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click to enlarge Debut full-length album, with 7 tracks of mid-western Stoner-Shoegaze-Ambient-Psychedelic. Twisted sounds, somewhere in between Robert Fripp ("Frippertronics"), Ravi Shankar and CHROME...

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SMALTS- Bronze Age Nursery Rhyme - LP - KILL SHAMAN

click to enlarge The SMALTS from the Netherlands (incl. a member of the MINNY POPS) have been producing weird and off-kilter Pop-music since 1982, ranging from RESIDENTS-alike songs, to experimental sounds and even Folk tunes! They also run the BLOWPIPE label, which produces a wide variety of outer-pop and synth-pop. This LP contains 11 previously unreleased tracks, and includes a download-code for a Blowpipe label-sampler with 12 additional tracks of synth-pop oddities.

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WATTS ENSEMBLE- Two Suites For Crime & Time - CD - KILL SHAMAN

click to enlarge The WATTS ENSEMBLE from Los Angeles actually really is an ensemble, or even an orchestra, with a total of 24 musicians (lots of saxes, trumpets, violins and more)! The CD features two suites, with a full playing-time of 45 minutes. Jazz and progressive Rock influenced music, arranged and played in a classical style. Or as they call it: Jazzical.
NEW sealed/shrinkwrapped copy!

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YIKES- Whoa Comas Blood Bombs - CDEP - KILL SHAMAN

click to enlarge New band of John Dwyer (ex-COACHWHIPS, PINK AND BROWN), and fuck yeah, this is pretty awesome: Think of the dirty COACHWHIPS-alike Garage-Rock combined with the crazy heaviness of PINK AND BROWN. Features 7 songs, playing-time of 15 minutes!

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click to enlarge Solo-project of Matthew Ford (FACTUMS, LOVE TAN). Minimal Noise-Pop. Primitive fun, like being recorded with toy-instruments, broken synths, and household equipment. Soundwise and stylistically definitely in the tradition Jad Fair/HALF JAPANESE or early 80s tape-artists. Actually if you'd claim it's taken from a cassette released in 1982, noone would doubt it. Listen to one of the songs:

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