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BUG- Nunc Finis - LP - ROCK IS HELL

click to enlarge New full album by these Tyrolian noise-mongers, active now since more than two decades. This LP contains 9 tracks of their brutal, sinister, destructive, and harsh melange of Sludge, Doom, Black Metal and Noise Rock. For fans of the evil and ruined. Limited edition of 295 copies in silkscreened covers.

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BULBUL- Break! - 12"+MP3 - ROCK IS HELL

click to enlarge Special release as an extraordinary 12" with "hidden bonus". DaDa-Noise-Rock meets Electro-Avant weirdness. Massively cool! Exquisitely packaged in black/silver print gatefold-cover, black vinyl, one-time pressing limited to 300 copies. Including download-code and a special "hidden track" on vinyl. Yes, really, a hidden track on vinyl. You need to check closely to find out...

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BULBUL- Hirn Fein Hacken - 2XLP - ROCK IS HELL

click to enlarge 2nd pressing of the latest full album by legendary Austrian Noise-Rock band. True to their own tradition, these guys from Vienna just do what they feel like doing! So the 10 tracks (double-LP incl. download-code) can be hardly called "Noise-Rock", more as Dadaistic Indie-Rock and electronically deranged Post-Punk mixed with Industrial sounding Noise-Rock. Maybe somewhere in between ALICE DONUT, YOUNG GODS, DEERHOOF and ATTWENGER... Or just simply BULBUL. In any case, great album from a great band.
Limited edition of 297 handnumbered copies, with new (yellow) cover-artwork, pressed on yellow vinyls, and with download-code included.

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BULBUL- It's Like The Earth Is Angry - LP - ROCK IS HELL

click to enlarge Newest album by this constantly evolving and experimentally band from Austria, with their synthesis of Noise-Rock and Dance-Electronica. 14 tracks recorded in 2021 as one-take instant compositions with a spontaneous and vividly alive atmosphere. At some points slightly similar in a certain way to the latest GIRLS IN SYNTHESIS developments. Limited edition of 343 copies in silkscreened covers, with download-code included.

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click to enlarge An improvised set of sounds and songs, recorded by John Dwyer (OH SEES), Nick Murray (drums), saxophonist Brad Caulkins, Gregg Coates (bass), and Tom Dolas (keyboards). Available now in its third pressing, limited edition of 900 copies on clear-green vinyl, with download-code included.

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HEPA.TITUS- Champagne Of Incest - LP(COL.) - ROCK IS HELL

click to enlarge Limited edition on clear vinyl, with silkscreened covers, inlay and download-code incluced! Latest full album by Los Angeles based trio, led by former COWS member Kevin Rutmanis. Contains 15 tracks of their experimental Noise-Rock, in the tradition of the COWS and MELVINS.

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click to enlarge MACAQUE REVUE is a project of Andreas Heller (REFLECTOR) and Bernd Heinreich (MUSCLE TOMCAT MACHINE) from Graz/Styria, supported by singer Catrin Manoli. They call their experimental and abstract compositions „burning picture sounds and shining disco waves“. Ranging from instrumental sound-tracks with cinematic atmospheres to trance-like tracks with disco beats. For fans of dark and sinister Avantgarde-Electronica music. Released in a limited edition of 288 copies, with download-code included.

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MÄUSE- Knietief in Kobras/Batteriesäuregirl - 7"COL. - ROCK IS HELL

click to enlarge Neue Single von Wiens bekanntester unbekannter Band. Die MÄUSE waren in den 90er Jahren ein Projekt des Musikers Gerhard Potuznik mit Illustrator, Cartoonist und Autor Tex Rubinowitz als Sänger! Reformiert haben sie sich als Quartett, mit Philipp Quehenberger an den Keyboards und Schlagzeuger Didi Kern (BULBUL, u.v.m.). Die Scheibe enthält zwei Punk-Rock inspirierte Kracher, farbiges Vinyl (gelb oder rot), verpackt in einem handnummerierten Siebdruck-Faltcover. Limitierte Auflage von 311 Exemplaren, inklusive Download-Code.

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click to enlarge New album (16 tracks) from Slovenian singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, artist, living in Vienna. Her music goes beyond any categories like Electronic, Abstract, Industrial or contemporary Art-Pop. It's really deep sound-art, and absolutely impressive! It kind of reminds me of the swiss artist Erika Stucky, but it's more experimental.

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MARK DEUTROM- Brief Sensuality & Western Violence - LP+7" - ROCK IS HELL

click to enlarge Full album LP (black vinyl) with bonus 7"single (purple vinyl). Limited edition of 258 copies in an offset-print gatefold-cover.

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