (singing in English) with 11 songs of really cool Minimal-Pop pearls. For fans of JULIE RUIN, CATE LE BON, BLONDE REDHEAD or PJ HARVEY, and yes, she's really that good! Some of her songs made me think of TWO TON BOA (if anyone can remember this great band on KILL ROCK STARS from around 10 years ago) or like "AIR MIAMI with female vocals".
Limited edition one-sided vinyl, with laser etchings on backside.

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click to enlarge A band from Japan, with a joyful mix of 60s-Beat styles, New Wave sounds, dreamy Girl-Pop, and progressive Math-Rock breaks, all thruí a unique Japanese blender. 12 tracks, sometimes reminding of british bands like TV PERSONALITIES or THE TIMES, but interpreted with a BOREDOMS or MELT-BANANA like vision... Maybe also comparable to the english GO! TEAM, but put into a J-Pop way.

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TOTAL VICTORY- English Martyrs - n/a - SPECIFIC

click to enlarge New album (9 songs) by this outstandingly brilliant Post-Punk band from Manchester/UK. Their meanwhile 4th album, and their most sensitive and heartfelt to date. Generally with a more gentle and softer sound than on their previous album, but still as tense and exhilarating as before! Makes me always feel uncomfortable when trying to compare such an exceptional album with the music of others, but here's nonetheless: For fans of WIRE, THE EX, MEKONS, THE SOUND or PULP...

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TOTAL VICTORY- The Pyramid Of Privilege - LP - SPECIFIC

click to enlarge Now for the first time on vinyl, the debut-album by this fantastic band from Manchester/UK, originally released in 2011 as a CDR only. Contains 9 perfect Post-Punk anthems, offering all the greatness this sort of sound and style ever had and should have. And on top, itís intelligent, smart and sympathetic. UK Post-Punk at its very best! Deluxe 180g-vinyl pressing in gatefold-cover!

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click to enlarge Absolutely great Post-Punk/Alternative Rock from Manchester/UK. Probably one of the best Post-Punk bands from England since WIRE... And yes, soundwise there are similarities to WIRE, but not just as copying their style, more like in their approach and what comes out of it. You may find as well references to bands like THE SOUND here, and for some obscure reasons I tend to feel as well affinities to bands like THE EX and the MEKONS... This LP is a compilation of tracks previously released as limited edition tour-CDEPs, plus 2 unreleased songs, all for the first time ever on vinyl. 10 tracks in full. TOTAL WINNER!

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